What is Hate?

Two fathers with one daughter each. The first father sets a curfew for her date, and becomes extremely angry when she comes home 2 hours past curfew and grounds her for a month. The second father sets the curfew, notes when she comes home and says nothing about it. Which father loves more?

The logical conclusion is that to love is to care about something. To hate something is to have apathy. The father who issues punishment for violation of the rules does not enjoy the punishment, but cares about the daughter obeying the rules. The father who is apathetic says nothing and ignores the violation.

An interesting question was posed in our Sunday school class over the weekend regarding the juxtaposition of punishment and love: If Jesus was the personification of God and God is love why is there wraith? (NOTE TO BLOGOSPHERE: the method of asking this question is philosophical in nature but does not question that Jesus is the personification of God as man.)

Jesus got angry when the temple was turned into a quick cash check writing shop. (Matthew 21:12). God has wraith at sin but is still righteous. (Romans 1:18; Romans 3:5).

Yet God is Love. (1 John 4:7, 8, 16).
additional references: punishment restrained by love: (2nd Corinthians)

From a certain perspective, as Yoda would say, to be angry is to love.

My rants are anger at perceived wrongs or stupidity given out of love for fellow man. If I hated then I wouldn't bother to do this blog because I wouldn't care.

Therefore to hate is to not love.


Viagra Joke and Not funny link

Click the title... it appears mom was right!!! Doing that will make you go blind!

Now here's my not funny link:
  • Jenna Jameson, Pornstar MSNBC story

  • Disney is directly tied to pornstar Jenna Jameson because A&E wants to do a reality show on her life. Disney and GE/NBC own A&E through an joint venture according to this article.
    What is the world coming to? Does anyone else find this troublesome or is it just me?

    Dear Anonymous Commenter

    Gee, leaving the ability for anonymous posters was inviting some venom! I'm getting some interesting comments, and maybe I need to clarify a few things. First, this is not a squishy-fuzzy sing-songy critters in the forest kind of place-- I call it my RANT for a REASON- look up rant if you need clarification.

    If absolutely necessary I can get references from a hardcore liberal lesbian and a couple of yellow dog democrat friends of mine to show that I am not a hate filled bigot.

    I believe strongly in the power and glory of Jesus Christ.

    No, I have not served in our armed forces but I respect their sacrifice. I also have friends who have served who will attest to my stace on this as well.

    Assume what you will, but I would submit that I abhor false hope, rumors and deception (like the lottery). I love the individual but despise the activities that promote what I abhor!

    I also find selective application of logic VERY annoying. If that means I'm wrong, I'll fess up and learn something.

    If you don't like what I say, fine! I'm out here because I believe strongly in what I'm saying. Quite frankly, I don't care if you do or do not like what I say because I'm a big boy and don't let some else's ire bother me. Keep it clean and not personal and I'll be happy to banter with you.

    If you can't do that (clean and not personal) get your own blog and cuss me all you want to. The first amendment means as much to me as the 2nd does. That doesn't mean I have to let you comment on my blog, but I choose to. Just as you chose to read it.

    A Muslim-Christian Debate

    Here is something I found insightful and it demonstrates why I believe that Muslims are deceived. Click the title for the link.

    This Dr. Hussein Morsi admits openly that the Koran testifies to Jesus's virgin birth and his miracles. Yet he chooses to believe that the Gospels are wrong when they show clear comparisons between the old Testament prophecies.

    Um, ok, take one but not the other? Either Jesus said "I AM" as in the name of God from Exodus 3:14 (a common text reference that Muslims/Jews agree on) or he said "I am tired" ? In context he was being asked by the temple priests "Who are you" therefore is there any possibility his name was: "Hi, I'm tired"?

    C.S. Lewis put forward the "messiah or madman" argument: if you hold that Jesus Christ exists then you must either believe he was the Son of God as he proclaimed or that he was megalomaniac and totally insane. It is not possible to believe that he was "just" a "prophet" or "good guy" and be consistent with his teachings. This flies in the face of Muslim, Mormon (advanced, not beginner Mormon), and Jewish teachings.


