Condi: Cool Under Fire

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"Did the US make mistakes invading Iraq? We made thousands of them"

"During a visit to a Student Council meeting at the school, Rice was asked whether she was upset by the demonstrators:

"Oh, it's OK, people have a right to protest and a right to make their views known," Rice told the teenage student. "Each individual all over the world has the God-given right to express themselves. I'm not just going to visit places where people agree with me. That would be really unfortunate.""

The quote speak for themselves. Smart, brave, firm and with great character. That gives Condi three more good qualities than that senator from New York who wants to be president in 2008.


Is Illegal The Issue?

I'm seeing these pictures of people protesting legislation and wondering: are they for law breaking activity? If not, what exactly are they for and against?
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  • Maybe I just don't get it, but if one is out to protest shouldn't the message be crystal clear?

    Are the protestors in favor of illegal immigration?
    Are they against a better fence or wall at the border?

    What exactly are they for? Drivers licenses for aliens? Is that really a good idea?

    What exactly are they against?

    Are the protestors aware of the problems at our borders?

    If they are for a temporary worker program I think that might work. We need the labor and they want the jobs (not to put the negative spin on it). I just can't help but think that some of the comments emanating from the protest contained a great deal of ignorance of what the American people are asking for: better security through enforcing existing laws.

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    I also found some very dead links-oops!

    I'll be playing around with the content the next few days. Suggestions welcome. Ahem, positive suggestions welcome.


    It's Cliche Time!

    Maybe it has something to do with March madness and the way every player and coach interviewed uses a string of the following cliches:
    "It's an honor just to be here"
    "It was a team effort"
    "we have played very consistent basketball at both ends of the floor"
    "I think we do have two great teams and it should be an outstanding game"
    "we're just focused and prepared to play (or execute)"
    "fortunately for us, we went out there and played a great game and got the win"
    I heard an interview with coach JIM LARRANAGA of the 2006 Cinderella team George Mason and got almost nothing but a string of cliches.

    The Cliche thing is rubbing off on the politicos as well. Here is a timeless one that rears its ugly head whenever a change happens in an administration. The other side invariably uses this lame cliche in response to the change: "Simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic..."

    I don't have any evidence at hand but I am quite sure that my favorite republicans are just as guilty as democrat Charles "Chukky" Schumer is this time (link in title). I would bet cash that Newt said it a few times back in the 90s.


    Iran Defiance

    "Military strikes will not deter our enrichment. We will do it someplace else. It's a large country."

    Awfully optimistic of him. And completely false.

    You cannot enrich uranium with a child's chemistry set. It requires specialized equipment that has to be purchased and imported. That equipment when in use produces specific signatures or footprints that can be traced, targeted, and destroyed.

    That is just a fact. It should also be entertaining to watch.

    Don't Go Postal: just a joke!

    A little humor to wake you up this morning:

    The US Postal Service has created a stamp with a picture of Senator Hillary
    Clinton to honor her achievements as the First Lady of our nation. In daily
    use it was shown that the stamp was not sticking to envelopes.

    This enraged Senator Clinton, who demanded a full investigation. After a
    month of testing, a special commission made the following findings:

    *The stamp was in perfect order.
    *There was nothing wrong with the applied adhesive.
    *People were spitting on the wrong side.


    Abortion Doublespeak

    There are a great many good topics surrounding the South Dakota legislation to outlaw Abortions.

    The issue that leaped off the page and slapped my face was this organization:

    South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families

    Based on the name, here is my question:
    Is this group for the abortion ban?
    OR is this group against the abortion ban?

    With a name like that, you would think it represented Norman Rockwell and apple pie.
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    However the group is an abortion rights coalition-they are pro abortion. Even the most rabid supporters of abortion would say that a dead baby is not the same thing as healthy.

    Apparently Planned Parenthood
  • (another nice twisting)
  • has been promoting this idea since inception.

    To my liberal friends I caution you to remember that some animals are more equal than others.
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    Promoting this kind of word and mind twisting lie is going to bite you in the behind some day.


    Adoption Hamster Cramps

    When you adopt a child that doesn't look exactly like you, there are inevitably the dopey comments. I don't know if it is a surprise, a confirmation or just life that even the rich and famous people have to deal with stupid comments.

