Racist Stupidity In Lousianna

We all know some stupid white kids put up a noose. This made some black kids angry who could not control themselves and had to assault those responsible.

Who would Martin Luther King support in this instance?
Where is the outrage and where should it be?
Who am I angry with?

The outrage is that the legal system is not set up to condemn stupid people for provocation. It is set up to condemn those who cannot control themselves and strike.
The historical references to Rosa Parks sicken me. She was non violent and protested. She along with Dr. King would surely spank those boys for striking another human.

This protest is wrong. Their anger is displaced because it should be against those stupid white kids. If those black kids had acted as intelligent people these rallys would have those white kids tearfully admitting to their failures on national TV and shaking hands with the sainted black boys. Instead, here we are.


I'm angry with the parents of those white kids. However I'm really angry with the black kids who couldn't stop themselves from hitting someone else. I am even more angry with the money hungry NAACP taking a stance that violence is ok because it is an opportunity to fill their coffers.

Prove me wrong.



Ignorance Defence

Whoopi has said some things I really like, and sometimes she is dead wrong. An example of something I liked: "I'm NOT an "African-American" I'm an AMERICAN"

Now she defends Michael Vick's pit bull fighting because apparently "down south them backward types are all like that" you know: stupid and cruel. Ignorant of the "rest of the country" and how they view dogs.

She's dead wrong. She made me so mad I almost broke the outhouse door and slapped my sister who is also my first cousin. Is that the south she is referring to?
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She actually thinks that Michael Vick would look at this picture and think it's ok? That being a hick makes it ok to be cruel? Is that the crux of her argument? Ignorance blinds him to the obvious? Where else can/has that logic been applied Whoopi?

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