IF Dems Won...

It may sound odd but if the democrats win it is a gain for the Republicans as much if the Republicans win.

Why would I ever say such blasphemy?

Well, take a look at who stands to come into power:

Nancy Pellosi -Speaker
Charlie Rangle -Ways and Means (think $$)
Harry Reid -judicial(?)

The tax-spend-and-crush-traditional-morals crowd just went jubilant, moderates just took antacid while conservative democrats are popping Notre pills and gripping their left arm.

Give this country 2 years of these certified and certifiable left wing "radical liberals" and you will virtually usher in a Republican president, house and senate in 2008. Assuming of course we aren't all praising Allah in those 24 months.

Hey, they could raise taxes on everything but I doubt... No make that cringe to think that the democrats could actually spend more than my supposedly conservative Republicans have managed to do in the past 6 years.

The good news is that it looks like pretty boy Ford is running behind Corker so at least Tennessee's Senate slot seems to be going the right direction. See what else is going on
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  • 9.28.2006

    To Vote Democrat

    WHAT must you believe to vote democrat in the upcoming election?

    That high gas prices are Bush's fault but he had nothing to do with low prices.

    That the agencies involved in creating our intelligence were liars and deceptive prior to the Iraq war but exactly right on the recent release.

    That nothing has been done to help Medicare prescription plan elderly citizens even though 75% are very satisfied with their new coverage.

    That being in Iraq makes more terrorists and having left Saddam in power would have made the world a safer place.

    That if we weren't in Iraq there wouldn't be terrorists.

    That if we weren't in Iraq, those insurgents would not be in the USA attempting to attack us rather would be herding goats.

    That we can negotiate with people whose sole goal is to see us worship Allah or kill us if we refuse, and who aren't afraid to die trying.

    That we should remove the Patriot Act in spite of the fact that the act does what the 911 commission says we should have done to prevent that attack.

    That Democrats would be good at handling Middle East policy, like Jimmy Carter!

    That all Americans are being illegally wiretapped. Not just the ones making & receiving overseas calls from known terrorist operatives or states.

    That the military force is made up of drafted poor children and not by an all volunteer force that is disporportionately represented by the sons and daughters of
    elected officials. (Expressed as a percentage of elected officials with serving children versus percentage of non-elected general population parents with serving children).

    That Clinton was serious about getting Bin Laden and never said that the first WTC attack was a "local law enforcement problem."

    That judges should tell us what the law should say rather than applying it as written.

    That after being born it's ok to become pro-choice since it's someone else's life.


    And for Tennessee:
    That Harold Ford Jr. can attack the largest company retailing biodiesel as "big oil" (Jimmy Haslam, Pilot Gas Stations & Corkers Campaign Financial Manager) and be supportive of marketing biodiesel.

    That there were any major construction projects in Tennessee in the 80's and 90's that did not have illegal immigrants working there.

    That Ford can vote against Anwar drilling and support ending our dependence on foreign oil.

    That Ford who went to law school in Pennsylvania and private schools in DC is a good ole country boy.

    That Ford being a big buddy with Bush on Iraq is ok but that the Democratic party canned Lieberman for doing exactly the same thing is ok.


    Chopsticks in the Keyhole

    What is the motive for having the abiltiy to blind the sattelites of the USA?

    If you are China, let's just consider that maybe the motive isn't a warm and fuzzy one.

    Consider the amounts of money spent to make this possible and add that into the theft of the Aegis system (check my site, it's a missile defense platform for carrier fleets). Consider the thefts of nuclear warhead tech and the theft of intercontinental ballistic missile data by China. Consider the remodeled Russian carrier that the Chinese claim will be a floating casino.

    Consider China's partnership with Iran.

    Consider China's position on Taiwan and our clear support of that fellow Democracy.

    Take all those points into account and tell me what their motive is.


    Pro-Life Head in Sand

    As a conservative and personal pro-life supporter I often find extreme asinine frustration with the official pro-life political machine. A prime example of this is Corker versus Ford in Tennessee for Senate.

    What they say is that Corker (the Republican candidate) is not firm on being pro life. His opponent Ford is clearly pro-choice as is the standard mantra in the black portion of the pseudo-Christian democratic south**.

    Because of this question they "refuse to support or campaign for Corker."

