Pains of Free Expression

This morning I was checking up on DRUDGE REPORT and caught a headline about a 22 year old being arrested at a Taco Bell for using "a racial epithet" when she became angry about slow service. While I don't like name calling as much as I despise poor service, she has the right to express herself even if it is hostile. IF she crosses the line to assault that is a different story. I'm not sure if she deserves to be arrested or just arrested and then later acquitted.

Next we have this:
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  • Osama as Jesus?

  • This particular picture is on exhibit in NY has a painting that "intentionally looks like Bin Laden wearing Christ symbolism" according to the artist, Tafu.
    The idiot artist can make anything he wants and call it art as well. The only qualifier being that his support is free of any tax dollars in whatever endeavor he expresses. Seeing this as a Christian I can also point out that I have no desire to take to the street and burn flags/effigies because of anger toward this artwork. Unlike these supposedly peaceful Muslims pictured here who are rioting about a series of cartoons about Muhammad:

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    My response to all of this is simple: we don't all have to agree in what is said, but we all have the right to say it. My take is to thank a fool for opening his mouth and revealing himself. The second response is: why so much hatred and violence from a peaceful loving people? My take is more solidified that the violent arm of Islam more accurately reflects the truth of their beliefs.


    Fri Feb 03 2006 09:24:48 ET

    A woman accused of using racial epithets while waiting for food at a Connecticut Taco Bell drive-through window was arrested Wednesday.

    Jennifer Farrelly, 19, of East Windsor, has been charged with ridicule on account of race, creed or color and second-degree breach of peace. Farrelly's boyfriend, Eric Satterlee, 22, of Ashford, was charged with breach of peace in the incident.

    On Dec. 18, Farrelly and Satterlee became frustrated by the slow service at the Taco Bell restaurant on Brookside Place, according to an arrest warrant. Farrelly banged on the drive-through window and called the Taco Bell attendant, Jamelle Byrd, a racial epithet, according to the warrant. Satterlee allegedly cursed and banged on the window.

    Farrelly denied using racial epithets when she was interviewed by police, saying Byrd caused the dispute by ridiculing her for parking her car far away from the drive-through window, the warrant states. Byrd's supervisor told police that Byrd should not have been working the drive-through because he had gotten into a similar incident with another customer, the warrant states.