Gut Check Time

While having lunch I noted on Fox news the "peace protestor hostages" taken in Iraq.

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While I am sure their objective as
  • "Christian Peacemaker Teams"
  • is one with good intentions, I wonder what they are thinking right now. You have got to think those guys are getting up close and personal with the intended target of our military might is forcing them to reconsider their positions. I wonder if peaceful reasoning with the terrorists is going well?

    I wonder if they will come home alive.

    I do know this, if their hearts belong to Jesus then they have nothing to fear from death. My philosophical dilemma at this point is the difference between Jesus's teachings and the necessary evil of war.


    Add Into CHOICE Thinking

    Make sure when you glorify abortion you mention the stories that happen with surprising regularity in England: 50 babies born alive after abortion procedure (link in title).

    That's almost one per week per year.

    I cannot stomach thinking about this any longer right now so I'll just leave it at that.


    Chitlins and White Sheep Thanksgiving

    As very white transracial adoptive parents we feel encouraged to expose our daughter to elements of half of her culture. Fortunately we have some Black neighbors (their preference of term, not "African-American") who have a daughter close to our daughter's age. Through some neighborly generosity we have gotten to know each other. The wives act like long lost sisters.

    It was that friendship that led "Auntie" to invite us for Thanksgiving with her family.

    Our own families had not made any centralized big plan this year. It is difficult with the passing of the grandmothers who used to bring us all together.

    In Auntie's house we had her three children plus mother, father, sister and nephew; also her husband's father, mother, three aunts, two uncles, as well as other assorted "cousins." At least one of my readers will be cracking up thinking of this "redneck neocon" as the only white guy in the house. Among our guests were a broad range from clinical therapist to "don't work and we don't know how he gets by." There was at least one thug, complete with a grille*.

    *>For those unaware, a grill is not for cooking: it is metallic trim intentionally added to teeth for decoration, just query google for more information

    There was a huge spread of food: Turkey and dressing with homemade giblet gravy, two sweet potato casseroles, squash casserole, bean casserole, collard greens, a baked ham and the ubiquitous can-shaped cranberries beside some home-made looking cranberry sauce. There were at least 7 different desserts; only one was store-bought (and wasn't touched). Two trips got you once through everything because the plates were only 14" across. Unfortunately they also had chitlins. Not the fried kind--boiled in a pot. Chitlins are pig intestines. These smelled like a pot of dirty sweat socks stewing with excrement. Of course, anything you have to clean the previous owner's, um, "leftovers" out of cannot possibly smell good.

    Yes I have eaten chitlins prior to this event. No I do not like them. Yes they likely taste better FRIED than BOILED!

    Now, just because I don't like them and they stink should not let me begrudge the Auntie's husband from his enjoyment of them. Just as I love a well-made sweet-potato casserole (preferably with the caramelized topping but marshmallows are acceptable) and not everybody likes them so he should be able to enjoy his too. Just my preference does not stink up the whole house like a dirty locker room full of post-bean-eating men!

    It smelled worse than the Detroit Lions' playing!

    To wrap it up, we shared stories. We thanked God for our families and blessings. We laughed and stuffed ourselves. We were thankful that the Titans are not playing as badly as the Lions.

    When Auntie's husband gave a ride home to his family they mentioned "those white people were cool." I must say their family was pretty cool too. We had spent the previous two years with friends of my mother and this house was much more warm and friendly than a bunch of single baby-boomers.

    Now I have been invited to their family reunion in Disney World. I'm not sure what to make of it. Maybe Auntie's husband said it best: "Yeah, they are the White Sheep of the Family."

    Feedback Needed

    Does the new font and color make it easier to read? If so, I'll work to flush out the rest of the text to a more "Matrix" themed color code.



    Withdraw Now, or Not?

    Linked in the title is the transcript between Retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Bernard Trainor, who is co-authoring a book on the inside story of the Iraq war, and retired Army Lt. Gen. William Odom, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute.

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    LT. GEN. TRAINOR looking at LT. GEN. ODEN

    With my reading about military history, (NO I HAVEN'T SERVED, OK?) I have found the Marines do some brutal front end work and the army typically cleans up and holds the ground taken. I do realize the interaction is much more complicated than that, and both services perform heroically; however this loose idea serves well here. I was having dinner and getting some PBS time only to hear this exchange on the idea of withdrawl.

    So it is no surprise that the Marine in this dialogue wants to see the mission completed and the Army man wants everyone pulled back and to have groups of Marines ready to send into hot spots. Sure Odom, send the Marines into the ambush!

