What does being a good neighbor and a good citizen get you? A huge inconvenience!

On a recent Saturday (of a 3 day weekend) after a snowstorm it was about 5:15 pm and the outside temp was 26 degrees (F). It snowed a whole inch that morning which is a dire emergency for us southerners so we don't go anywhere except to panic buy milk and bread.

The dogs were going nuts in the front room. I went to check outside my front door expecting a single squirrel or cat in the yard and noticed the guy loading up a car with building materials from my soon-to-be new neighbor's house.

I had met my neighbor and he was building the house himself with his sons helping. Nice people.

This guy was definitely not one of the sons. It would also be considered extremely unlikely to find a contractor outside considering it was Saturday, nearly past sunset and temperature? Plus there was something in the way he was flinging the materials instead of merely loading, I smelled a rat.

It took about one second for me to process what was going on.

First, I yelled at my wife that I needed the phone "RIGHT NOW" and she hung up with her friend. Then I called my local police department and told them I was witnessing a theft in progress of construction materials. The operator got the necessary information and indicated someone was on the way.

I went onto my front porch with my crossman 760 air rifle/BB gun, a present from dad for my 7th birthday (which has previously killed two birds, and one window as a young hoodlum, and more recently averted wandering dogs from eating my wife's cats). Keep in mind I could have pulled out the Sears shot gun so the air rifle is tame in comparison.

In hindsight, the air rifle was a stupid choice. I should have backed my truck in front of his car and blocked him in until the police arrived.

Anyway, I shot a couple of bb's at the guy. He looked up and spoke very nicely: "Sir, I got permission to be here. My Pa asked me to move these to another job site."

Let me ask you: if someone is shooting a pellet gun at you, do you stop and say something nice or do you yell at them and duck and cover? Or do most rednecks run toward the guy and try to beat the heck out of him (me)?

I told him I didn't believe him. He again asserted that he was moving these for his boss. Wait, I thought he said Pa just a moment ago?

So I yelled back "I don't' believe you, but you can explain it to the cops. They're already on the way."

He stopped in mid turn and flung the roofing shingles in his hands down on the gravel. He slammed the trunk on the dodge coupe and jumped into the car. They peeled out down the road.

A moment later the police went cruising by. My wife was on the phone telling the operator which way the car went. I got in my truck and went in the same direction (at the speed limit) until I found where they were pulled over.

The cop asked me if I shot at him. I sheepishly responded "Yeah, with my BB gun." He shook his head and said "Let's don't do that anymore."

Now I have a summons to go to court. I'll have to admit to my immature BB gun stunt but I'll have the pleasure of telling the judge what I saw. Apparently this guy has been caught twice before stealing from job sites and will do jail time. If I had to do it all over again, I'd shoot him with our camera instead!


As the Iranians Enrich

The soap opera continues...
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As predicted by anybody with sense enough to think, Iran has left the table on the Russian offer to enrich for them.

So, to the naysayers who think that Iran "deserves" to have a nuke I ask the question:
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  • They volunteered not to have nukes. Nobody forced them to sign this promise.

    So, if they pledged to let the existing countries have them and not add to the problem, why now is it ok to disregard their earlier promise and continue a program of weaponization of uranium? Which, of course, they

  • Special Note: North Korea and Israel did NOT sign this treaty. So, in effect Iran is bringing this scrutiny on itself by its own actions.

  • Another Good Article from the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Dubai-ous Port Deal

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    My president's people have now done something which at first blush I consider to be cardinally stupid. A British company that has been running six U.S. ports is about to be taken over by Dubai Ports World, a state-owned business in the United Arab Emirates. The very notion of turning over control of one major port, let alone a half-dozen of them to an Arab country's control is... unthinkable.

    Yet the ink is dry and the deal is almost closed?

    Why is it unthinkable? You might ask.

