To Vote Democrat

WHAT must you believe to vote democrat in the upcoming election?

That high gas prices are Bush's fault but he had nothing to do with low prices.

That the agencies involved in creating our intelligence were liars and deceptive prior to the Iraq war but exactly right on the recent release.

That nothing has been done to help Medicare prescription plan elderly citizens even though 75% are very satisfied with their new coverage.

That being in Iraq makes more terrorists and having left Saddam in power would have made the world a safer place.

That if we weren't in Iraq there wouldn't be terrorists.

That if we weren't in Iraq, those insurgents would not be in the USA attempting to attack us rather would be herding goats.

That we can negotiate with people whose sole goal is to see us worship Allah or kill us if we refuse, and who aren't afraid to die trying.

That we should remove the Patriot Act in spite of the fact that the act does what the 911 commission says we should have done to prevent that attack.

That Democrats would be good at handling Middle East policy, like Jimmy Carter!

That all Americans are being illegally wiretapped. Not just the ones making & receiving overseas calls from known terrorist operatives or states.

That the military force is made up of drafted poor children and not by an all volunteer force that is disporportionately represented by the sons and daughters of
elected officials. (Expressed as a percentage of elected officials with serving children versus percentage of non-elected general population parents with serving children).

That Clinton was serious about getting Bin Laden and never said that the first WTC attack was a "local law enforcement problem."

That judges should tell us what the law should say rather than applying it as written.

That after being born it's ok to become pro-choice since it's someone else's life.


And for Tennessee:
That Harold Ford Jr. can attack the largest company retailing biodiesel as "big oil" (Jimmy Haslam, Pilot Gas Stations & Corkers Campaign Financial Manager) and be supportive of marketing biodiesel.

That there were any major construction projects in Tennessee in the 80's and 90's that did not have illegal immigrants working there.

That Ford can vote against Anwar drilling and support ending our dependence on foreign oil.

That Ford who went to law school in Pennsylvania and private schools in DC is a good ole country boy.

That Ford being a big buddy with Bush on Iraq is ok but that the Democratic party canned Lieberman for doing exactly the same thing is ok.