Grasping and Swinging the Obvious

In a completely unsurprising move it has been found that John Robert's legal papers written while under the Reagan White House contain -GASP!- ultra conservative wording! OH MY GOODNESS! You mean the Gipper was a conservative?

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Those boys at the Wash. Post don't miss much, do they? That Michael A. Fletcher is one sharp stick! It's really surprising that since Bush WON the 2ND election that he would feel it is OK to nominate someone conservative. The article does bring us a nice quote from the old car-crashing stand by:

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), asked if the documents suggest Roberts is not committed to civil rights, said: "I don't reach that conclusion yet, but it does certainly raise some questions in my mind." He added that the Judiciary Committee must find out whether "Judge Roberts is going to be a part of the sense of progress we have made" on civil rights or whether will he "move us back."

If you look back through that quote carefully, Kennedy was really saying: "Judge Roberts is some racist honky that will completely unravel our liberal power base we have worked so hard to make; but in my mind I'll look like an idiot if I oppose him and he gets on the bench anyway."

Stupid liberals. It's like Air America, it's out there but nobody is listening.

Eggroll Commies VII

Today's Commie update: Washington Times article (linked in title) details this:

"China's long-term strategy toward the United States was outlined by the late communist leader Deng Xiaoping in the phrase "hide our capabilities; bide our time." "

and now put that statement with this:

" China's strategy calls for "proactive defense," and senior Chinese Communist Party leaders think that building nuclear arms is the key to countering U.S. power in Asia and other parts of the world, said Chen Yonglin, a diplomat who defected to Australia two months ago. "

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For those libs out there with mushy brains, proactive means FIRST STRIKE. These guys use tanks against student protesters. Think they'll hesitate to nuke California?

Perhaps the single most chilling thing is this:

"Chinese Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu told reporters two weeks ago that China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against "hundreds" of U.S. cities if a conflict breaks out over Taiwan. "

You see, the party has not stepped up and denied this general or his statement. Boys and girls, that means that they WANT him to say that and they WANT YOU AND ME to KNOW IT.


Richard Cohen: Some Pigs are Better than Others

Richard Cohen says that one should never compare the Nazis to anything but leave them to their own time and crime. To do otherwise is to violate the unique horrors experienced by his brother Jews. Yet he turns around and makes a metaphor of a play about Nazi camps and says he "thinks of Abhu Grahb".

But he still has the gall to say "So understand, please. I am not likening us to the Nazis (or the communists), and I am not comparing victimhoods. I will not permit the trifling of the Holocaust."

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Richard, historical note here: Orwell was writing about the people's revolution in Russia. Where a few laborers overthrew the ruling elite and then crowned themselves as the elite.

My comparison here is that you have made it clear that it is wrong to compare and thus cloud the memory of the concentration camps. Yet you persist in doing exactly the same thing because it suits your political goals. The worst part is you have done it in the context of a theatrical review?

Yep, Richard... Orwell was right, some Pigs are Better than Others. It is ok for some pigs (democrats) to be in the farmer's house (throw the Nazi card against Republicans) and eat the other animals (betray your brother Jews). It's because you're a democrat and somehow better than others.

You disgust me you dirty swine.


Ignorant Watermelon Outrage

It's hot, it's summer. City leaders had the notion to throw a picnic and provide a watermelon eating contest on the taxpayer's dime. Sound like fun?

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Well, if you live in the Miami Ghetto it makes you a wasteful racist. Miami church leaders seem to think that tagging the "Ghetto Talent" name to the party is offensive? It also seems that the right reverend Dunn believes a truck full of watermelon can buy a whole bunch of "books and backpacks for needy kids" or some such crap- at market prices of 14 to 21 cents per pound, woo hoo that's NOT HECK OF A LOT OF BOOKS. One $35 textbook would cost 166 lbs of watermelon!

What is their problem? How much is it worth for the kids to have some fun just like they do in white communities all across this great nation? Google Image Search "watermelon eating contest" and you'll be hard pressed to see anything other than White people eating melons. There's one to chew on and spit out.

Last time I was in Miami there weren't nearly as many black faces as Cuban. I would imagine that the Hispanic population would be surprised to hear that everyone who lives in the Miami ghetto is black.

My next question to these people is where do you stand on Ebonics? You obviously want what is best for your children, do you let them speak that gutter gibberish or do you require them to speak English? My point here folks is for these people to spend their efforts on things that matter. Start with the home and the family. Don't be indignant about a perceived slight that isn't really there.

It's kinda like worrying about ATM fees and being against tax cuts. It sounds good, but in the final analysis it is TOTALLY IGNORANT OF THE FACTS. Maybe the first problem is you associate yourselves with the word ghetto. Let's start there and make a difference!

Eggroll Commies VI

Combine elements of this JANE'S article linked in the title to other factors like the expansion of their naval fleet and you have a very disturbing pattern.

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Call me paranoid if you like. The facts stand for themselves that China has a cruise missile with a configuration that is normally used in submarines but can also be land-based on mobile platforms.

Yeah, I'm paranoid, the real question is: shouldn't you be paranoid too?


Guess the source, game I

A new Game from ddot's rants: Guess the Source!
You read the quote and try to guess who is being quoted!