    Odom also asserts that we have done enough. That to leave now would remove the impetus for the terrorists to attack. The Iraqi people would settle down and deal with their own insurgents and their government would self-stabilize.

    I'm curious if the folks at the Hudson institute have been smoking something. He seems to think that while Iran wanted Saddam out that they won't try to influence what happens if we leave? That Al Qaeda will be run out of town if we leave? Does Odom assume the Iraqis have basic skills like literacy and computer familiarity necessary for today's armed forces to function? Clearly he has not been reading
  • MAJORK'S blog!

  • Fortunately, there was a Marine on the set to call a spade a spade. I think the fact that Lt. General Trainor was on TV is the only thing that made him bite his tongue on his real assessment of the intellectual idiot Odom's point. Trainor did say some very blunt things in a polite way that you can feel his revulsion either for the man or the man's ideas across the table from him. Check out the expression on Trainor's face in the picture above and then read it for yourself!

    To be completely fair, Odom likely does not represent the majority of thought among our Army brass and there may be a Marine General out there who would agree with Odom. Just when PBS gives these two a head-to-head opportunity and Odom seems quite ready to send in Marines it does leave a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it?

    Media Bias

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    Monday, November 22 11:04:45 AM ET this X was repeatedly flashed over VP Cheney as CNN broadcast a live speech.


    For those of you who have not had the benefit of a broadcast class and actual control room time: this sort of thing does not happen by accident. It take someone making a multi-step attempt to get this kind of overlap.


    Bill Clinton version 12.16.1998 beta

    Anytime from now till the future that I speak of our former President I will attempt to place a version number to keep the facts straight. Every day he changed his stance on something from one extreme to the other.

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    CLINTON V 12.16.1998 beta
    Here is the CNN archive of his December 1998 speech on how he ordered US Military forces to "pre-empively and without warning take out Saddam's ability to make weapons of mass destruction."

    That's a tough one to contradict, isn't it? No cut-and paste necessary here.

    Now Bill Clinton version 11.16.2005 beta says "it's a big mistake."

    Um, right. This guy turns directions more than a wind vane... depending on the political wind.


    Muslim Media Watcher

    For those of you who think we can sit down and have a polite dialogue with Muslims let me clue you into what they say on their own television news casts.

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  • The Holocost is a total fabrication:(transcript)

  • Image hosted by Photobucket.com
  • Make Your 3-year old a racist bigot:(transcript)

  • I used to think Captian Planet was extreme in a tree-hugging kind of way until I viewed some of these cartoons on how to become a
  • suicide bomber.

  • To be a true muslim, you must support Jihad. You must support the convert-or-kill policy against Chrsitians. You must set aside love and grace for the blood anyone not of your religion.

    As always, hat tip to DREAD PUNDIT BLUTO for turing me on to this site, his link is in my dirty daily list on the right column.


    Lamenting Abortion and Racism

    A regular commenter, the Intellectual Insurgent has an inspired piece in her blog about our country's battles with racism and the role of government and religion.

    I read it and had to take a step back from the inflammatory part and break down the realities. First I'll give you some of my history:

    I am from what used to be a small town outside of Nashville. I vividly remember riding around town in the 1970's either with my grandfather in his F-100 chewing Super Bubble bubble-gum and pretending to spit out the window like he did as he chewed his King B twist (that's hand rolled-leaf knotted chewing tobacco if you are a Yankee-and they still hand make that here in Tennessee by the way). The same memories also tie into my grandmother's ultra-clean and new green 76 mercury with the vinyl dash that I enjoyed putting my mouth on because it was squishy and she wouldn't let me chew gum.

    We would drive to town and there would be Black people driving in front of us who would do something (fail to show a signal, have broken brake lights or whatever) and my grandparent would say under their breath "Da*n Heathen Ni**rs."

    Being the precocious 3-4 year old I was I went home to mom and asked her what those words meant. When she got over her shock and anger at grandparents she explained that Heathen means they don't believe in God, the first word was a bad curse word, as was the last curse word. I asked her why they called black people the N- word. She said it was because my Grandparents did not know better.

    The funny part was the next time I was in the car and those words came out. I asked "Granny, how do you know they don't go to Church?"

    It was the way it had always been in Tennessee. Their families learned it. Their government was by the people and for the people who thought it was right. Their pastors if not racist themselves did not push the issue in many respects because their jobs depended on racist Elders.

    They really did not know better.

