He only looks black, but thinks white. Like an Oreo, black around the outside with a white middle.
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She can't really be black because she's conservative. Only liberals are really black.

Even a white guy can be black if he's a liberal.

Three stories in the same day have this theme. Ask me why I have such a hard time with liberals and I'll point you here.

My next gripe:
He may be black, but he doesn't think like the rest of
  • "black America."

  • WHAT does that mean? Does that mean that these highly skilled and educated black people don't think right? Does that mean to be black you are either a liberal or a traitor? Does that mean it is wrong for a black person to disagree with those who would portend to represent them?

    Who is the slave, the one who thinks for himself, or the one who answers to the self-proclaimed master?

    Draw some conclusions from these articles. Tell me I'm wrong.