Racist Stupidity In Lousianna

We all know some stupid white kids put up a noose. This made some black kids angry who could not control themselves and had to assault those responsible.

Who would Martin Luther King support in this instance?
Where is the outrage and where should it be?
Who am I angry with?

The outrage is that the legal system is not set up to condemn stupid people for provocation. It is set up to condemn those who cannot control themselves and strike.
The historical references to Rosa Parks sicken me. She was non violent and protested. She along with Dr. King would surely spank those boys for striking another human.

This protest is wrong. Their anger is displaced because it should be against those stupid white kids. If those black kids had acted as intelligent people these rallys would have those white kids tearfully admitting to their failures on national TV and shaking hands with the sainted black boys. Instead, here we are.


I'm angry with the parents of those white kids. However I'm really angry with the black kids who couldn't stop themselves from hitting someone else. I am even more angry with the money hungry NAACP taking a stance that violence is ok because it is an opportunity to fill their coffers.

Prove me wrong.



Ignorance Defence

Whoopi has said some things I really like, and sometimes she is dead wrong. An example of something I liked: "I'm NOT an "African-American" I'm an AMERICAN"

Now she defends Michael Vick's pit bull fighting because apparently "down south them backward types are all like that" you know: stupid and cruel. Ignorant of the "rest of the country" and how they view dogs.

She's dead wrong. She made me so mad I almost broke the outhouse door and slapped my sister who is also my first cousin. Is that the south she is referring to?
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She actually thinks that Michael Vick would look at this picture and think it's ok? That being a hick makes it ok to be cruel? Is that the crux of her argument? Ignorance blinds him to the obvious? Where else can/has that logic been applied Whoopi?

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WMD in UN?

Is a chemical or biological weapon a WMD? Yes. (Leftist crazies will say only nukes are WMDs... of course!)

Did it come from Iraq? At this point all signs say yes.

So the reason we can't find them is because... they were in a filing cabinet in New York city? Who exactly thinks the UN is a competent organization better capable of being a functioning government than our own?

People Really Are Gullible

Clever and crooked people see the countless lemmings out there and have found a new way to milk their collective fears.

Imagine you are in a grocery store. The manager locks the doors and says he is on the phone with a man who is watching the store and there is a bomb. What would you do? Would you take off your clothes in the store? Would you grab a butcher knife and cut off someone's fingers if the guy on the phone said the manager had to tell someone to do this?

Somebody in this article did get nekkid in the store and another almost cut some fingers off.

Get A GRIP people!!! USE your BRAINS! This ain't Spike TV, this is reality!

The unfortunate answer is I believe that people are stupid enough to believe this. You could really do well with this scam in Utah.


Fire up the Resume!

Clearly there is opportunity in my industry for those with deep pockets and a steady stream of referral business. I'm great with applications and getting cusomers on board but having to turn down a 740 score borrower because they have a loan amount that is 95% of the appraised value no reserves is just too much for me to stomach. I can see a 540 being turned down but a 740? What is going on?

For those of you shopping mortgages out there be warned. The ones that are quoting you rates that sound high are not making it up. The ones that are low balling the rate are trying to bait and switch you.

This is a scary time in the business like I have never seen. I know you have seen this:

of course today's response from Vernake? Hold the rate? AAARUGH!!!!

National City SOS

W O W ! !

National City bank has officially suspended all applications and approvals for their Wholesale Equity division. Another one is going down. I say that with some confidence because exactly zero of the companies that have suspended applications recently have been able to start back.

The eye of the hurricane has passed us over and now comes the conforming companies. Conforming meaning fannie-freddie product only. Also means big name banks like National City.

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Foreclosure Stormclouds Nashville

National Association of Reators commercial:
"We don't know enough to know what we don't know" from a customer who says he needed a professional Realtor's help in a real estate transaction. I'm sure you have seen these commercials?

Nothing gets my ire up faster than illogical garbage. Check out this quote from Greater Nashville Association of Realtors:

Local Realtors said the storm clouds have been gathering toward the foreclosure.

“Irresponsible lending” to people who previously wouldn’t have been considered credit-worthy, along with bundling all down payments, closing expenses and other home-buying fees into those loans — on top of the home price — were all warning signs, said Richard Courtney, managing broker for Fridrich & Clark and president of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.