    We all now know that just because things were that way doesn't make them right. Take for example our current view of Abortion. Abortion is easy and legal now and many of you out there would fight to your personal death to defend it. A generation from now might not see it the same way.

    Did that comment provoke a reaction? Abortion is not racism? Ha, the reaction was emotional wasn't it?

    My Grandparents were taught not to trust black people by those they trusted: their parents. It was a culture for them. The culture was perverted from actual Christian truths but none the less practiced by people who called themselves Christian. They thought as strongly that their feelings of racism were as justified as our society's view of abortion.

    The same is happening now with Abortion. Many self-proclaimed Christians believe Abortion is ok because they want to. Nevermind that it pre-supposes one person's rights are greater than another's.

    Isn't that what racism is at it root? That one man is less than another? One woman? One child? Does proclaiming one life less worthy of rights by the law make it so?

    Excellent War/Muslim/US Insight

    Check out the Jonathan Torbin's article from JWR linked above. He puts a reality to what we see and hear connecting France's riots, our country's weak resolve on the war, and our weak resolve against Muslim extremism from a very sobering perspective.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    While I don't always like Specter from PA when it comes to life issues, I think we are both on the same page when it comes to our allies funding terror. Saudi Arabia needs to be held accountable for their two-faced lip service to our interests and back-end funding and support of the radical Muslim way. His bill outlined in this article would have us hold Saudi Arabia responsible for their actions in supporting terrorists.

    This article needs a bigger audience, please help spread the word.

    China Targets USA, Aegis Tech

    Collecting China tidbits to help assemble the picture for the less-informed is a hobby of mine and a mainstay of my blog.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    I've already blogged previously about the Chinese knock-off of our Aegis platform. This super-destroyer is geared for 21st century computerized warfare and is the front line of our carrier groups. The Chinese have a duplicate, US intelligence agencies have known that the plans were stolen for quite some time.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Now we know how they got the specs because the spy ring has been broken. Unfortunately, the Chinese already have some information on the next-generation Aegis dubbed "DDX".


  • Tai Wang Mak and his wife, Fuk Heung Li, rolled their luggage through the lobby of Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

    Ready for 13 hours in the air. Then a 40-minute connection to Guangzhou, in southern China.

    The Alhambra couple had been feeling jittery ... (authorities say because )contained in Fuk Heung Li's luggage: encrypted computer discs to be hand-delivered to the People's Republic of China, the couple's birthplace.

    As Tai Mak, 56, and Fuk Heung Li, 48, waited to board the Cathay Pacific Airways flight, several FBI agents appeared.

    About 25 miles down the freeway, agents bashed through the front door of an aging, single-story, tan-colored home in Downey.

    Floodlights lit up the home of Chi Mak, 65, and his wife, Rebecca Laiwah Chiu, 64.

    Stunned neighbors felt there must be some mistake - that the quiet but friendly couple couldn't be criminals.

    But nearly two weeks later, the two related couples - Chi and Tai Mak are brothers - face federal charges of conspiracy and theft of government property.

    In a still-unfolding investigation, the four are accused of being "foreign intelligence operatives" who stole sensitive documents about U.S. Navy technology from Anaheim defense contractor Power Paragon, Chi Mak's employer."

    There are those out there who think it's ok for China to have parity with our armed forces. To them I reply "At least the USA doesn't use tanks against unarmed students."


    November: Adoption Awareness Month

    Transcript Of testimony I gave Sunday:

    Twelve years and 7 months ago, I did not have a heart for adoption. So I thought of pregnancy as a burden and a problem to be fixed.

    Now as I stand today and see the faces of these children I have a face in the back of my mind that I will never know.

    Ironically, the woman I would marry would be unable to carry a child. Jesus blessed me anyway with a wonderful daughter and I have a beautiful family that is a total joy to me every day.

    You see, when I speak of adoption, I know it from both sides of the argument. I know the pain and the hardship of what seems like the easy choice. I also know the constant joy of the seemingly hard choice that is actually the right one.

    So if any of you out there know of someone or hear of someone who is in trouble. Don't let them go downtown and pay $400 to fix it. Tell them to contact agencies out there who have wonderful families who would beg for an opportunity to parent that child.

    Today I speak to you with a heart for adoption. All of us here have been called into God's family, to call him Father. I have been adopted, and I hope you will be adopted too.

    Thank You.

    The New Yellow Party

    My party, the party of my president... a bunch of ignorant cowards. I am ashamed of my representative Bill Frist.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    History shows us the rebuilding process has traditionally taken a decade: Germany and Japan are excellent examples of allied force rebuilding after war. In those cases there weren't individual insurgents blowing themselves up to try to protest or cause unrest.