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    One of my stupid comment experiences was in a shopping center. I was holding Bella, my then 18 month old biracial adoptive child when a lady walked up to me and said "She has a beautiful tan!" I quipped back "Thanks! We use the GRAYCO tanning bed from ToysRUs." Then I turned a walked away. I have always wondered if she ever went looking for a child's tanning bed or talked to one of her friends about it and discovered the joke was on her?

    Another one was at work: a tall black man who worked with me saw me holding Bella and said "Whose baby is that?" three times because he thought we were joking. A month later he told a coworker that "Dave's wife is cheating on him!" Yeah, I'm that stupid Aaron- thanks a lot.

    My wife and I have taken to calling these situations "hamster cramps". As in: the little hamster in the brain on the wheel is running his heart out processing thoughs. All of a sudden the transracial thought hits and his leg cramps up causing him to stumble and roll with the wheel crashing all brain thinking processes.

    Maybe in some cases I should have been more gracious when people have a hamster cramp. I do make an effort to do so now that Bella is much more aware of what is going on around her. Just there are moments when people feel compelled to comment on something that is so intrusive that you cannot help but be offended by the question.

    Now comes Michael Douglas' flippant remark about "Brad leaving that beautiful (Winston) for Jolie to hold her orphans." Is there really any way to spin that into a positive comment without using white supremacist style thinking?
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    Let me just say that I would hope that Catherine Zeta is smacking him for being a jerk.

    If you have a question about transracial adoption, join the yahoo group
  • "Transracial Adoption or Placement"
  • and ask virtually anything you want to. That is an appropriate forum for your urge to vent your hamster cramp.


    Hollywood Culturalmorphism

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    Noted intellectual Sharon Stone has proclaimed her position on peace in the middle east:

    ""And it really is just a breath. It's just an agreement that's just a breath. We are not far apart. We can choose to have this alternative kind of growth that is a collective nuance of understanding."

    And all the birds, deer and fluffy bunnies surrounding her cheered.

    Let me clarify that I don't know (or particularly care) anything about Sharon Stone of what she thinks or does. The reason I'm writing this is because what she said is silly and just as ignorant as much of the drool that comes from Hollywood types on politics, world and social issues.

    When a person is naive or liberal, they see the microcosm of their world as what everyone else lives. While I do applaud a positive attitude rooted in reality, there usually isn't much reality floating around those tinsel town types. That ignorance of reality runs over into perceptions of culture based on one's own experience rather than based on the culture one is assigning the ideals to... let's call it culturalmorphism. It also explains some of their politics.

    Now I'd like to shatter Ms. Stone's warping of culture with a simple picture of a Palestinians child wearing a Hamas head band wielding what I hope is a toy gun but I fear it is real:
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    If a picture says 1000 words, the words expressed by this picture take the breath of peace away.


    Abortion & Young Molly Blythe

    Ah, to be 21 and think I know everything again! If you click the link in the title you'll find an article about a fellow blogger. The problem is that 21 year old has posted graphic instructions on how to do an abortion. Apparently the just-of-legal-drinking-age Florida resident Molly's action is a protest to South Dakota's recent law against abortion.

    To give some glint of history and credibility to Molly the author writes:

    "For years, it was. Before 1973, abortion was largely illegal, but hardly rare.
    "Every town in America had someone who did these things," said Rickie Solinger of New Paltz, N.Y., author of several books on abortion history"

    I am not here to rant against Molly. I too thought abortion was ok when I was 21. I will however rant against the idea that issue has not changed changed since 1973. Adoption is a far cry different now than it used to be. Once upon a time a woman went to a lawyer in secret to get rid of her "problem" and never see it again. Now we have semi-open adoptions where pictures, letters and gifts are exchanged regularly.

    Some adoptions even have -GASP- regular visitations with the birth mother!?!

    Women don't wear pearls and heels when they do housework. Mail is electronic and fast. Cars have airbags and kids ride in car seats instead of laying in the back window or chewing on the dashboard. Moms depend on seatbelts instead of the super arm restraint system. Most dinners involve microwaves. Executives type 50 words a minute because they have to use a computer. You can even eat red M&M's without fearing cancer.

    And many more people now understand that adopting is not something to be ashamed of.

    My rant is that many levels of society have progressed and are more aware of the benefits of adoption and the potential harm from abortion. Clergy are more likely to know an adoption counselor than an abortion doctor.

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    Thanks to technology, many more of us now can prove that abortion is in fact murder.

    Clearly the adoption-abortion issue has changed since 1973. It will likely take another two generations to push the acceptance back to the darkest corners of our society where acceptance of horrors such as racism hide. Abortion and racism are both the presumed supremacy of one's rights over another human being. The light of truth will eventually quash both.