    Well, the ports are a bigger weak point than our borders. Our borders can allow individuals and sometimes small quantities of cargo across. Our ports see literally tens of thousands of cargo containers per day with very little oversight. To have a foreign country where individuals are much more likely to be of a like mind to our terrorist enemies have control over this weak point is short sighted. All it takes is a few individuals in the middle management of the UAE owned company to facilitate the smuggling a container of WMDs through a major port and have it trucked anywhere in this country.

    Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Chief says they have made an extensive investigation and verified that security would not be at stake. I must say to in deference to Mr. Chertoff that I would feel more comfortable if no foreign entity owned the port.

    Then the realization hits me and I must admit that the Dubai company can rent office space in Delaware with a secretary and a phone line. That would be all it takes to incorporate in the USA and operate through a shell company. Plus my fears of a cargo container being smuggled through by some middle management guy or by a couple of paid off laborers could happen no matter who ownes the port. Or just not pay anyone and smuggle the stuff through and take your chances. It isn't likely to get caught with the ratio of inspectors to containers.

    It is so easy to get sucked in by the media spin. They are almost right, but they omit a great deal of the truth along the way. I got sucked in for at least 24 hours before I sat and thought it through.


    Gumble Fumble Again

    I've never really liked Bryant Gumble, and never understood why networks give him money to be on the air.
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    Now he makes a commentary about the Winter Olympics looking like a GOP convention due to the absence of black athletes.

    Let's look at the entire picture of ethnic and political bias painted here. The implication is from Gumble that the GOP is exclusively a white boy club. I am quite sure that Condoleeza would say differently along with the broad selection of non-white leaders appointed by W.

    Next, Late Night host Dave Letterman was interviewing Charles Barkley about winter games that aired on 2/15/2006.
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    Barkley put it best "Black people don't like cold!"
    Duh! Somebody rent Cool Runnings for Gumble to catch up on what many people of color typically think of winter and winter sports.

    I guess as far as his comments about the GOP, I doubt anyone gives Gumble's politics any credit... but then again, I also think that about Al Gore and look how many votes he got.


    Like Uranium Through The Enrichment

    These are the Days of Our Iranian Nuke soap opera.

    Since we get snippets each day from different sources, here is an overview that is at best scary:

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  • Russian Offer to Enrich for Iran
  • So if they refuse to accept, what can we think they really want?

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  • Mermi: Iran Claims Right to Nukes
  • Yeah, and just because my toddler wants to drive my truck doesn't mean I should give her the keys.

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  • Jane's Iran increasing surface to air missile production

  • While the left hand is waiving around the right hand is behind the back drawing the gun.

    I'll go out on a limb and say that the Russian offer to enrich will be denied. The only reason for Iran to refuse the Russian offer is if they plan on weaponizing uranium. The rationale for my conclusion is in these stories linked above. I don't think anybody wants Iran to have a nuke, but Iran sure wants one and they aren't hiding their intentions very well.


    Clinton's Backseat

    Not him, the other one, the "real" president of the two Clinton politicos?

    Hillary is out attacking W for not getting Osama Bin Laden. Saying that the Democrats are not as weak on terror as the Republicans are painting them.
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    "Saying she takes "a backseat to nobody when it comes to fighting terrorism," Clinton accused the White House of portraying critics of Iraq and Afghanistan policy as comforting the enemy."

    I seem to recall a decision about having Bin Laden in custody and Clinton said to let him go??? I think Hillary needs to be more worried about what's in the closet than what's in the back seat!

    From the Clinton closet, Bin Laden shoebox (neither company is exactly Bush friendly):
  • LA Times article about Sudan offer

  • NBC report, Clinton Missed Opp, with video

  • Another one from a more "biased" source:
  • National Review
  • Dean's Delusions of Iran

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    This morning on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA, Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean attacked President Bush for turning the United States into Iran.

    Dean: "All we ask is that we not turn into a country like Iran where the President can do anything he wants."

    Since I don't watch GMA a big thanks to Matt Drudge for putting this on his report!!

    Another big thanks for the Democrats allowing Dean to continue to lead!