    Then we have Iraq and the constant harassment by a small number of anti-American insurgent/terrorists. Now my party's Senate Republicans are cowtowing to the pressure from the terrorists? Why in the good Lord's name would they want to do that? Why set a timetable to leave when stability is the goal and there is not a definitive time when that will be achieved? Sure there are goals but when will they be met?

    Have you read CAPTIAN K and found the lack of basic literacy in their armed forces and general populace? You have to teach them to read and use email before you can build an effective army!

    This article also mentions opening the Federal courts to Gitmo detainees? Why is this even a consideration?

    Is the reason for this because the minority party is yelling about a timetable? Why listen to them? They certainly did NOT listen to you when your party was the minority!

    The definition of stupid is lack of ability, the definition of ignorance is lack of knowledge. Do these Senators not realize that any action seen as supporting the goals of the terrorists emboldens them? Promotes their cause? Do we call these Republican Senators ignorant or stupid? I'd have to say we can't call them ignorant because they do have the ability and the knowledge to know.

    That leaves them as stupid cowards. Cowards because they are bending to liberal pressure. Stupid because they are giving a boost to those who would destroy us.

    Note to Mr. Frist: quit listening to Lamar and get some aides with conservative backbone working for you!


    Only Black if Liberal

    It would appear the inconsistency is the consistent factor when it comes to liberals and race. Only Liberal Blacks are really black. Otherwise the skin is just unnaturally tan on a white guy and it's ok to attack them.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    They let Clinton get away with it when he spoke about Rush defending Janet Reno "Only because she was attacked by a black guy..."

    Now they give Howard Dean a free pass. Anyone care to explain to me how this works? If your ideology doesn't agree, your race doesn't count?

    IF Bush had said what dean said... what would be happening now?

    Let me just clarify that I experience racism every day when I am with my transracially adopted daughter. Racism does not know what one thinks, it only identifies a skin color. I get annoyed when it does happen, but I tend to pity those whose minds are so tiny as to judge by color. Then I hear a liberal slap racism on his sleeve as a badge only to remove it if the person of color happens to be conservative. THAT MAKES ME ANGRY.

    Missing The Point

    "Why isn't there an all-liberal news channel?" was the side topic in a symposium on broadcast news.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Bob Wright, NBC news president says going after lefty audience would be futile.

    Well, not futile like you heard it, but futile because it has been tried. Also futile because THERE IS NO PROFIT IN DOING IT. That's the point!

    Do Liberals listen to the radio and watch TV? Heck yeah they do. Do Liberals play well on the air?
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    The answer courtesy of Air America clearly is no. Some of the most intelligent and talented people (yes, I am complementing Franken and Giraffalo) can't get listeners? How does that work exactly?

    The point is that Liberalism feels good until you have to use your brain to think about it. Radio requires a person to fill in the images. The thought requires can also bring to focus the inconsistencies and lack of logic inherent in the true liberal thoughts. Take these timeless liberal positions for example:

    Outlaw guns.
    Government care.
    Republicans are racist.
    Black Republicans are traitors to their race.
    Equality for everybody but tax the rich.
    Rich: anyone making more than 100k per year.
    Tax home equity.
    The UN is better than the USA.

    Once you start espousing these core ideals to a radio audience you quickly lose credibility as a source of news. There are a few markets where that clap-trap will play, and the distribution map of voting is a nice correlation to where it might work and where it won't. Business is about profits. Air America is lucky to have scraped by and even has taken money designated for a Boys And Girls Club... that they are "repaying" as a "loan". Um-right.

    Wolverine Is REAL?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    In the comic book series about mutants X-MEN, the wolverine has amazing powers of healing. Nothing stops him, not even a bullet to the head, which just slows him down for one minute until his body can push the projectile back out of the hole and seal it back up. That was a very cool scene from X-MEN 2.

    Now this 24 year old Scotsman has gone from being HIV positive to HIV negative without taking any medications?

    WOW! I think we have to take this story with a grain of salt. I'm not saying he has those healing powers like a comic book character... but it is very cool isn't it?

    BTW: I wish I had been a comic book geek, those early X-MEN comics are worth quite a bit today.


