Abortion Doublespeak

There are a great many good topics surrounding the South Dakota legislation to outlaw Abortions.

The issue that leaped off the page and slapped my face was this organization:

South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families

Based on the name, here is my question:
Is this group for the abortion ban?
OR is this group against the abortion ban?

With a name like that, you would think it represented Norman Rockwell and apple pie.
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However the group is an abortion rights coalition-they are pro abortion. Even the most rabid supporters of abortion would say that a dead baby is not the same thing as healthy.

Apparently Planned Parenthood
  • (another nice twisting)
  • has been promoting this idea since inception.

    To my liberal friends I caution you to remember that some animals are more equal than others.
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    Promoting this kind of word and mind twisting lie is going to bite you in the behind some day.