    My other abortion topic rants:
    11.16.2005 LAMENTING ABORTION AND RACISIM *** the must-read
    11.05.2005 NOV: ADOPTION AWARENESS MONTH: talk I gave to my church

    8.16.2005 IS ABORTION A TRAGEDY?


    Happy Trails Barney

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    I didn't take a minute last week to mourn the passing of a good man: Don Knotts.

    I know his character Barney Fife would have waxed eloquent about how his acting talents inspired and touched many generations. Some would say he is lucky to have been in the cast for the Andy Griffith show. I however would call it a blessing to the rest of us.

    Mr. Knotts, I look forward to meeting you later.

    Court Day (part 1)

    I sat in court for 5 hours today. Our case was called in the first 30 minutes after the judge went into great detail about how the process works for the standing room only crowd. The dim-wit I caught stealing construction materials never showed up. "FTA" or Failure To Appear. However the Judge was "lenient" which means if you are there to testify, you waste a day while waiting on the case so you can get back to work.
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    We have a stupid justice system sometimes. Yet it's still better than so many other places!

    I assume the Sheriff will drag the thief back into court and I'll have to waste another morning dealing with him. If only I had backed my truck up and blocked him from escaping instead of yelling at him! Another DOH!


    Star Trek Geek

    What happens when I'm home sick playing on DSL and find where quality computing meets twenty somethings with way too much time and energy?
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    The completion of the original five year journey of course! I put the link in the title for your pleasure!

    Much to my parent's dismay I caught reruns of the original show as a kid every night at 7 pm on the local station that later became our Nashville FOX affiliate. I try to avoid the questionable doll issue portrayed in media but I do have a fascination with the ships. Its part of my childhood that I was denied so I revel in it some. My now 4 year old gets that daddy has a kid streak and loves it.

    However any fascination I had with Star Trek don't hold a candle to this:
    Image hosting by Photobucket

    This group writes, creates and makes available entire episodes of Star Trek because they want to. Their faithful commitment shows in every detail. From the cheerleader skirts on the girls to the campy sounds of the bridge, it's all there. It's not just a good copy, you can practically taste the dedication and love to the original. Special effects? The animation of the ship is faster and more... (dare I struggle to say "realistic"?) from the original and VERY IMPRESSIVE for guys that are doing this for free!

    There are two episodes currently available. "Come What May" is their pilot. Episode 4.01 "In Harm's Way" and a new production 4.02 "To Serve All My Days" with (gasp: THE) Walter Koenig is coming out sometime this year. I highly recommend downloading and sharing them with your friends. It's one of the few indulgences out there that is actually worth two hours of your time. I can't begin to fathom how many hours of their time it took to build the sets, let alone put this amazing quality production to bed!

    Apparently these geeks are not alone. As I surf links from here I find that there are literally a dozen different groups out there making their own Star Trek stuff.
  • (Yikes, this is getting a little scary!)

  • And for the bobbleheads who make comments: yes it's legal because they aren't making a dime off of it. And yes I was in fact disappointed when the "prequel" Enterprise was cancelled. No, I don't care if Sulu prefers tutti-fruitty ice cream.
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    My greatest fear is that this bunch of trekkies gets real jobs (sorry, real Hollywood type jobs because of their effort here) and can't spend any time making more of these great episodes.



    I love it when the lack liberal logic bites them in the behind.

    Read the quote:
    "More than three decades ago Roe vs. Wade gave women control of their reproductive lives but nothing in the law changed for men. Women can now have sexual intimacy without sacrificing reproductive choice. Women now have the freedom and security to enjoy lovemaking without the fear of forced procreation. Women now have control of their lives after an unplanned conception. But men are routinely forced to give up control, forced to be financially responsible for choices only women are permitted to make, forced to relinquish reproductive choice as the price of intimacy."

    For those of you who treasure abortion, stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Because you can't have your legal cake and eat it too. I'll throw on any other cliche I can think of our of pure glee at the logic and strength of this position.

    Monica Charen closes the argument beautifully:
    "The point (and it is not one the feminists will find in their quiver) is that sexuality requires responsibility — and that doesn't just mean using birth control. It means that if you engage in sex you have an automatic obligation to any child that may result. Pro-choice women have been vociferously rejecting this responsibility for decades. It should come as no surprise that men are inclined to do the same."