    Ken Bruce and the SF Gun Law

    My original rant was about the ban on military recruiters and the gun control laws in San Francisco... and as I wrote I found the (logical, not internet) link to the tragic shooting in Campbell County Tennessee and decided to change the focus to guns and violence from my conservative point of view.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    RINGO: A CHARACTER IN PULP FICTION notes (paraphrase) "I avoid Bars, liquor stores, gas stations, you get your head blown off stickin' up one of them."

    Ban guns: Guns Bad: stop guns. How many gun crimes are committed by law abiding citizens with no previous criminal record? Let's see how this touchy-feely approach of a law to ban guns in San Francisco (as linked in my title) for protection works out. You know, every criminal with a handgun is going to run to the cops and turn it in. I think it's a wonderful idea. In a total absence of logic moronic-anti-constitutional sort of way. Last I heard things still aren't all that safe in DC and Chicago where the gun ban has already been put in place.

    Jee, that Chicago gun law has been around since at least 2002 and how many did the police confiscate in 2004? According to PBS Newshour with Jim Lerher:
  • 10,000
  • .
    That figure makes me think of all the arguments to make pot legal...and how those arguments can be equally applied to guns... but I digress.

    Then we have the tragedy this week from my home state...

    Tennessee Local news: Vice principal Ken Bruce killed by student with a handgun.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    One editorial opinion article from the
  • Atlanta Journal

  • says:"As usual, the Tennessee high school shooting is prompting calls for metal detectors. But the truth is, most students can find a way around a metal detector if they choose, and it certainly can't prevent them from bringing weapons to school parking lots, basketball courts or parks."

    Very well and true. Then again, the existing laws did not prevent the student from bringing the gun onto school grounds either, did they? Exactly how effective were those gun laws against carrying on school property? What may horrify a liberal needs to be asked: IF Mr. Bruce had been REQUIRED TO BE ARMED while on school property as a responsible administrator would that child have brought the gun to kill him? Would that have prevented the tragedy?

    Does having a responsible, trained, law abiding citizen carry a gun make for a more dangerous situation or less dangerous? Airline pilots, school administrators and teachers, and bank tellers should be required to be armed. Period.

    Does a guaranteed unarmed victim make a situation more attractive to a person intent on violating the law? If so, is the converse equally true: does a guaranteed armed victim make a person re-think their intent?

    Which law prevents this tragedy: gun ban or required carry by responsible citizens?

    Interesting Links:
  • Open Fire on Chicago's Gun Law

  • Deterring Gun Carrying in High-Crime Hotspot Areas

  • UChicago Gun Study

  • Criminals circumventing the Chicago gun ban
  • 11.10.2005

    Frist Foozle

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Right now I'm smacking my head and doing a Homer Simpson "DOH".

    Well Libs, YOUR bright side to having Republicans in control is that we don't know how to get our -EXPLICATIVE- together and get things done. Perfect example comes from MY OWN SENATOR BILL FRIST'S OFFICE, complete article linked in title.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Democrats have excellent talking points and research. They go out as a team and say the same thing in front of every microphone they see. What they say is carefully researched to have the highest impact with the voter base. They have goals and leadership at least 80% of the time. Meanwhile Republicans form individual fiefdoms and bicker. A few spineless country-club types even do a total revolt and deserve to be removed from the party all together.

    Unfortunately, the fault falls to Bush as the lead speaker for the party. Reagan kept tighter control by being the first one to the microphone.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    While Reagan is a tough act to follow, he is the standard for a successful Republican president.

    Anyone who can prove me wrong is welcome to try. I'd welcome the argument that Republicans are in lockstep and have the media in their pocket. I wish.


    Cruise To Paris

    Life too boring?
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Take a Carnival EXXXTREME Funship Somali cruise complete with pirate attacks!
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Skeet equipment will be provided to repel boarders, bring your own kevlar vest.

    Then wrap up your cruise with a 30-city tour of insurgency (riots are spontaneous folks) riddled France.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Experience the romantic car-flame lit night on the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy the unique flavor of Fiat-roasted marshmallows. Just make sure you are back before curfew!

    People with heart conditions, high blood pressure and no-sense of humor are advised to take the traditional Cancun-Jamaica package. Be advised that participation in the Exxxtreme Somali-Paris package may void your life insurance policy. Anyone killed during the trip will receive a complementary cruise coupon good for any other similarly priced package.

    On the bright side, the euro is at an
  • all time low
  • making the trip even more affordable!

    Could not resist the joke with a stupid headline like the one linked in the title. It was one of those things makes you say: DUH!

    Healthy Self-Analysis

    You are a

    Social Conservative
    (30% permissive)

    and an...