    Christian Blood

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    At least six Christians are dead, including an infant girl, and another five injured after suspected militant Muslims opened fire on a group of Christian families in the predominantly Muslim island of Jolo in the Philippines. At least five gunmen, believed to be from the militant organization Abu Sayyaf, went door-to-door in the village of Patikul and asked the residents if they were Christians. If the residents confessed faith in Christ, the militants opened fire.

    Those killed were identified as Itting Pontilla (45), Emma Casipong (16), Melanie Patinga (9 months), Selma Patinga and Pedro Casipong. Abu Sayyaf ("Bearer of the Sword") is a militant Muslim guerrilla organization associated with the al-Qaeda network and has been operating in the southern Philippines since 1991. They have been blamed for a series of bombings, kidnappings and murders, mostly targeted at Christians and foreigners.

    Based on accepted techniques of confirmation, this information is believed to be credible because of the full proper names of the victims and the history of the guerrilla organization.

    I continue to be firm in my stance that Muhammad was misled by false angels (Galatians 1:8) and that Islam is a perversion of the truth of who God is. Some may say the riots over the editorial cartoons was from local social oppression (a weak argument when applied to multiple countries) rather than religion. The blood of this 9 month old girl in the Philippines says otherwise.

    Here is more:
  • Jailed For Preaching

  • Comprehensive list for past 6 months
  • Unintended Visionary Consequences

    I've been pondering the passing of Betty Friedan, the woman who is heralded with the burden/honor of having founded NOW and NARAL.
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    Organizations that have loudly promoted very questionable ideals (I'm being polite with questionable when I want to say "monumentally moronic" regarding some proclamations). Most of the news I saw was either from the glory hero worship from the left or the hammering she got from my conservative heros.

    Now we have this little JWR article by Suzanne Fields (LINKED IN TITLE) that does present a balanced argument on the legacy of Friedan. While yes Friedan was a bit of a nutcase extremist in the battle against the "concentration camp of the 50's housewife"-yes, she literally made that metaphor- her actions did make a positive change.

    Unfortunately not all the changes were intended, and Suzanne did a great job of explaining that about how Betty matured and the impact on her legacy.

    When I wrote of Dr. King and how his legacy has not matured, I draw my conclusion directly from a visionary like Friedan who did live to see the maturation of her efforts. Friedan went from a rabid feminist icon of the 50's to seeing how her movement was 90 degrees off direction from where she intended it to go three decades later. Friedan wrote in her 80's book "The Second Stage" against the "lesbian feminists" who wanted to "ignore a woman's emotional needs" of family.

    Betty was a wife and mother, maybe not a very good one as reported by NPR that she "claimed to not know how to cook and sent her kids off to school from her mansion in a cab". While a distorted motherhood, she did at some later point realize that motherhood was important. Family was important. A view that does not easily fit the mold of the professional woman espoused in the core of feminism. The core of feminism that she herself was a founding member of. Something that was too extreme even for her tastes, as wisdom had polished her edges over time.

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    This is exactly the kind of reaction against the movement I would expect from a man like Dr. King had he survived as long as his wife did. I just cannot see someone that intelligent continuing to embrace every aspect of thought in the realities of change. Betty did grow and change, and I don't think she was as visionary, intelligent or wise as MLK.


    So Much For Playing Together

    We all agree Dr. King was an iconic visionary, a crusader for change.
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    King's message of one people as children of God was obviously buried long before his wife passed recently. It seems that those who would call themselves the banner carriers of the King legacy have resorted to racial divides rather than unity.

    During their time in front of the cameras talking about the legacy of Corretta Scott King the religious leaders who spoke chose to divide.
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    They chose to stir the animosity in parts of the black culture and thrust it into the face of the President sitting 10 feet away. They chose to make political hay as a slap in the face of a man who has liberated millions from tyranny and given them an opportunity to rule themselves.