"Collateral Damage" was produced following the globalization project and militancy of people like George Bush. It is no coincidence that it was produced and released in theaters in close proximity to the September 11 events. One could even say that if the events of September 11, 2001 had not happened, the Americans themselves would have helped them to occur, or set up a similar event, to justify their worldwide presence. Therefore, the production of films like "Collateral Damage" is entirely pre-planned and serves a specific purpose. Within the tumult of globalization and the dialogue between civilizations, "Collateral Damage" is a film about the clash of civilizations, and was consciously planned to hasten it. It serves the interests of the owners of the weapon factories, who are President Bush's main supporters.

Here are the choices A, B, C OR D?:
A) The Dixie chicks
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B) Al Gore OR Howard Dean
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

C) Some Iranian doing a review of an American Movie
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D) Kim Jong

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The correct answer is
  • {C}
  • ... made you wonder, didn't it?

    FACEOFF:reality catches up with fiction

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    there ya go, the movie meets reality...
    since you likely don't remember the movie (Faceoff, 1997, Travolta/Cage), it's about surgically transplanting faces from this super bad guy to a cop... and the subject of the article linked in the title is of a Doctor who is experimenting with facial transplants...

    So now I wonder, when do I get to go into space and get my superpowers like the Fantastic 4?


    Hillary's Focus Group Says: THUMBS UP

    ""Look, we're not thrilled President Bush is in office and gets to make these choices," said a top Hillary source, "but we have to make the best of the situation until the next election!"

    With her support of Roberts, Clinton ignores pressure from the reactionary-activist wing of the Democrat party.

    "She is simply doing what is right for the country, not MOVEON.ORG," the Clinton insider explained."

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    Once again DRUDGE is THE MAN with the news. However, if you check this copy regarding my analysis of her quote from the initial announcement last week I think you'll be reading my blog more.

    FROM: John G. Roberts Translation Machine

    ""I look forward to the Committee's findings so that I can make an informed decision about whether Judge Roberts is truly a guardian of the rule of law who puts fairness and justice before ideology." Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y."

    Clinton translation: "I was caught flat footed expecting that woman or Spanish guy and have to wait for an informed focus group study on what I should say about this conservative white guy without putting my foot in my mouth and add some stuff that makes my statement sound like I care about the law."

    Liberals, especially Clinton, are so EASY!!!



    I constantly see and hear accusations that people like me are "drinking the kool-aid" and spewing the White House talking points. Yet, I haven't gotten any memos because there aren't any to get!

    Then there are these reports that the talking points are out: KEEP BASHING BUSH ON ROVE... here is the quote:

    "A Supreme Court nominee will not distract the country from the growing credibility problem at the White House"

    This is a carefully crafted script derived through focus groups. Democrat PR & media people have determined that there is no traction on the John Roberts appoitment (Conservative president appoints conservative judge... he wins so he gets to pick-Americans understand that even if some don't like it). However there still seems to be traction on Rove. It's smart politics on their part and I deeply wish the conservatives would do more pro-active polling research to determine the most effective psychological effect.

    Of course the thinking is that post-Clinton Democrats have no core values so they have to create them through research. The counterpoint is that the Democrats are using the media the way that advertisers do. The message gets out and it works. Even if it is only "liberal kool-aid" for the masses.

    Seig Heil Allah!

    The liberals love to joke about how the EVIL REPUBLICANS ARE NAZIS and make awful comparisons between Hotel Gitmo and Jewish Concentration Camps of Hitler's Germany. While there has been a very small outcry to correct this gross misrepresentation of history relating to the concentration camps and even brought at least one apologly to the forefront from Delay, the thought stream still carries on.

    Now we have some intelligent reporters clarifying the direct relationship between Nazi Germany and Muslim fascists dating back to the 1930's. These relational roots wrought the foundation and growth of the Islamic Center in Munich as reported by the
  • Wall Street Journal
  • .

    I'm a chepskate but this has spurned me to buy an online subscription to WSJ just to get this article!

    The article details the history of two men, a Nazi Scholar Gerhard VonMende and a muslim academic Said Ramadan al-Buthi. Their actions and life events colliding with the construction of the mosque in Germany in 1958. Ramadan out manuvered and out lived VonMende to control and grow the mosque until the 1970's.

    To more accurately portray the horrors of Nazis, one must compare them to those who direct Muslim sucicide bombers. Here are the more well written articles you can link to to give perspective on this topic:
  • Caroline Glick, JWR
  • 7.20.2005

    John G. Roberts Translation Machine

    Seems like Bush's appointment ticked off a few lefties. Here's my reviews of good quotes courtesy of AP:

    ""I look forward to the Committee's findings so that I can make an informed decision about whether Judge Roberts is truly a guardian of the rule of law who puts fairness and justice before ideology." Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y."

    Clinton translation: "I was caught flat footed expecting that woman orSpanishh guy and have to wait for an informed focus group study on what I should say about this conservative white guy without putting my foot in my mouth and add some stuff that makes my statement sound like I care about the law."

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    ""The burden is on a nominee to the Supreme Court to prove that he is worthy, not on the Senate to prove he is unworthy." Sen. Charles Schumer (news, bio, voting record), D-N.Y."

    Schumer Translation: "It doesn't matter who he nominates, we are against Bush's choice, and we are not partisan those republicans are."

    ""This is a very, very activist court. I want to know whether he's going to be like that, somebody who would eagerly and willingly overturn settled law." Sen. Patrick Leahy (news, bio, voting record), D-Vt."

    Leahy translation:"This court is the last foothold of liberal power that actively pursues our agenda regardless of how the country votes and I want to know whether we'll lose that influence now as well."

