Time, The Right, And the 4 letter response

Time magazine is not always wrong. Sometimes they hit the nail on the head. To mix my metaphors they have gone further in that I think they might have pinged a home run ball off of the foul post by accident:

The conservative leadership is lacking and we need another Ronald Regan to reign it in.

Do we get conservative leadership out of McCain? On a good day yes. Too bad he doesn't have too many of those. Juliani at best is 50-50 on being a conservative or a true liberal depending on the topic. Don't get me wrong, I am in agreement with both on their strong support for finishing Iraq correctly instead of leaving it half-done.

My response to Time's article is a 4 letter word.
It begins with F.

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As in Fred Thompson. I think he has what it takes to be our conservative voice and to force the party back to what wins elections. What wins are strong conservative ideals. He's more than just the tough DA on law and order, he is an old-school smart conservative. I know that he scares the democrats.