    My question to the pro-life political machine is this: of the two parties which is more in your camp? Clearly the Republicans are more likely to be pro-life than the liberal controlled democratic party. IF you support republicans you are helping the majority go to the party more likely in your camp even if the particular individual is mildly pro-life or not promoting the overturn of Roe.

    That support of Republicans gets nominations to the judiciary more strength of passage with more votes. The judiciary is the battleground for this war and is where we need to focus the fight. Granted you cannot guarantee choices in the judiciary, but at least you can more likely get the candidates that would be favorable to a conservative position.

    That's about the only goal that is truly attainable: a conservative judiciary.

    **(a completely different topic very worthy of discussion)


    Clooney, UN, Darfur

    It is a good thing to see Clooney addressing the genocide in Darfur before the UN Security Council.

    My question is what result does he expect?

    First, the people in danger are within their own country and under attack from portions of their own government. That severly limits the UN's "ability to act". {The term in quotes is so because the "ablility of the UN to act" is virtually a joke that everyone seems to recognize or get except for liberals.} If those being persecuted were outside their own borders then the UN has more power to act.

    Assuming that there would be a will to act is the greater falsehood.


    September 12th

    Here is the question I pose to the anti-Bush crowd:

    Let's roll back the clock to September 12 2001. Say Gore is president. What do you propose or suggest that he would do? What would you have him do?
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    It is a difficult question.

    Say it this way: what would YOU do?

    What our President did was take the information he had in hand and make decisions. One of those decisions was to trash the ineffective previous policies of the United States when it came to the Middle East. The policies of Reagan, Bush, Clinton... were wrong and clearly did not work. It was time to lay aside the fear of destabilizing the Middle East in favor of pushing the tool we know works: a democratic state. The first mistake Bush's father made was to not remove Saddam and/or support the Kurds when he had the chance.

    Wars do not stop despotism. They only give the populace a chance to effect change.

    That statement lends a question: Is the insurgency a huge part of the Iraqi populace or a small fraction making big news?

    I would hate to fry the circuits of those who still try to tune into Air America with too many questions. Let's see if I get any good responses.


    BYU Physics Nut?

    Forgive my blunt statement but that's an unnecessary repetition. Dr. Stephen Jones, physics professor, asserts that the govmint' pre-positioned explosives in the WTC to make it fall so BYU puts him on leave. Check out the article linked in the title.

    It's a good idea to question that guy's nonsense because it was a nutty thing he wrote. Now let's issue some challenges to the rest of BYU's Mormon faith based institution:

    1) Show me the golden tablets. Grab a digital camera and snap a picture.
    2) IF you cannot for some obscure faith reason show any photographic representation of those, Google Map the locations of the miracles cited in your text that happened in the 1800's while the group was traveling.
    3) Reconcile Joe Smith's assertion that the "Bible is completely true" with Galatians 1:8 and Joe's vision.
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  • Galatians 1:8
  • 8But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

    Any good believer should be able to answer #2 & #3 from his computer. I have yet to find one that can or will give me a straight answer on it.


    Hitler At The UN

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    Read the Sun article linked in the title. 'Nuff said.

    FOUND: Bubba's Legacy!

    There were many searches for the truth in the 90's. One of them was OJ's search for his wife's killer (apparently not involving mirrors). The other individual who was involved in major searches was Bubba Clinton.
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    His search ostensibly was for his core values and the legacy of his presidency. ABC seems to have found a major clue in a new movie.

    "The Path to 9/11" puts a factual focus on the decisions, actions and lack of action of the United States under Clinton to terrorist operations. Those operations include the USS Cole, Embassy bombings and the first car bomb attack on the WTC.

    I wonder if wacky Cindy Sheehan realizes that if Clinton had handled these events with a firm hand that would have merited respect and fear in the hearts of terrorists that her son might still be alive?
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    Should the "radical lefties" consider that Clinton not only turned down several opportunities to apprehend Bin Laden but also bolstered the terrorist leader's confidence?

    What do you say leftie bloggers? Is there truth in my statements or are you going to continue to define the word "is"?


    Crocodile Hunter No More

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    As you might have expected with his exuberance around deadly creatures his luck finally ran out. I think we are all at a loss after this encounter with a stingray (of all things? I mean the guy wrestled with Crocodiles and poisonous snakes all his life and gets taken out by a fish?).

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    Please say a prayer for Terri and the rest of his organization.