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    ""The president had an opportunity to unite the country with his Supreme Court nomination, to nominate an individual in the image of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Instead, by putting forward John Roberts' name, President Bush has chosen a more controversial nominee and guaranteed a more controversial confirmation process." Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill."

    Durbin translation: "We've lost everything to that Texas hick conservative and now he won't bend over and give us what we want. Instead he's putting forward his agenda and I guarantee my best effort to block the nomination because he made the partisan selection first and I have to be partisan right back."

    ""Without prejudging the nominee, I do believe Judge Roberts' record raises questions about his commitment to the right to privacy, protection of the environment and other important issues." — Sen. Barbara Boxer (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif."

    Boxer translation: "I'll say anything to make myself sound good to my fruit and nut constituency back home and I'm so relieved it wasn't that Gonzales guy- boy I dodged the bullet there."

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    ""I urge the Senate to move swiftly to hold hearings and give Judge Roberts an up or down vote. Quick action will ensure that both branches the Congress and the Supreme Court can return to their normal process without long, distracting partisan disruption." — House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. "

    Hastert translation: "You guys over there in the Senate better get your sh*t together and push this guy through. You democrats lost so get over it and you republicans are making our party look bad so grow a dang spine."

    ""We are extremely disappointed that President Bush has chosen such a divisive nominee for the highest court in the nation, rather than a consensus nominee who would protect individual liberty and uphold Roe v. Wade." NARAL Pro-Choice America."

    Gee, we should even CARE what the SAME GROUP that sponsored the
  • thinks on a serious issue? How in the heck do you expect to have ANY CREDIBILITY when you do IMMATURE STUNTS like that?

    COMMIES V: The Unocoal & Maytag War

    Unocoal backed the deal from Chevron instead of CNOOC ltd's offer.
  • LINK

  • If you weren't worried about that deal, then you need to study the history of how China treats its people.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    You should also analyze their recent buildup:
  • WashPost Article

  • Not to mention the precarious position we have with our pledge to defend Taiwan, and the fact that one of their high-ranking generals pledged nukes if we interfere there.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Boys and girls, they ARE thinking about you and me in terms of a NUKE TARGET, ok?

    In other less worrisome RED CHINESE news, Qindar Haier didn't get to buy
  • Maytag
  • either. Who would they get to play the Maytag repair man if China did buy the company? I'll just eliminate the obvious joke about how those stains would come out better if Maytag got the ancient Chinese secret.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com


    Unlike liberal democrats who don't really care what stupid thing people who represent their party say (like Durbin, Rangle and of course Dean) we republicans care!

    Now the congressman from Colorado: Rep. Tom Tancredo opened his mouth and shoved his foot so far in it that he choked on his ankle by saying we should consider "bombing holy sites" if a terrorist successfully exploded a nuke in the United States.

    Rep. Tancredo read this carefully: THAT IS MORALLY WRONG. YOU CANNOT PUNISH A LARGER GROUP FOR THE ACTS OF A FEW. We as a people are better than the terrorists, not the same as them. That act would directly harm women and children non-combatants. We want to be better than those who orchestrate suicide bombings and only go after targets of tactical significance. Prove it to be a target of significance and bomb it first? Yes! Not just any mosque as retaliation!

    So congressman, get your head on straight or I'll duct tape your mouth shut myself.

    To any liberal readers out there: a challenge for you to be so consistent as to call down one of your own when they step over the line.


    Ebonics dis Whack

    This skoo system iz mad stupid an' destroying it'skids by promoting ebonix an' negroid culture as uh part o' da cirriculum. I'm sure deez kids watch television, an' I haven't seen any ebonic cable networks-so do dey dig' what dey iz watching? Yet da skoo paid uh sociologist who told dem ta put ebonix an' negroid culture studies in ta he`p da kids dig'? Understand what? How ta be da bomb spoken ebonic kid in da ghetto? That'sda way ta lead dem into mainstream society! what the f**k sup now?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Since you likely missed the point, here is what I wrote and put thru the
  • Ebonics Translator
  • .

    This school system is stupid and destroying it's kids by promoting ebonics and black culture as a part of the curriculum. I'm sure these kids watch television, and I haven't seen any ebonic cable networks-so do they understand what they are watching? Yet the school paid a sociologist who told them to put ebonics and black culture studies in to help the kids understand? Understand what? How to be the best spoken ebonic kid in the ghetto? That's the way to lead them into mainstream society!

    I love dis here skoo system! Let'skeep cranking out da new democrats ta wack at mudda da system'snipple! and s**t.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
  • Boob Update

    A sense of humor about the movie...?

    You go after the movie industry for making R rated films for teens and then flip flop to starring in an R rated film marketed to teens? You don't see the problem with giving your thumbs up to this?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    Jeez, McCain, do you think you are a liberal democrat who can get away with semen stained dresses and defining "is"? The sad truth is you are a joke to both sides in spite of your service to your country.

    That isn't to say that sometimes you do something
  • funny
  • , but we aren't in need of more comedians. We need leaders.


    Have A Coke and A Smile, EU Style

    Article linked in title is a news story where swabs were taken in areas of the EU parliment building and tested positive for cocaine.

    No wonder that constitution can't be agreed on. They were all stoned when they wrote it!

    Framed Lies that Feel Good

    I caught a Liberal Catholic's blog and there was this rambling post about how she is pro-choice-but-pro-life-when-the-life-is-in-danger blah blah blah... The problem is her thought process is a wishy-washy blend of religion and feeling. Or better known as a liberal mind of mush. For those of you who think this way maybe this post will lead you to think about the issue more than just what feels right.