    Again we are back to personal responsibility. Funny how that works so well around the topic of abortion.


    More WMDs from General Sada

    Interpret the title as Weapons of Mass OR Media Destruction as you personally desire.
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    Just click on the article linked in the title and read it. Look for the same airplane picture in my other posts to catch up on other Sada interviews and what's going on.

    The WMDs do seem to be real and they really belonged to Iraq.

  • General Sada's Profile
  • The Mouse That Clicked

    A company sued Google and Yahoo over click-based advertising fees. My degree is in Advertising and Marketing so here is my take.

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    Let's look at the advertising question first. Ads are all about exposure. Exposure leads to awareness and hopefully to familiarity and use. Billboards cost from $600 to $5000 for a 90 day period based on location. What number of times of exposure do marketing studies prove that it takes for a person to notice a new billboard:

    A) first time
    B) five times
    C) twenty times
    D) thirty times

    The answer is C: twenty exposures.

    In theory, your board could be out there for three weeks of the 10 week run before most people who pass it daily actually notice it.

    The exposure gamble also comes to play in other print media as well as broadcast advertising and direct mail. Each with its pros and cons. Traditionally radio is by far the most effective cost/exposure medium (usually 4-7 exposures create recognition) assuming you go to the right stations.

    The number of exposures is why the Super Bowl charges big bucks. It's also a reason why NBA, Olympics and Baseball are having problems because of declining ratings. No ratings means no exposures mean nobody wants to pay to advertise because they can't see any benefits.

    Internet sites rely on numeric tracking of people clicking on your link. Fees are based on a straight out per click, with prices ranging from fractions of a penny on up. The good news is I know EXACTLY how many times my advertisement was exposed. The bad news is why this case is going to be a big deal. The specifics of the case revolve around this premise:

    "But sometimes mischief makers and scam artists repeatedly click on specific advertising links even though they have no intentions of buying anything. The motives for the malicious activity known as click fraud vary widely, but the net effect is the same: advertisers end up paying for fruitless Web traffic."

    My educated advertising question based on the wording above is as follows: Is my effort to support the Drudge Report by clicking the advertisers on his webpage (that I have little or no interest of ever spending any money with) also fraud? Drudge isn't Google, but he's making something off those clicks. Is there any difference?

    I strongly suspect that the answer to my question is that I am helping Drudge to fraud someone. This $90 million settlement will have a long term impact on how sites are compensated for click thru, and may very will have a dramatic impact on web revenues.

    (There ya go II, something not Iran-Iraq-Hillary-Abortion.)


    Iran Killing Americans

    Is my title an exaggeration? Well, not if the evidence revealed to ABC news is true.
    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Click the link in the title for the source.

    The US Army has intercepted shipments of IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices) on the Iran-Iraq border. Essentially a can with a shaped charged capped with copper. The charge sends molten copper at such velocity that it can even pierce the armor of the M-1 Abramson tank, let alone the armored humbug like the one pictured above.

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Even Richard Clarke (former Terrorist Czar for USA, ABC Consultant) agrees that the evidence is very compelling that "the Iranian government is knowingly killing American Troops."

    The only question I have at this point is what exactly can we do about this?


    Abortion: Legislating Life

    Ten states are challenging Roe V. Wade in their legislatures. Rabid opponents are coming unglued with the prospect of the "Evil Conservative Court put in by King George" will kill abortions in this country.

    A pun that I cannot find funny.

    For those of you who do not know, I aborted my girlfriend's child a decade ago. It cost me $400, my relationship with that girl, and a part of my soul. Many days I find myself wondering what should have been. How that child could have made a family happy just as my adopted daughter has filled my life with sunshine and smiles when my wife could not carry a child.
    Image hosting by Photobucket
    My daughter is a daily reminder that selfishness drives the majority of on demand abortions. That it takes strength and character to carry and place a child that you are unprepared, unable, or unwilling to parent with someone who is desperate for the opportunity.

    Opportunities abound to support the ironic lack of logic in Liberal thinking around abortion. The irony of the Liberal position is that Judges should be allowed to legislate from the bench just as RVW did in the 70's. It's moot to argue against that position, nobody really denies it. The same style liberal judges have gone out of the country to quote "international law" as an effort to support their positions. Ironic because the US is by far the easiest place to get an abortion on demand. International thought is that abortion should not be as easy as drive thru service. Yet these Judges who quote international law (which is a violation of Article III of the Constitution-read it!) seem to overlook that tidbit of fact.