“You could see this coming for some time. This is a result of that type of lending,” said Courtney.

Take a deep breath and ask nicely:
"Mr. Courtney have or have not Realtors been protecting their clients who are ignorant of how the process works in these transactions that you have deemed to be irresponsible? If so, what portion of blame are Realtors to carry if you participate in the closing of these irresponsible loans? Did your member Realtors ever push the lender to close as quickly as possible or give them time to find the best loan program for your clients? Are your members willing to give back that 6% to these clients who trusted you to lead them through the process?"

I think based on the advertising claims of the local and national associations there is at a minimum some explaining to do. At the most Realtors are criminally culpable in the process you are deriding with these quotes.


Imus and Liberal Rascism

Which quote lands someone in hot water?

Quote 1:
"... he only defended Janet Reno because she was attacked by a black guy."
Quote 2:
"...they are a rough looking bunch of nappy-headed hoes."
Quote 3:
"If the Jews want to get it on tell them to pin their yammakas back and come over to my house."

Disgusting slurs in all of those quotes, right? Offensive, right?

I'm not saying these people don't have the right to open their mouths and say something stupid. I'm also not saying I like Imus; point of fact he is a fool and anyone who expects him not to say stuff like this is incapable of learning from history. He gets paid well for having these racist points of view that have been expressed multiple times over the years.

So far only Quote 2 has been forced to be apologized for.

What I am saying is that liberals support of racism is illogical in that they permit Sharpton and Clinton as elected officials to make public racist comments. Yet they get angry when talk show idiots spout off presumably who have previously been given carte blanch to do so in the past?


An Edwards Prayer

Having seen that Ms. Edwards now has a very bad cancer on her bone. I would like to set aside the ideological differences and let them know my family is sending a prayer to his family.



Actually I'm writing about how the gloom and doom of an inconvenient fiction has shocked liberals into a rabid frenzy that is to a point of being incoherent. It's a fact that so far all of us are mortal and will die. Climate change is very unlikely to be the cause of it.

Scientists who study thermodynamics tell us there is no such thing as a global temperature. No kiddin'? That star trek term is real science? You mean 100 billion gallons of sea water and tens of millions of cubic yards of air have a heat enthalpy factor that prevents instantaneous changing of the temperature without massive exchanges of energy? Even a one degree change requires a massive amount of energy for that volume of anything.

NOW do you understand my doubts? I'm not saying roll yourself in pesticides and go swimming in the lake. IE: don't be stupid about chemicals, burning and garbage. I am saying that making us think we are killing our children with this is so outlandish as to be, well, stupid.



Clinton Conspiracy

When is a conspiracy not a conspiracy but actually good truthful reporting? If you are Hillary Clinton then you call the activities of those reporting the questionable activities spiced with marital problems in her relationship with Bill a conspiracy.
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I'd also bet that Hillary says that Nixon and his staff were the conspiracy while Woodward and Bernstein were the good guys because of their reporting?

Am I reading that right? Does that mean that when someone reports the less-than-desirable and possibly felonious facts or truths about a republican that is good reporting ON A CONSPIRACY. IF that report of equally less-than-desirable and possibly felonious facts is done against a democrat then the person reporting is THE CONSPIRACY.

I'll say this for Hillary, she's a very twisted form of consistent. She says firing 93 federal attorneys is "no big deal" when she and Bill did it in 1993. Now that Bush has fired 8 of them it is a scandal?


Time, The Right, And the 4 letter response

Time magazine is not always wrong. Sometimes they hit the nail on the head. To mix my metaphors they have gone further in that I think they might have pinged a home run ball off of the foul post by accident:

The conservative leadership is lacking and we need another Ronald Regan to reign it in.

Do we get conservative leadership out of McCain? On a good day yes. Too bad he doesn't have too many of those. Juliani at best is 50-50 on being a conservative or a true liberal depending on the topic. Don't get me wrong, I am in agreement with both on their strong support for finishing Iraq correctly instead of leaving it half-done.

My response to Time's article is a 4 letter word.
It begins with F.

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As in Fred Thompson. I think he has what it takes to be our conservative voice and to force the party back to what wins elections. What wins are strong conservative ideals. He's more than just the tough DA on law and order, he is an old-school smart conservative. I know that he scares the democrats.