    Here is what I posted:

    Having paid for an abortion and adopted a child a decade later I am qualified to chime in with these questions:

    What is the core logical argument of abortion: is it the right of the mother or the life of the baby?
    To answer that, review these questions:
    What percentage of abortions save the life of the mother?
    What percentage of pregnancies aborted are caused by sexual activity that the mother did not willingly choose to participate in?

    If death is medically determined to be when there is no activity in the core of the brain then when does a fetus have activity in the brain and therefore life?

    When you break down the answers to those questions abortion becomes much more inhumane and much more of a selfish choice for the majority of those who chose that route.

    Any other "framing" of the argument obfuscates the truth. Then again, most people aren't interested in truth they only want to see what they agree with.

    I personally know the true lingering pain of abortion and the love and strength it takes to place for adoption. I can tell you that adoption is by far the easier way over the long run. Please don't learn this lesson for yourself like I did.

    I'd be surprised if I heard back on this one. I hope it makes a difference for someone out there because I mean the last paragraph with all of my heart and soul.


    How Many Beers to "Get" not "Give"

    This woman was arrested for giving birth intoxicated.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    My extremely immature and sophomoric question is:
    How many beers did it take for a guy to get her pregnant in the first place?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    There's a Milwaulkee's Best Commercial for the
  • National Organization for Women
  • in this somewhere... ever notice how there aren't any beauty queens in NOW? Hmmm....

    Wrapping This Johnson with my Protestant!

    Johnson & Johnson is showing an ad featuring two men in bed. The text reads "His backache is keeping him up." Over the other: "His boyfriend's backache is keeping him up."

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    THIS IS DISGUSTING! I called the 800# they gave me and a very nice lady took all my information and said that management would see my comments as follows:

    "I saw your ad featuring the two men in bed for Tylenol PM in the Advocate. Why is a family company promoting homosexual lifestyle? It seems incongruous with your corporate image."

    Let's see if they actually call me back.

    Now about the title, one of the Monty Python movies references Catholics and Protestants in reference to birth control and this is written from the perspective of a Protestant based faith... oh nevermind.


    They Have A Screw Loose

    The pro-choice advocacy does not seem to be getting enough abortion business so they are sponsoring a "Screw Abstinence" party in Seattle.

    Quick let's review some statistics:
    What prevents pregnancy 100% of the time?
    What prevents STDs 100% of the time?

    If you said Abstinence you won! Go to a Kroger grocery store and get your free cookie. Yes kids are going to rebel against authority and do stupid things. That doesn't mean people in authority should be doing stupid things like this to encourage it!

    What is the message? Have sex because it's fun! Well for some it's also fun to play DOOM! Do we want them to go out into the streets and shoot real people? It's fun to eat junk food too! Does that make it good for you?


    I am on my knees daily thanking GOD for the opportunity for a CONSERVATIVE to pick 2 Supreme court nominees. People who even come close to thinking like the NARAL crowd are too stupid to be given this kind of authority.

    Hypocracy Eleveated to anti-Sainthood

    This article by Bob Tyrell of JWR (linked in title and site linked at the bottom of my page) has some disturbing underlying tones in it.

    I see the tones continuing to expand, with it being ok to be critical or negative of Christians or Jews, while Muslims are elevated above their terroristic cousins and held to some kind of Sainthood. This disgusts me to no end! The terrorist is a Radical Muslim terrorist, not some generic attacker with some cemtex and a cell phone. There is an orchestrated effort by a fundamentalist muslim group to impose their will on YOU and ME! They are terrorists!

    Yet as I write, Blair is supporting a bill for Parliment that makes religious intolerance speech prosecutable? Will he prosecute the Muslims who literally interpret select sections of the Koran which instruct that Christians be converted to Islam or be executed?

    The ONLY reason why Christians are subject to such ridicule is because what they believe is true. The Torah and Koran support my statement so don't tell me I'm wrong.

    Hotel Gitmo, Sounds Like Las Vegas!

    Humiliation by making the men wear a bra? That's torture?
    Forcing detainees to wear a leash and do dog tricks? Have we got the vacation destination for TERRORISTS EVERYWHERE:

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Get your TSHIRT here:
  • AuthenticGOP.com

  • While the amenities may be questionable the results speak for themselves: (article from Scotsman is linked in the title).

    ""As the bottom line, though, we found no torture. Detention and interrogation operations were safe, secure and humane," Schmidt said.

    The Pentagon identified the man as Mohammed al-Qahtani and said he ultimately provided "extremely valuable intelligence."

    Schmidt said, "He admitted to being the 20th hijacker, and he expected to fly on United Airlines Flight 93," which crashed in Pennsylvania."

    Democrats call this torture and liken it to Hitler's treatment of the Jews? I am quite sure there are places in Vegas where men pay to have that done to them!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Yeah Democrats, that's a real gulag that Bush has going down there. I think we should do an independent council investigation into tax dollars being spent on research trips to Las Vegas bordellos looking for torture techniques. Or maybe the military is still contracting out to-ahem-"private specialists in certain techniques"? Obviously a crack team of Democrats needs to head out to Vegas and see if any of the Domanatrix are on extended leave in Cuba. Wrangle and Kennedy will know who's missing I'm quite sure.

    This is pure sarcasm folks so don't tell me that bordellos aren't legal in Vegas but in surrounding counties or Domination isn't about sex or whatever. That is not the point I'm trying to make here.