    Another irony of liberals is to be against the death penalty yet for abortion. The lofty position of "not killing innocents" only applies to convicted criminals. As genetic proof of this lack of logic, Virginia is DNA testing all evidence in cases with the death penalty to confirm guilt. Most notably is the Roger Keith Coleman case, where post execution DNA did actually prove he was guilty and should have been executed. Thirty-one people have been exonerated by the DNA, which is good. Last I heard the other 137 were still guilty and the ratio still works out that the courts have been right.

    (In case you are wondering, I'm all for genetic testing of evidence on all convictions. I say if the family chooses to pay for it, great-make it happen. IF exonerated, the state should reimburse the family and release the incarcerated. )

    However I can assure you without a genetic test that the unborn are guilty of nothing.

    The defense of abortion comes down to rape, incest and the life of the mother. To that I respond: if the number of abortions reflects rape, then there are a tremendous number of unreported rapes in New York, NY where the abortion rate is estimated at 50%!

    The lie is abortion seems to be the easy and convenient way because it's too difficult to place for adoption. The truth is abortion is an albatross you carry for decades, mostly emotionally and for some women it creates a permanent physical reminder from damage.

    Chinese Whiners

    The Chinese are taking exception to the Pentagon's recent assessment of military ability and possible motives of the People's Republic.

    Let's review what the largest Communist state has been up to:

    Theft and production of the
  • Aegis,
  • a key defender of Aircraft carrier groups.
    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Refit of the Soviet aircraft carrier, officially to a
  • casino but it's painted grey...

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

    Opening of the new underwater base for
  • submarine operations...

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

    Recent growth in relations between
  • Beijing and Iran.

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

    And there's a link here about more questionable relations between
  • Iran and China.

  • Americans would have to stick their heads in the dirt not to see a potential problem. Why? Because we (the United States) have pledged to support and defend Taiwanese independence and Beijing still calls Taiwan a "rogue state" that they clearly want back. Not to mention new warm and fuzzies with Iran, perhaps the one country that hates the US more than anyone else in the world except Syria.

    I think Shakespeare is the best response: "The lady doth protests too much, methinks."



    A while back I was told two very intriguingly things regarding the Iranian nuclear production facilities.

    The first one being that we (the USA) can find the unique magnetic signatures of such production even if underground.

    The second, the USA can target and remove those underground sources very precisely without using nukes.
    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Apparently this is it: we do have an operational two-stage space plane with weapon delivery capability! One weapon is a kinetic strike weapon known as "Rods from God" because they are essentially heavy hard poles accelerated to high speed and impacted against a target. The energy generated by such a weapon is sufficient to take out even hardened underground targets.

    It's all in the article from Aviation Week linked in the title. Very cool stuff!

    Don't let the term "shelved" fool you. It does actually exist and with a funding authorization can very quickly come back to life.

    Israel: Stupid Move

    ... wait, make that EXTREMELY STUPID MOVE.

    According to the Jane's link in the title; Israel is resuming arms sales to China. I have to scratch my head here, why exactly are they doing this?

    Here is more background on the story:

  • China is not exactly a good friend of the United States. Nor are they all that great of a friend of human rights, religious freedom... and in fact they are great friends with Iran. The one country who has made the elimination of Israel a top political message and a core agenda?

    Will someone please enlighten Israel that by transferring their best defensive military technology to the ally of who is perhaps their most bitter enemy is likely to be a REALLY STUPID THING TO DO! Allies share military hardware! What are they THINKING?

    Somebody make sure to give Jacob Torren this article about how Iran is preparing for a preemptive strike from
  • Israel?

  • Can ANYONE out there tell me I'm wrong? Please! Tell me!


    Hat tip to
  • for pointing out this piece from the NYPOST.

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Blood sells news. You don't have to see a James Bond film to find a zealous media mogul who wants to see a war for revenue. It's an age old technique dating back to Hearst and Pulitzer firing up the Spanish American war for the purpose of making money through increased sales of newspapers.
    If you are too lazy to read, TNT even has a
  • movie version.

  • As my friend Intellectual Insurgent has speculated with me on whether or not history is linear or circular, this is more credence for my circular argument. Events do repeat themselves with core similarities but different players. In the original case, Hearst and Fletcher were forcing politicians to act by promoting a biased look at events. In this case, the liberal media is biasing the events to make Bush a failure in Iraq. Of course the hype increases attention to their media, so the advertisers pay more to be there. Elements are similar in media bias forcing a political outcome involving a contrived war.