    Dr. King preached equality and peace. He preached brotherhood and love. He understood that once all peoples accept that we are all created equal by God that the result would we begin to love each other. Yes, it is true that Dr. King used the pulpit to preach against the war in Vietnam. Based on what King said about Vietnam, it is likely he would also have preached against the war in Iraq, with an emphasis on how the poorest sons and daughters were dying there.

    Would he also have preached about how the money spent in the war could be better spent here? Likely, yes. That is, assuming his views did not in any way change over time.

    One must speculate that if Dr. King had gained the wisdom of experience as he aged (if he had lived) that the freedom from tyranny of Saddam is a benefit that he would have supported? What about for the Afghan peoples? While he definitely was anti-war he was concerned for the future of the peoples involved in both sides of conflicts of his time.

    One would also speculate that a man of vision like Dr. King most definitely would have grown to realize how the wealth distribution creates a cycle of dependency in the poorest peoples. How the "great experiment" as he called it had failed so spectacularly in its trillion dollar effort to overcome poverty.

    Those who carry his banner do so under the same premonitions of the 1960s. I cannot help that Dr. King's visionary ideals would have evolved and grown over the decades and would in fact be alien to what we hear from those under the banner of his efforts today. It is a curious supposition that is beyond the liberal to even speculate, let alone comprehend. After all, it's usually the Liberals who separate us into groups whereas the conservatives (such as myself) tend to view everyone as equal.

    So much for the dream of us all playing together as equals. I practice King's dream in my house with my family and friends, do you?

    Sheehan: Useful As A Flake

    ... but most certainly NOT WANTED as a candidate nor competition! Read Boxer talking about Sheehan running for Feinstein's seat in the next (re-)election campaign by clicking the link in the title.
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    Jee Cindy, what do you think of your so-called allies now? It sure looks to me like they only want you as a kook on TV that they can have their picture taken with. They don't really think you are capable of playing in the big leagues.

    Target: Iran Nuke Program

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    The Washington Post article linked in the title is full of speculation and "dead ends" on the data of an Iranian nuke program. Paper trail? Apparently the USA doesn't need a paper trail! I'll explain:

    In speaking with someone who actually knows what they are talking about, whom I am not at liberty to reveal, it is not possible to hide a nuke program.

    Apparently there are "universal magnetic signatures" that surround the enrichment process. These signatures cannot be masked or hidden from US surveillance. Measurement of these signatures reveals locations and can even interpretate quantity

    That same source claims there is a new precision weapon that has not previously been used. One capable of not only hitting the exact portions of the manufacture process (down to the inch) but also capable of destroying hardened targets underground.

    Hey, I'm just a country boy from Tennessee. What could I possibly know about precision weapons? (For liberals reading this, Oak Ridge is in Tennessee, look it up).


    HOLOCAUST never happened?

    Tenured Northwestern university professor Arthur Butz claims the holocaust never happened.

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    I've visited this ivy league school back when I was seriously considering the MBA program. It's a beautiful campus with a fantastic reputation. Until this guy spouted off this line of crap. Let him know what you think!

  • Here's his contact information:

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    Arthur Butz
    Associate Professor

    Room: CG51
    Telephone: (847) 491-3269
    E-mail: butz@ece.northwestern.edu

    Personal Website:


    The fun thing about a blog is you can write stuff like this and people don't expect you to be accurate. Quite frankly, I don't think it is accurate at this point because I have no names and only vague descriptions. Therefore I'm reporting from a folklorist hobby perspective.

    No source yet, currently being investigated. As of now consider this BELOW the "Drudge worthy" threshold:
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    IRAQI AIR 747
    Iraqi nukes hidden on four 747s and flown to Tibet under the guise of "humanitarian relief for earthquake victims" ...? According to a "captured Iraqi General" before the invasion of Iraq by coalition forces.

    When investigated against known or typical elements of folklore we find it does not fit the mold in the number of planes being four. Folklore is more likely be a prime number 3,5 or 7.