    Scumbag Liberal Mafia Family, Southern Style

    Moderate Democrat (1st pic)Harold Ford Jr's uncle, Liberal Democrat (2nd pic)John Ford, is in a big heap 'O trouble. He's been lining his pockets by selling his vote, to the tune of millions of dollars.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    It makes me wonder how far the apple falls from the Ford family tree. Outside of Obama, Harold is likely the #2 poster boy for the Democratic party in the coming '06 & '08 election cycle. The problem with Ford is that the
  • black liberal media
  • hates what Harold is saying. Ford is saying he agrees with Bush and that social security is sinking? Hmmm...is this guy a democrat?

    If his Uncle is any indication, we should keep a sharp conservative eye on this wannabe from the opposite side of the Mississippi from Clinton's home Arkansas. I think he'll end up to be a liberal in conservative clothing.


    Boobs On the Big Screen!

    John McCain, known best for being a bitter anti-Bush man after losing the nomination for 2000, is glad to be a part of the same Hollywood that he just
  • criticized
  • for being to "R" centric in it's marketing to teens and kids. Granted his focus was on violence, but to some out there the sexual innuendos can be directly connected to violence against women.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    Doesn't he realize he is saying he is glad to be in a
  • T&A picture
  • ? Isn't that
  • 180 degrees
  • from where he was a few months ago? His own website seems to support that statement!

    Difference in being a republican and a democrat: republicans can't do 180 degree turns and get away with it. Difference between a real Conservative and a Moderate: Zell Miller vs. John McCain.

    Cost to take your sweetie to see this T&A fest including popcorn combo: $28.50
    Reading McCain's website and seeing how he contradicts himself: free.
    Realizing that McCain really is a Boob: Priceless.

    Eggroll Commies IV

    7.18 update: EU needs to continue
  • arms sale ban
  • to Chinese... (but that isn't likely to happen with the competition in the arms market what it is today)

    7.16 update:General Zhu drops the A-bomb:
  • LINK

  • ***
    The UNOCOAL deal's drama continues. What usually does not happen in a big acqusition deal is that the buyer comes to the table with a bigger offer unless they are
  • dead set
  • on buying it. My paranoia is growing on this deal.


    Our Eggroll eating enemies are showing their
  • true colors
  • by reviewing their rules on open broadcasting and competition with "non state-sponsored media entities". Yet another aspect of how the Chinese do business and think. THEY DON'T THINK LIKE WE DO. So it is impossible to apply our thinking to their way of doing things. Unfortunately most liberals are too stupid to realize that the Chinese leadership want the US destroyed.



    "PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING" features super strong men bantering in a soap operatic theme then rolling around mostly naked in a ring rigged with sound enhancing springs and microphones. There are show girlie girls who in at least one episode spilled heavy cream on each other's ample exposed cleavage (I wish I hadn't seen it but I did).

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    No stereotype is too politically correct for them to abuse, although I still haven't heard of a Jewish wrestler.

    As if Wrestling isn't stupid and degrading in just about every way possible to every segment of society possible, why are people so surprised at its insensitivity to terrorism?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    If you take wrestling seriously, get a life. If you were actually watching UPN when this show came on, GET A LIFE! If your kids watch wrestling and you thought the subject matter was insensitive to the terrorism events of the same day then WAKE UP AND SMELL YOUR OWN HYPOCRISY!

    Fingering the Byrd and Pro-Nazi Jews

    My letter to the author of the stupid article linked in the headline: 7.5
    Mr. Hutchinson:

    I just stumbled across your article while researching for my blog and found myself wondering…
    Are there any pro-Nazi Jews out there?
    After all, Nazi atrocities were a long time ago. Most of the perpetrators of the atrocities are actually dead now. So why not be in favor of a former Nazi or someone who at one time espoused Nazi beliefs if one is Jewish?

    By expressing Black support for Senator Byrd have you not logically done the same thing? Let’s overlook the whole filibuster against the civil rights bill that Byrd sponsored back in the 60’s too. He’s a good democrat now and we all know that good democrats are not racist, it’s those evil republicans that are to blame. Our first black president told us that!

    I’m looking forward to your comeback! Thanks!




    Why Libs Need Talking Points

    It's pretty simple. MOVEON.ORG can't risk that
  • >guests will open their mouths
  • and say what they are really thinking! They must stay to the line of being "moderate not extremist" or risk revealing their feelings about those weird Christians and that out-of-date constitution.

    The other issue is what exactly are the core values of the Democratic party?
  • Obama
  • brought this up at a rally for Democrats over the weekend with this quote:

    ""The Democrats at times have lost their way," conceded Obama. "We are trying to decide what our core values are."
    The criterion for judging the party isn't whether it's to the left or right, "but are we true to our core values," he said. Nobody defined core values."

    I find it reassuring that the author of the article wrote the last part about the lack of definition. The Democrats present left a gaping hole that we on the right are more than happy to fill in.

    If you look to the party leadership (Screamin Dean) you find that
  • anything white and Christian
  • is evil,
    that terrorists deserve a
  • fair trial
  • and republicans need to be lynched (well, convicted without trial would be more accurate),
    and that a woman's body is her own as long as it isn't an unborn woman.

    The media has shown how sympathetic they are to the liberal agenda (anything
  • against BUSH
  • ) as well.