    The problem is while America fears a civil war in Iraq, people actually in Iraq are having a hard time finding it.

    My Felix on Oscar

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    We don't watch many movies at the theatre for reasons I've commented on before (lack of polite behavior by others). We don't even have cable or satellite service. It was by accident that I turned on ABC last night (which has terrible reception) and caught these lines from host Jon Stewart that absolutely cracked me up:

    "Tonight is the one day a year when you can see all your favorite stars without donating money to a Democrat."

    ...followed by...

    "You (Hollywood) get to do something you aren't used to doing: casting a vote for a winner."

    I actually snorted I laughed so hard.

    Then later I read that Clooney said something about "Being proud of being out of touch" or something to that effect. I'm not surprised and I personally think we all ultimately benefit if he stays that way.


    Casa De Maryland

    I was listening to the "third most listened to radio talk show in the country: Glen Beck" yesterday and he said that Casa De Maryland, a taxpayer funded organization, was planning to "protest at Minuteman volunteers homes and their kids schools."

    What the heck? I like that particular talk show, but the fact that he is a staunch Mormon makes me question his reasoning and judgment. I exchanged an email with him a long time ago where I asked a few pertinent questions about Mormonism and got slammed as a "Mormon hater" rather than an intelligent answer. Anyway, enough background, back to the story:
    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Well, upon finding the Casa De Maryland site it is in fact a taxpayer funded program to help integrate immigrants into work and society. The problem is that they do not recognize the term "illegal" in their quotient of who is an immigrant. By extension, this violates the key focus of the Minutemen which is on illegal immigration.

    here are links provided by Casa De Maryland on this subject:

    Then I find
  • quoted:

    "Then we are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work," Torres said. "If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant. They are going to hear from us."

    Strange that their own site does not quote their leader threatening the children of minuteman volunteers? Is this not an inappropriate escalation of hostility?

    Apparently the label of illegal means nothing to democrats, at least until it applies to Tom Delay or Dick Cheney?

    Too many thoughts at once on this one!

    The extent of the Minuteman's "HATEFUL RACIST RIGHT WING NUT ANTI-AMERICAN" behavior is to take pictures of the participants and then query the government agencies to see if any of them are in fact illegal aliens. That is, which party is breaking the law and which one has the higher standard to try to enforce the law? If there is any illegal activity by the Minutemen, why not call the police?

    How does one justify such a vigilante attitude against those you consider to be a vigilante?

    The response from this organization is to threaten the children of the minutemen? Why hasn't this made national news? I am currently sending an email to every donor organization listed on their site noting the quote. I can only hope that queries from major donors will have an impact on Mr. Torres behavior.

    WMD 747 Cover Up: Plot Thickens

    Image hosting by Photobucket
    IRAQI AIR 747

    In the beginning of February I wrote about a rumor floating that Iraq had used its own 747's to move WMDs out of the country under the guise of
  • humanitarian relief.

  • Previously I have mentioned my interest in urban legends/folklore. I did specify that my comments were strictly rumor until proven otherwise... we're getting some interesting stuff now:

    This former Iraqi General Georges Sada under Saddam tells Larry Elder the same story, except the humanitarian aide was sent to Syria, not Tibet. Instead of 4 flights it was apparently 56 flights, maybe the number of planes used was 4?

    Very interesting stuff. I wonder when some reporter will get a hold of this and dig deeper?


    Squirrels Are Democrats

    Ever heard the term "something is squirrelly?"

    Meaning: it's a rat with a fluffy tail that moves very erratically?
    Image hosting by Photobucket
    Let's look at squirrelly democrat thinking:

    ACLU: sex between men and boys is ok, but ban the boy scouts.
    Broad application of the 1st Amendment is mandatory, But ban the second Amendment.
    Statistics are wonderful indicators of injustice until they are used in law enforcement
    Clinton as first black president
    I voted against the war before I voted for it (or was it for before against?)
    The Government will spend the money better than YOU will: $900 hammers anyone?
    We are all equal in the eyes of law, but a flat tax would be evil.
    Decreasing the annual increase is a cut in spending.
    Making laws to limit contributions will keep politicians from being corrupted
    Death penalty is evil but abortions are good.
    Two words: Gay Marriage.

    That's why your Squirrel Mommy is a Democrat!