Ford Jr's BioDoublespeak

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"What if the next big oil field was right here in Tennessee...I want to make alterative energy sources to reduce our reliance on middle eastern oil..."
"Corker's campaign has sold out to big oil" -Harold Ford Jr.

  • If you don't see the contradiction, permit me to enlighten:

    Pilot Oil's CEO, Jim Haslam is the campaign finance manager for Bob Corker, Ford's republican opponent for the vacant seat from Tennessee in the Senate to replace Bill Frist (R). The accusation from Ford about big oil is a lie because Pilot Oil, a Tennesse based retail chain of gas stations, doesn't buy oil commodities, just refined gasoline (and gas commodities) and diesel for retail consumption. Pilot oil also happens to be one of the largest retailers of alternative fuel in the country!
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  • So, which is it Junior? Are you supportive of alternative fuels or are you against the mid sized companies that are willing to market alternative fuels?

    Is this the first major obfuscation of the truth (pc for "bold faced lie") from Jr.? Hardly! Consider this quote:

    "Excuse my ignorance as I'm just a poor country boy from the south." Harold Ford Jr.

    Actually: Attended private school in Washington DC. Congressman Ford received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1996. He earned a bachelor’s degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. With a pedigree like that it makes me wonder if he uses carpeted suitcases! That guy is about as country as Hillary Clinton!


    Dirty Dems: Target CORKER

    Bob Corker wins the primary nod to be the next Republican senator from Tennessee taking on Harry Ford Jr. (who continues to claim he is not corrupt like his family).
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    Bob was a contractor and land developer prior to politics. Of course that means his job site had illegal immigrants so only an idiot (or democrat)would be shocked at that-but that isn't what I'm looking at today. One of the deals he put together as a private citizen involved a protected piece of watershed/conservation or whatever type property. The wording of the deal included the rights to a road access to an adjacent parcel to the protected piece.

    The "Evil Republican" Corker made a deal with the "Evil Corporation" Wal-Mart to build on the adjacent property. There were the required open forum meetings for the approval. After construction begins Democrat tree-huggers filed a suit that was later dismissed because no portion of the agreement was broken in the deal with the protected property and the Wal-Mart occupied space.

    Now that Corker is fully running for Senate as a Republican, a Democrat Joe Prochaska acting as attorney for the Tennessee Environmental Council and a Chattanooga citizens group files an appeal and gets a new look at the grossly exaggerated issue over this land.

    Just a heads up, it's already been to the State Supreme Court once.

    Is the timing political? The original suit was in 2003 and Prochaska took the helm of the case in 2005. Prochaska's wife has given $500 to Harry Ford Jr's campaign fund (Ahem, Ms. Prochaska would never dream of colluding with her husband against their candidates opponent). Shucks naw, it ain't nuthin political! {fingers crossed behind back}. I smell the south end of a north bound jackass.

    Keep in mind that Harry Ford Jr. says he is not corrupt like his uncle...


    10 Million Women Dead

    The irony of the argument is the pro-choice side that says "Women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies."

    What happens in a culture where human life is not highly valued because of a complex set of reincarnation beliefs if you combine the status of a male child with the technology to predict the sex and abort based on the outcome? The wholesale slaughter of women. Ten million is the estimate in the previous 20 years?

    ""We must end the crime of female foeticide. We must eliminate gender disparity," Singh said in an address to the nation."

    What would those women have done? What difference would they have made? What about their rights with their bodies?
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    DAY 56

    I am torn by this article. Torn because of the joy of hearing truth from the lips of a leader of a country. The frustration that is still there because of the ongoing slaughter and blatant turning of heads to ignore the facts. Frustrated because you won't hear this major proclamation on your nightly news cast because it doesn't fit the left leaning media's program.

    McKinney: Buy A Mirror

    Cynthia "Cop-Slugger" McKinney is spouting off again. It's the fault of the electronic voting machines that she lost. It's the fault of the media that she lost. It's the brain-dead black politic (sorry, she said "comatose" which isn't brain dead but by her usage is essentially saying they are asleep) that she lost.

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    Hey Slugger, buy a mirror. Maybe it's because you are a violent, self-absorbed, fruitloop.

    Something else that bothers me: why isn't it your fault Cynthia? Why is there no personal responsibility in this matter? I think that the tone of your post-loss rhetoric says more about the issues of your community than the actual vote does. I think you should take responsibility and show leadership. Admit your faults and find the strength there. Focus on what you can do for you, not what someone else has done against you to make you who you are.

    We who live outside of your district teach our children these lessons. Maybe you should grow up and accept responsibility too.




    I my astounding efforts to avoid minimum-wage-dom I have managed to land in a company only to have the entire staff -including the guy who hired me- quit!?!

    In case you are wondering it is a mortgage company. There was some shakeup at the time I came on. The underwriting department essentially "crashed" and quit approving anything. Shortly thereafter all of the existing loan officers quit and the team manager, except me!

    Um, yeah, got a first class ticket on the Titanic!

    Other opportunities are out there. Prayers for my search are greatly appreciated! The local Mapco c-store is still hiring for $10 per hour and I'm giving it serious consideration at this point! Well, maybe a little serious but I don't speak enough spanish for that neighborhood. Espanola un poco, uh, only.


    Election Question: TENNESSEE

    The question really isn't who will run against pretty-boy Harry Ford Jr. for the open seat from Tennessee. The question is can enough voters turn out to keep the "Ford Political Machine" from rigging the election.

    Bryant, VanHillary and yes I'd even vote for Bob Corker before I'd see a Ford in office. Personally I voted for Bryant as did most people I know.

    Too bad I'm too busy to spend more time focusing some attention on this. Hopefully I'll be able to shed some more light on my personal anybody but Ford campaign in the near future.


    I VOTED!

    I voted today!
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    I have a decent clue what is going on. I stay informed. I exercised my rights with a respect for the process by knowing the issues and the decisions before me!

    With that said, do not dare go out and disrespect the process by being an imbecile who doesn't know the name of the Governor or what position the person you are voting against will even hold!

    In this case for the most part the decision was "who will run against the other party to get a shot at that position" vote. If you didn't already know that, maybe it's good you didn't vote!

    If you have bought a bumper sticker that says "I miss Clinton" then you should be blocked from coming near a voting booth!

    "I Miss Clinton" stickers...

    So you went and paid good minimum wage earned money to put the sticker on your car "I miss Bill Clinton" or some variation thereof.
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    Shall we review what you think you miss?

    You miss a boss who takes advantage of his female subordinates. There is good evidence he went as far as being a rapist and threatened to kill those who would expose him.

    You miss a lawyer who perjured himself in front of a Federal Judge.

    You miss the 31 people who died in "very mysterious circumstances" who were associated with the Clintons.

    There is much much more here with tons of links at the
  • Clinton Legacy.

  • You know who else misses Clinton with you?

    Osama Bin Laden misses Bill Clinton too. After all, Clinton did turn down an opportunity to have him extradited to the US when he was in custody pre 9-11. Bin Laden also claims that the weak responses were the reason he was bold to attack the WTC.

    So, what does having this sticker say about you?