    Why can't the Democratic party win? Because they have open their mouths and shown themselves to be the extremeist liberals they truly are. Because the conservatives in this country out number the liberals the democrats cannot win as the party of Clinton. They have shown how far out of step they are with the vast majority of the country not living in the mostly urban slums.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Commies part III

    Even some democrats think badly about those Red Chinese... of course that's only because they are bringing in
  • Chinese laborers
  • and not hiring unionized oil workers.
    Granted, the industry is chugging over capacity with oil at $61+ per barrel (for sweet crude, the stuff most available in the US is not as easliy refined and only becomes profitable over $35 per barrel or so). However why can't those companies just hire and train some unemployed US workers to get the job done?

    Twisting the currency continues as well, screwing US workers:
  • Yen LINK

  • developing, more to come!

    A Hacker's Dream!

    All wired school with free laptops. Only a liberal could think this is a good idea.

    The article linked above states that "students with laptops seemed much more engaged than at schools with books..." Sure they are! Those students are text-messaging each other, surfing porn sites and playing games! Do not for one second tell me that the firewall can prevent certain activities. I personally can get past most security measures on a firewall and get to whatever it is that I shouldn't be doing.

    Yes, dear reader, I blog so as to curb my urges to hack porn sites. It has worked very well too! Just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I'm not tempted. It just means that I'm not supposed to give into the temptation.

    Back to the article: only $850 per laptop? Let's take a bet on how many have to be replaced because they are stolen, spilled on or run over? How many batteries will quit working? How many cords will be lost? How many screens will be broken? Think major $$$ to fix those issues!

    A very bad idea indeed. Plus, why buy NEW COMPUTERS for these kids? I know for a fact you can get functional laptops for $400 each (OR LESS) in bulk! Old IBM Thinkpads with 700 mhz chips and 8 gig hard drives would be more than sufficient for wireless students. Buy an extra one for every child and still have money left over from not having to fix all the problems on the new ones.

    More stupid ideas to spend tax dollars from the folks who brought you free condoms and safe hamsters.


    Eggroll Eating Commies part II

    NOT GOOD! We are downplaying the one country that actually has the
  • ability
  • to cause us a huge problem if they decided to pull the trigger against Taiwan.

    There is a silver lining: it appears that China is a good
  • target
  • for conservative democrat presidential "might be" contenders.

    At least some attention is getting drawn to this huge growing threat.

    The SUPREME Legacy

    Mr. President,

    It might be 9.11.
    It might be the war on terror.
    It might be freeing Iraq and bringing democracy to the middle east.

    Your presidency has so over shadowed Clinton's as to remind us of the joke that he is.

    The real long-term legacy of your presidency will be to fix the judicial legislating going on in the courts. Put two constitutional judges on the supreme court. That's what those of us in the Christian right fought hard to make sure you had the opportunity to do.

    Pro-choice or anti-abortion? Well, I would prefer the latter but would be very happy with anyone who puts the constitution first. The constitution is based on rights of all living people, and logic will eventually win out that a fetus with brain activity is in fact alive.

    Put the right people in there sir, I have confidence in you!


    Through the Looking Glass, My How Queer!

    While researching for another blog I came across some very intersting stuff in a gay-lesbian media watchdog site. Suddenly I'm a cross-dressing Alistair in Wonderland looking at the media from a not-hetero perspective, call it "Straight Guy seeing through the Queer Eye".

    It appears that some commercials are (GASP) stereotyping the homosexual lifestyle as wrong! So I'll creat the attaboy site (or maybe rename it something gender-neutral) for the companies that are not bending over to the way too sensitve gays. Budweiser, Budget Truck Rental, and Saturn are the first ones to make the list. Bud has done so many good jokes you don't know where to begin. The site has links to all of them.

    Budget's is hillarious: taking movers, putting them in Village People outfits and having them rollerskate while moving stuff. Wait, if the Village People aren't gay then how is this offensive? Aside from the flab haning out of the tied up shirts and horrible dancing of obviously hetero movers.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    You mean all gay people are thin, good looking and dance well? Yeah, and all republicans are white christians. Jeez talk about stereotypes! Then more stereotypes as Saturn goes to the old reliable standby of
  • to illustrate camping

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    In reality it should be us backwoods rednecks that are offended, not all of us are into homosexual rape!

    Ugh, there is too much content here. I'll have to make another rant later.

    New Gay Connotation for "Good Hands People"

    It seems that in spite of the fact that being homosexual is a choice for less than 2% of the total population that some companies will risk supporting them anyway. Allstate Insurance, with their old motto "The Good Hands People", has seen fit to fire an employee for what he wrote on his free time, at home, and was not related to his job. Because Matt Barber chose to exercise his first amendment rights that were contrary to the company's policy Allstate fired him.

    Allstate did not contest Barber's application for unemployment. The state specifically states that he was fired because of a complaint from an organization against what Barber had written outside of work against being homosexual.

  • Allstate's Official Response

  • For those of you who are doubtful of Allstate's support of homosexual lifestyle, here are links to the facts:
  • Gift to GLBTSSS

  • http://www.kintera.org/atf/cf/{2DA526CB-1C43-48A5-86E0-6DAC2B9AE1CA}/V1204.pdf
  • CommercialCloset

  • Aren't you GLAAD you use Allstate

  • Just so you know, Barber has chosen not to bend over to the company:

    "Attorney David Gibbs III of the Christian Law Association fed suit in federal court against Allstate Insurance Company on behalf of Mr. Barber. He had been employed as a manager in the corporate security division at the company's Chicago area headquarters. The case, No. 05-cv-03152, has been assigned to Judge Amy St. Eve, and an initial case status hearing is scheduled for July 20, 2005"
    quoted from email-Donald Wildman, Chairman One Million Dads.com

    I'll be keeping up with this as it develops...if you are shocked about this you should check out
  • commercialcloset.org
  • for more offenders like Kraft and Ford.