    Economic Conservative
    (85% permissive)

    You are best described as a:

    Strong Republican

    Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
    Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

    Judge, Catch That Diaper Too

    Now the 9th Circuit Court has decided that Judges, not parents, should determine when sex education is taught to our children. You know, because every child is the same, develops the same and thinks on the same level at each age bracket. Plus each child's household believes the same things.

    Let's review some of the questions asked to these kids:
    "Have you experienced:
    Touching my private parts too much
    Thinking about having sex
    Having sex feelings in my body"

    among others...

    How old do you think the subject children were in this case? 13? Younger
    11? Younger! Seven to Ten year olds!

    Let's walk the logic through to its progression to conclusion:

    Maybe the Judge should determine when my kids should see Chucky movies. We have a 5- year-old in our church Sunday school who says chuck'y is his favorite movie.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Maybe the Judge should determine when the children are ready to ride 2-wheel bicycles. Then my 3 year old would quit asking for the Dora bike.

    Maybe the Judge should come to the house and determine when my girl can get ears pierced and when she can put on makeup.

    Why not? They are saying they have the right to tell me how to parent. I say here, take the child. Wipe their nose, kiss their boo-boos and tuck them into bed. Cradle to the grave takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

    If my kid is healthy emotionally and physically then they have absolutely NO RIGHT to tell ME when to teach my little girl about sex. That's Mommy and Daddy's job, not theirs. Are some parents irresponsible? Sure! But if the kid is not in a life-threatening situation, we can only attempt to provide a positive influence from the outside.

    Make the case that Christians shouldn't be concerned about court nominees now. I'll bet anyone who is a parent is thinking twice about liberal judges doing judicial legislation now. I'd say better late than never, you are welcome to the club.

    Jihadist Cowards

    Check out Dread Pundit Bluto: apparently he has the inside scoop on all the latest terrorist fashions.

    In all seriousness, how difficult must it be for a soldier to identify and shoot terrorists hiding within women and children by adopting their clothing? This cowardly tactic by the terrorists is bound to bring bad consequences and bad press to go with it.

    I'll bet if-or-when a soldier accidently shoots an innocent woman you won't hear that he is forced to anticipate cross-dressing terrorists and made a mistake.


    France's Riot Vs. Insurgency

    Riot: you get a group of people who are angry/excited about a cause or event then mix in A) another group angry back at them for what they want to express
    B) police trying to stop the first angry group from expressing themselves in an unruly way.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    That's how you make a riot. It's quick and ugly. Frustrations are vented and people go home.

  • insurgency:
  • take a group of people who are angry at their local authority. Organize and disperse them among frustrated groups of people in a large area. Attack using any method available. Repeat attacks until goals are met.

    Now is France under day 14 of a riot? Unlikely based on these definitions.

    Kennedy Time Machine

    From meet the Press:

    Teddy "Chappaqua" Kennedy was on Russert's show making statements about how to allow the new supreme court justice Samuel Alito to be approved by the judiciary committee he is on. Teddy expressed concern over "how we arrived at this nominee after Miers" and the "issue of the religious right."
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Apparently this new judge, in spite of previous senate approval (including Ted's vote) for his circuit court spot is too Christian for Ted.

    Nevermind when Russert put Ted's own words from nearly 40 years ago about how "the selection process should not be about agreeing with a persons ideals but whether they can balance the law against the case to make an intelligent judgment."

    Ted's facial expression was absolutely priceless!

    Classic Kennedy reaction: he started choking and coughing as he gave his lame-o response. Ted's response was indicative of his true feelings: something about the situation being different than it was in the 60's when he made that statement. My response was "yeah it's different, Democrats are losing and the court is your only place of strength as liberals! Russert got your goat you two-faced murder, didn't he?"


    BLACK *

    He only looks black, but thinks white. Like an Oreo, black around the outside with a white middle.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    She can't really be black because she's conservative. Only liberals are really black.

    Even a white guy can be black if he's a liberal.

    Three stories in the same day have this theme. Ask me why I have such a hard time with liberals and I'll point you here.

    My next gripe:
    He may be black, but he doesn't think like the rest of
  • "black America."

  • WHAT does that mean? Does that mean that these highly skilled and educated black people don't think right? Does that mean to be black you are either a liberal or a traitor? Does that mean it is wrong for a black person to disagree with those who would portend to represent them?

    Who is the slave, the one who thinks for himself, or the one who answers to the self-proclaimed master?

    Draw some conclusions from these articles. Tell me I'm wrong.