    I'm Singing and Cheering!! Arrest the Liberal!

    State Senator John Ford of Memphis along with 4 other Democrats been arrested by the FBI on extortion charges under the Hobbs Act.

    Every time that man opened his mouth my blood pressure went up and I wanted to rant. I was personally sick and tired of him pushing the state income tax, pushing the lottery and trying to reduce child support payments (which would impact him personally). He represents everything wrong with a southern democrat liberal that gets my ire.

    Now some digging by a local newsman finds that in order to get lucrative state contracts some companies had to hire Ford's consulting firm to lobby the same legislative committee and body Ford was currently serving in! The FBI took an interest in that story and a grand jury smelled a big rat.

    Hopefully some of the smear will wipe off on his rat nephew Harold Ford who wants to go to Washington. I can just picture the look on his face when he heard this about his infamous uncle.

    Here's my "John Ford Master Card Ad"
    Monthly child support to 3 kids: $3000
    Campaign for re-election: $12 million
    Consultant fee for greasing contract approval: $13 million

    I'm torn on how to end it, either:
    A) Look on John Ford's face when the feds slapped the bracelets: PRICELESS!
    B) FBI dismantling the Liberal boss Hogg dynasty of the Fords: PRICELESS!

    What bothers me most is I can just hear his constituency saying "The MAN is only out to get him because he's a successful Black Man and I'd vote for him again." Yeah Memphians you can just wait till he's out of jail and vote him right back in if you so choose.


    Sex Ed the RIGHT Way

    The jolly good Professor Leslie J Francis from the University of Wales, Bangor, decided to look at sexual ideals of 13-15 year old boys in Christian schools versus government schools. He found a compelling comparison in the following categories: pre-marital sex, abortion and pornography. (While the article does not mention statistical variances I believe it merits a through follow up with a larger study.)

    Here is a quick breakdown of how many were "against" those topics:

    against sex before age of consent {Christians 75/Public 39%
    against sex before marriage {Christians 64/Public 13%
    abortion was always wrong {Christians 73/Public 39%
    porn was too widely available {Christians 62/Public 40%

    The professor promises to follow up with a post-high school study on the same group.

    We hear that Liberals don't want Christian ideals "forced" on our kids. We hear that we should teach them about sex and give them free condoms. Then they want the parents not to be notified prior to abortions? I say get the liberals out of our schools they are ruining our kids! How can anyone think that teaching values and morals that have a foundation is a bad idea?

    As a Daddy of a little girl, I think I need to budget for a Christian school education or shoot for home school!


    Not Spike's Right Thing, but still Right

    A small country church "offended" some Muslims by posting a note on their sign that says "the Koran should be flushed".

    Here is a quote:
    "Seema Riley, a Muslim, who was born in Pakistan and reared in New York, was one of those upset by the sign.She moved to Rutherford County for the "small town friendly" atmosphere, she said. When she saw the sign on the side of the highway Saturday she felt angered and threatened."We need a certain degree of tolerance," said Riley. "That sign doesn't really reflect what I think this county is about.""

    Hey Mrs. Riley, newsflash for you: your book says that you should kill the unbelievers right? So, why should an unbeliever of Allah be offending you with a few plastic letters? Just go kill him like you are supposed to.

    Naturally I like to see a stupid liberal quoted and this story provides an academic:"Putting such a sign in a public place is an un-American example of intolerance, of aggressive disrespect for other citizens' deeply held views," said Donald Searing, Burton Craige Professor of Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "This is the sort of attitude and action that seriously endangers the liberty which lies at the heart of our democracy. It is also a good reminder that just because one may have the legal right to say something, doing so may not be morally, socially or politically desirable."

    To Mr. Searing I issue an intellectual challenge: analyze the Koran for yourself and decide if it holds Jesus in a higher regard than Mohammed. Once you see the discrepancies between what is embraced and what is ignored you will question the Muslim faith as well. I would also submit to Mr. Searing that our liberty is already being undermined by selfish activists and judicial legislating. To say that Mr. Lovelace's sign is contributing is nothing short of absurd.

