The fun thing about a blog is you can write stuff like this and people don't expect you to be accurate. Quite frankly, I don't think it is accurate at this point because I have no names and only vague descriptions. Therefore I'm reporting from a folklorist hobby perspective.

No source yet, currently being investigated. As of now consider this BELOW the "Drudge worthy" threshold:
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Iraqi nukes hidden on four 747s and flown to Tibet under the guise of "humanitarian relief for earthquake victims" ...? According to a "captured Iraqi General" before the invasion of Iraq by coalition forces.

When investigated against known or typical elements of folklore we find it does not fit the mold in the number of planes being four. Folklore is more likely be a prime number 3,5 or 7.

Government deception is present with a ludicrous "Iraqi humanitarian mission" that does not show up anywhere on any search. The lack of proper names is also troubling. Also the timeline of the rumor does not fit as coalition forces invaded 2 years ago? However there was a major quake in November 2003 in Tibet that could have been in line with the ruse for humanitarian aid.

My conclusion at this point is the story is very weak without some kind of confirmation of 747's in Tibet with nukes?