    Iron & Starching the Stiff Upper Lip

    In the horrible fall out of the terrorists attack this morning, I'm pessimistic waiting for the Brit liberal response. Will they say "clearly we need to hunt down and stop these madmen" or will they lament their "involvement with the illegal US action which is causing these terrorists to attack"...

    My sincere hope is that this act brings out the strength of the British people. The famous Stiff Upper Lip where they bear hardship and they show their inner strength as a nation.

    Regardless of the outcome, our prayers are with you.



    It appears that a fradulent election has brought a former terrorist to power in Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, newly elected president of Iran, has been identified by former hostages
  • as one of their
  • captors
  • .

    Great, from the same twisted to demonic religious fanatics who support
  • rape
  • and
  • beatings
  • of Christians we get a leader? (Thank you Jawa for linking those stories in your blog).

    It suddenly occured to me that most hard core liberals would secretly want to see Christians raped and beaten. Nah, not most but some would, "most" would be over-the-top.

    Boons, Boondoggles and Quagmires OH MY!

    The evil MilitaryIndustrialComplex AKA Haliburton (syn: see CHENEY/VP/Bush Puppeteer) is striving to mire us in a boondoggle of a quagmire of a vietraq war that we have no clear closing date of pulling out of!

    OH MY! I think we'll be hearing a combination of THAT garbage for a long while!

    Sure the Iraq invasion is a PR boost to Muslim extremist recruiting. What do they inherently know that we can't seem to put across? The notion of liberty will quash radical muslim whackos in the long run. Why isn't
  • Senator Byrd's Klan
  • a powerful force anymore? Because the rule of liberty and justice takes the rational out of racism. The masses understand that equality because they are equal to their neighbor. The radicals are relegated to a back burner of a free society with the other small portion of malcontents.

    The LiberalJournalisticConsortum malcontents are striving to stick the quagmire label on this Iraq war. Let's just ignore the facts of the successful election that the same LiberalJournalisticConsortum poo-poo'd and had to eat their words on. Let's ignore the three-century leap in women's rights in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's ignore the tales of mass murder and torture in favor of slamming the Right-Winger President. Instead let's see what plays well in the focus groups and spin it out there now!

    I smell a cowardly LeftLion. The Leftlion has declared CHOICE for abortion and Gay Marriage but NO CHOICE for school vouchers and social security. They must be scared of counting the number of ideals and institutions that have been squashed or fixed by the RIGHT in this country. The left cannot have us know their former stance on
  • the war,
  • AND
  • social security
  • . If they did, republicans would win mightily because there has been a 180 degree shift in what is acceptable ONLY BECAUSE BUSH IS IN FAVOR OF IT.

    Who said that "Americans would pay any price for the success of liberty"... Bush? Cheney? Rumsfeld? NO! It was JFK! My how the conservative democrats have fallen under the siege of the liberal wing.

    Go back to the pollster wizards you cowardly LeftLions. Let them grant you your courage.

    Save The Hamster, Kill that Baby!

    The title is a link to the Washington Times article that addresses the NEA's handling of a conservative minority in their caucus. Apparently there is a written creed inside of the NEA applying to classroom use of animals:

    school staff should "encourage compassion and respect for all living things,"

    However, using sickly twisted Liberal logic, this wording cannot apply to unborn children. This same group is a proponet of abortion- excuse me it is called "family planning" in their Orwellian double-speak- and the reproductive rights of the female without parental consent.

    Maybe they should change the wording to "encourage compassion and respect for all living things as long as those rights are not applied to unborn humans because they aren't really living things anyway until it feels ok to say they are."

    I was wondering about that
  • vegan abortion doctor
  • and now this? How can anyone justify the lack of logic in that argument? Some liberal out there needs to explain how exactly this can co-exist outside of some split personality persona?

    This article also addresses their anti-voucher movement among other distinctly liberal ideals. However the crux of the argument has to be: save the hamster but kill the baby. We want that hampster to have a long and full life but we can
  • flowbie
  • a future student because we think killing humans is ok.

    ((thank you to my wife for correcting my spelling, I just love to put the P in hamster!! UGH!))
  • Eggroll Eating Commies Target USA

  • Oil Friction continues

  • UPDATE: 7.4
  • China Military Spending & the EU

  • ORIGINAL RANT: 6.27.05 9:43AM
    Just great... it is looking more and more like my boastful words of "We could beat the Chinese if we had to, not easily, but we could" to the test.

    First comes a Janes article last month where the Defense Department is "surprised" at the Chinese military buildup. It only took about 4 weeks for the Washington Times to run the same information in their paper
  • Dragon Awakes
  • .

    Here's some interesting articles in somewhat chronological order:
  • Recap 90's Taiwan-China

  • Chinese do want Taiwan back

  • Cold War Tactics US-China

  • China:Flush with Cash but weak oversight

  • Chinese infrastructure and oil concerns

  • China & Iran forge ties

  • 1000 Chinese spies

  • Chinese MILITARY BUILDUP: Old guns with new ammo

  • Beijing wants a weaker US enemy

  • Chinese Advanced Armored Fighting vehicle

  • Call me a paranoid grasping at straws if you like. I'm deeply worried about those Red Chinese and their intentions. History proves that war is precipitated by planning, and the elements are clearly there as to what China's long-term goals are. Here's their agenda:
    1) secure the neighboring countries
    2) secure oil access
    3) weaken US influence and undermine US alliances
    4) take back Taiwan
    5) cripple the United States

    6.29 NEWS UPDATE: China warns US not to interfere in deal between "private agencies"... the only problem is their CNOOC is 70% state owned! That ain't private boys and girls, except to the very controlling Chinese government. Heck, to the Chi-Comms it's outrageous freedom to only control 70%.