    Government deception is present with a ludicrous "Iraqi humanitarian mission" that does not show up anywhere on any search. The lack of proper names is also troubling. Also the timeline of the rumor does not fit as coalition forces invaded 2 years ago? However there was a major quake in November 2003 in Tibet that could have been in line with the ruse for humanitarian aid.

    My conclusion at this point is the story is very weak without some kind of confirmation of 747's in Tibet with nukes?



    ...Over NBC's continued sacrilege of their beloved Jesus in the proposed episode of Will And Grace featuring Brittany Spears and a cooking show called
  • "Crucifixins".

  • Image hosting by Photobucket
    Mobs of angry christians burned the burbank NBC facility. News pundits are quick to point out that Fox has been using that term for a decade on the Simpsons and Arrested Development. However most Christians commented that the conservative news channel gives Fox the grace and benefit of the doubt on their entertainment side.

    Wait, that's not entirely right! That photo is actually a Danish Embassy being torched by angry Muslim crowd over political cartoons done in bad taste representing Muhammed as a terrorist. Christians get angry and send emails to each other when something is done in bad taste. They boycott products and get their point across. Then you have muslim reactions? Nobody has died yet in Christian riots about sacrilege. Cannot say the same for those
  • peaceful and loving muslims.

  • I suppose a good analagy is that you hear about gunfights and
  • dead body guards
  • on the set of a rapper video but never on a country music video set?
    Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket
    Busta Rhymes has an opening now in his body guard unit thanks to a bullet. Leanne Rimes still seems to keep her entourage out of triage. The true underbelly of peace or violence comes out no matter how well hidden. Much the same as the hatred preached in rap music has resulted in violence, Islam's truths are being advertised in flames and death right now.


    Pains of Free Expression

    This morning I was checking up on DRUDGE REPORT and caught a headline about a 22 year old being arrested at a Taco Bell for using "a racial epithet" when she became angry about slow service. While I don't like name calling as much as I despise poor service, she has the right to express herself even if it is hostile. IF she crosses the line to assault that is a different story. I'm not sure if she deserves to be arrested or just arrested and then later acquitted.

    Next we have this:
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  • Osama as Jesus?

  • This particular picture is on exhibit in NY has a painting that "intentionally looks like Bin Laden wearing Christ symbolism" according to the artist, Tafu.
    The idiot artist can make anything he wants and call it art as well. The only qualifier being that his support is free of any tax dollars in whatever endeavor he expresses. Seeing this as a Christian I can also point out that I have no desire to take to the street and burn flags/effigies because of anger toward this artwork. Unlike these supposedly peaceful Muslims pictured here who are rioting about a series of cartoons about Muhammad:

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    My response to all of this is simple: we don't all have to agree in what is said, but we all have the right to say it. My take is to thank a fool for opening his mouth and revealing himself. The second response is: why so much hatred and violence from a peaceful loving people? My take is more solidified that the violent arm of Islam more accurately reflects the truth of their beliefs.


    Fri Feb 03 2006 09:24:48 ET

    A woman accused of using racial epithets while waiting for food at a Connecticut Taco Bell drive-through window was arrested Wednesday.

    Jennifer Farrelly, 19, of East Windsor, has been charged with ridicule on account of race, creed or color and second-degree breach of peace. Farrelly's boyfriend, Eric Satterlee, 22, of Ashford, was charged with breach of peace in the incident.

    On Dec. 18, Farrelly and Satterlee became frustrated by the slow service at the Taco Bell restaurant on Brookside Place, according to an arrest warrant. Farrelly banged on the drive-through window and called the Taco Bell attendant, Jamelle Byrd, a racial epithet, according to the warrant. Satterlee allegedly cursed and banged on the window.

    Farrelly denied using racial epithets when she was interviewed by police, saying Byrd caused the dispute by ridiculing her for parking her car far away from the drive-through window, the warrant states. Byrd's supervisor told police that Byrd should not have been working the drive-through because he had gotten into a similar incident with another customer, the warrant states.