    Now to the man responsible for the sign, Mr. Lovelace's quote:"If we stand for what is right and for God's word and for Christianity then the world is going to condemn us and so right away when I got a complaint I said 'well somebody's mad, somebody's offended, so we must be doing something right.'"Mr. Lovelace is doing what his God has told him to. To you I say AMEN BROTHER! If I'm ever down your way on Sunday morning I'll make sure I stop by.


    Liberal Discussion Technique

    My roomate in college was a dyed in the wool liberal as I was conservative. Our discussions (some would say arguments) frequently boiled down to this: his "F#^&* You!" versus my chuckle. Paul was my sounding board for confirming that conservatisim made more sense.

    Now I would apply investigative techniques to diagnosing the liberal argument standpoint in case you are in doubt: Libs almost never quote facts or give complelling counter-arguments. When they fail to do so they usually end up cursing and name calling (the "Al Franken method" calling someone a big fat liar without compelling evidence to the contrary).

    Now we have Tom Purcell, a columnist for the Jewish World Review, responding to an email he gets from a group called americansforsocialsecurity.com requesting donations and saying that "the Democrats had the moral high ground and were winning". With beer-goggles on Purcell emailed a rant right back at them about their lack of any idea other than to say NO to Bush and promote themselves as a party at the cost of the country and the world. A thought that I and many others share.

    The response from Brad Woodhouse, communications director for Americans United for Social Security: "Who the f--- are you and why do I care?"

    Yep, illogical liberal response. Note the lack of substance in a moment where he could have argured his point! Instead he resorted to ugly language. Look for it in your liberal friends.

    By the way, Paul Smith is now an Army Ranger serving our country with his beautiful military wife, and he voted for Bush. Paul, you and your wife are in my prayers.

    An Integrity Pledge?

    (click on the title for the related story first)
    Letter to Mr. Smith, editor of Newsweek:

    So I'm reading your soul searching and my thoughts right back at you are this:

    "Why did it take a riot and death to get your company to do what every cub reporter is taught he should do in the first place? Why should we suddenly have full confidence in Newsweek's content when you obviously have just decided to start following basic journalistic procedures???"

    Mr. Smith, while confession is good for the soul I must remind you that repentence is better. You'll forgive my lack of belief in this seemingly sincere letter to the readers. It sounds more like a mia-culpa that will fall by the wayside as soon as the collective memory forgets the issue.

    I'm starting a pool today to see how long it takes for this pledge to be forgotten. Anyone who wants in, just hit my email link. I'll put $20 on October 1st of this year.


    Damn Yankee Liberal Christians

    If you click the title you'll get a link to an article about Bush speaking at Calvin College's commencement, a Christian school. Apparently 30% of the students seem to think that the war was "unjust and unjustified".

    Bear with me whilst I pound my head against my desk for a moment!

    That "unjust and unjustified" term is the mantra of the Liberal Left derived from clever writing and focus groups. Thus again proving the liberal side of the media machine is still way more effective than the conservative efforts. Also it proves the television viewing habits of those same students.

    Follow this
  • LINK
  • , it is the UN's list of sanctions against Iraq and the prescribed action to be taken when the resolutions were violated.

    That is the legal basis for the war. It's still there even when one covers the eyes and pretends it isn't.

    The logical conclusion to this situation is that because the students are against the war they are pro-Saddam. Therefore they are in favor of rape, torture, murder, genocide (Kurds) and the oppression of a people. Unfortunately they may not see it this way, but the only logical conclusion is to be against the US action is to support the one we went to war against.

    I'd also wager to any takers that while Jesus is neither Republican or Democrat, he most definitely is conservative (ahem, pro-life) and most certainly not Liberal.

    Since these students are obviously too stupid to render logical thought with historical background I suggest the college withhold approximately 30% of their diplomas. That ought to make the ceremony go by much more quickly.