  • China Building SPR (secondary data in article)
  • 7.03.2005

    Live 8, Smells Like Liberal Spirit

    Definition of a conservative: do what you think is right
    Definition of a liberal: do what feels right.

    that's the difference!

    Somebody please tell me how many BILLIONS of dollars in aid have been poured into Africa? To what result? Might be the same result as the billions poured into poverty in America: pretty much nothing. How in the heck is a concert going to DO SOMETHING MORE?

    That's the spirit Libs! If it feels good it MUST BE RIGHT! Of course it isn't possible that those who put on this show would profit in any way while sending a "message" to the government representatives at the economic conference.

    Hey, it's just like Africa itself! Put on the mantle of leadership and speak some platitudes to the masses but rake in the cash for personal gain. That's why Africa is in poverty (that and the whole
  • "have sex with virgin to cure AIDS"
  • belief). It's funny how the concert promoters likely will benefit the same way that the corrupt politicians/rulers/dictators have in Africa- make a show, say the right thing, then go home with the cash.

    The GOOD NEWS is reports are surfacing that only about 10% of the anticipated 3 billion audience showed up... and only the hard core liberals came so it
  • 7.01.2005

    Quagmire, Kennedy and History

    This column by David Gelernter is a dead-on accurate look at how wrong the left in this country is.

    Teddy has chosen to use the word Quagmire in reference to Iraq. The historical context of that is an automatic link to Vietnam. Great Ted, yes we should look at what happened when we lost the will to win and pulled out:

  • Conflict Induced Refugees

  • Cambodia

  • Overview
  • of Post-Vietnam US policy.

    That the OTHER Kennedy (the respectable one) had said that "Americans would pay any price for the success of liberty" is obviously lost on Ted.

    Liberal Hindsight & Hooked on the Past

    I am sick of hearing about how (wwwwaaaahhhh) "Bush lied and sent us to war with that nice man Mr. Hussein that was so nice to those soldier boys and showed him in his underwear..." (waaaaahhhh)

    Let's get some facts out there to review:
  • train
  • for it if you don't expect it?

  • Amnesty Irrational torture data
  • article.

  • BBC child torture article

  • Indict.org

  • lPBS interview: Sabah Khodada

  • Kohdada' hand drawn map of terror training facility

  • satellite photos of same facility:
  • 1)

  • 2)

  • 3)

  • Global security article about same site

  • Condoleezza puts it in historical context
  • easy even for a liberal. What is EXPECTED of a state COMPLYING with disarmament protocols, and why we are suspicious when they fail to observe these basic tenants.

    I'll wrap up with a post-invasion recap by
  • David Kay
  • .

    First, whatever we find will probably differ from pre-war intelligence. Empirical reality on the ground is, and has always been, different from intelligence judgments that must be made under serious constraints of time, distance and information. It is, however, only by understanding precisely what those difference are that the quality of future intelligence and investment decisions concerning future intelligence systems can be improved.-David Kay's report

    Bare bones facts: Saddam is an evil mass-murderer, torturer and rapist. He had the tools, equipment and money for biological warfare. Saddam funded terror training and his goal was to attack the United States because we know he was still peeved about Desert Storm. Saddam tried to thwart the inspections process any way possible and even presented us with a lovely 12000 page work of fiction detailing his arms programs. Our agencies took the worst-case-scenario threat assessment after their tremendous failure to see Al Quaeda's threat.

    Clinton, Liberman and other noted Democrats were basing their decisions on the same material as the President when he decided to go into Iraq. I seem to remember an overwhelming majority of our representatives voting in favor of a resolution including forcibly removing Saddam if he did not comply with the UN mandate? That's comply with the rules, nothing about weapons per say but a focus on the act of being submissive to the inspections.

    What prevents a loyal leftist from submitting themselves to the truth?

    The truth would mean that Bush is right. Right on democracy for Iraq, Afghanistan and all peoples. Right on preemptive strikes. Right on the war on terror. If Bush is right then Liberals are wrong when they want to apologize to the World for US excesses and offer counseling to victims of terrorists. The Left's only hook against Bush is the falsified perception that the WMDs are the only reason we went to war.

    That's the motive folks, the motive to regain lost power in the face of the reality of our new century through bending the past with deceit.

    The reality is that we are at war and our country woke up to that fact on September 11th. The war was declared by radical Muslim extremists and it is a battle to the death. The Democrats rolled over and went back to sleep, Republicans took up arms and met the challenge by promoting democracy as a tool against fascism.

    WMDs? Who knows. The issue is a moot point because we are committed to action now and we must finish the job. For liberals who may not understand what committed means:
  • LINK
  • . Should the leftists be congratulated on their 20/20 hindsight? (I'm still waiting for the 20/20 analysis of Bill Clinton, as experience tells me that what is
  • good for the goose is NOT good for the gander
  • to Liberals so I'm not holding my breath). The sad response is congratulations cannot be justified based on their motivations. The motivation is "anything against Bush".

    So now my answer is: WMDs are not there, so what's your point?