    Chinese Habla Espanol?

    China, Chavez and Morales all have something in common: they are no friends of the evil imperialist USA.

    A month ago I lamented about Citgo and incorrectly linked it with Morales.
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    Actually Citgo is Venezueal's oil company and Chavez is the leader. He's worse than Morales in most respects outside of fashion sense.

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Now Janes has released some analysis of the Chinese interest. Just thought I would make sure it gets a mention here.


    Fact Checking Democrat Attack

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    The peaceful loving bipartisan Democrats have launched their new campaign ad against the presidential "bounce" from his State Of The Union speech. I know it's full of crap but FactCheck.org proves it for me! Check the link in the title.

    Always worth the time for both parties is the website Fact Check linked on my right column with my other news sources. I don't always like what I see, but more often than not it seems the lefties stretch the truth.

    Kane Mission Statement

    Following the state of the Union came Virginia's governor Tim Kane (text link in title) with the rebuttal of "yeah but it ought to be done differently" speech. Kane's exact words were:
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    "...we're moving ahead by focusing on service, competent management and results. It's all about bringing people together to find common-sense solutions to our common problems."

    Hey, that quote reminds me of something. I'll bet we can look at the "corporate buzzword hotlist" to see if there is any substance to that quote: moving, focus, service, management, result, solution. In the early 90's those were a few of the terms that every company had to put in a mission statement to be cool.

    Other confusing terms that were included in Kane's speech was the weak linking of support of the war with expanding social programs:
    "Working together, we have to give our troops the tools they need to win the war on terror. And we can do it without sacrificing the liberty that we've sent our troops abroad to defend. That's why we in Virginia -- Democrats and Republicans -- have reformed and enhanced our Department of Veterans Services to help our veterans and their family members access the federal benefits that they've earned."

    Huh? I get the idea of adding information and efficiency to the VA and don't have an issue with it. I just don't see how that stance is somehow supposed to sound pro-war?

    "There is a better way" Kane kept saying reminiscent of a local car dealer here in Nashville.

    Jee whiz governor, what exactly is the better way? You said "there is" as a tease then leave us all hanging! Kerry tried that and lost. Don't democrats know you can't just blow hot air but have to have an idea other than a fancy way of saying "no to Bush"?

    The entire rest of Kane's speech was just that, platitudes without substance.

    The only thing the democratic party has definitely shown the American public in the past 6 months is that their way is through control of the court system. Other than that fight, I haven't seen any other goal that shows us how they intend to lead. I'm not complaining mind you. It just makes the bumblings of my party somewhat effective against the dem's total lack of cohesion and substance.

    Some part of me thinks that the draft of Kane's speech had a sharpie mark over "democrats want to tax gasoline $1 per gallon to encourage us to get away from dependence on oil." Yeah, don't think that would have gone over too well.

    State Of Dis-union

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    I was at first shocked and disgusted at the Democrats acting as uncivilized as the British Parliament (there's more than one irony in that) in their cheering gloat when W brought up the failure to fix social security with the following:

    Congress did not act last year on my proposal to save Social Security, yet the rising cost of entitlements is a problem that is not going away

    The rousing cheers and jeers were from a party that only pays lip service to bi-partisan action as long as it suits them.

    Little did I know that W fully expected the Democrats to cheer! When I saw the look on W's face; the grin that says "gotcha" and he followed it up with his point:

    and with every year we fail to act, the situation gets worse. So tonight, I ask you to join me in creating a commission to examine the full impact of Baby Boom retirements on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. This commission should include Members of Congress of both parties, and offer bipartisan answers. We need to put aside partisan politics, work together, and get this problem solved.

    The smirking of Hillary as W spoke was also telling. Does she not realize her actions are putting her so far out of the mainstream that she'll never be the presidential candidate that she clearly wants to be?

    Why didn't any of the Democrats from Congress have the courage to put themselves up for the response? Why did a governor do it instead? That makes no sense at all!