    Space Apples and Space Oranges

    So the Air Force wants the ok to put some offensive capabilities in orbit. Naturally this brings out an illogical liberal for the NYT to quote:

    No nation will "accept the U.S. developing something they see as the death star," Ms. Hitchens told a Council on Foreign Relations meeting last month. "I don't think the United States would find it very comforting if China were to develop a death star, a 24/7 on-orbit weapon that could strike at targets on the ground anywhere in 90 minutes." Teresa Hitchens, vice president of the Center for Defense Information.

    Ms. Hitchens is comparing China to the United States as far as ethics, thought and morals as being equals. I am dumbfounded that anyone can be this obtuse. Quick history lesson on
  • Tiananmen Square
  • , China, 1989.

    As far as I know, the USA does not massacre students who protest (nor have they ever).

    {Thank you anonymous for reminding me of the Kent State incident, I stand duly corrected-however I do not think Kent State could be repeated here today, but I do believe Tiananmen could happen again}.

    I demand to hear why Ms. Hitchens thinks it is an equitable consideration to put China and the US in the same mentality when it comes to the use of force. Whether she meant it that way when she said that (I truly hope that is not what she intended) her quotes lend themselves to this logical apples to oranges comparison.

    Ms. Hitchens here is a reality check: if China were superior to the US in technology and military strength we would already be speaking Chinese. Whereas the Chinese are still an independent nation in spite of the fact that we could beat them militarily. Not easily beaten, but we could beat them if we had to.

    We must go to space, my dear liberals, because someone else will eventually and we need to be stronger than they are. It is also most likely that the country that would beat us in space would not be as tolerant of you opening your mouth and spouting what makes you feel good as the US is now.

    Dems hate Republicans more than Terrorists?

    This one is for all of my yellow-dog democrat friends. Your beloved party leader Howard "Screaming" Dean says Delay should already be in jail but Osama needs due process. If you click the title you can read the story.

    Do I really have to say anything other than "DON'T YOU GET HOW FUBAR YOUR PARTY IS?"

    If you don't know what FUBAR is, ask a friend who is somewhat aware of military jargon or google it.


    Dear Mr. Buchanan

    While there have been moments where I have been enamored with your thoughts, there have also been times where I am shocked and confused by your thinking from a logical conservative standpoint. However after reading your interview I must question my view on conservatism.

    Your point that the abandonment of a moral foundation of our party is a sharp stab of truth. We are not winning on conservative cultural ideals. Arguably the efforts to win on a moral foundation are needed but would fall on deaf ears and lost votes. I must agree that we are fragmented as a group, and that we are suffering a moral decline. It is true that technology is robbing us of the boundaries of decency we used to have. Any 10 year old can download hardcore pornography with less than 5 clicks of his mouse and this is just one symptom of a larger problem.

    This argument lends itself to the question "Do I as a Christian choose not to vote for a pro-choice republican on that basis alone?" (I'll answer that in a moment).

    The good news Mr. Buchanan is that conservatism is not dead. It, like the constitution, is a living, breathing entity that is capable of flexibility to meet the demands of the times. I see the actions of this generation in their willingness to fight on the front lines. My generation (X) is far more religious oriented and morality bound than the Boomers were. I see adoption being more widely accepted, and this thinking will lead to the decline of the acceptability of abortions. I see the Minutemen taking up the torch of watching the border to call attention to illegal immigration. In short, I see good people standing up for what is right.

    I see a map that is over 90% red in republican carried counties because we are not trying to beat the constituents with a bible as we focus on winning seats against the greater evil.

    I see a future where true conservatives will be permitted to focus their attentions on truly conservative issues because they set aside the more challenging morality issues and focused on not losing to liberals. So in my question about my vote above, it is better to vote FOR the pro-choice republican than it is to withhold or waste a vote against a party whose core is so far liberal as to be against everything I believe in. Look at the Ross Perot factor in 1992, I believe the outcome of 8 years of Clinton proves my point nicely.

    Maybe our "Conservative Republican" party today shares more attitudes with the "Conservative Democrats" of the JFK era. I concede the prospect on the overall war against liberals seems bleak. We must accept that the laws in this country are free and open to allow individuals to take personal responsibility for themselves. That responsibility is definitely a cornerstone of any conservative thinking. The government can not legislate morality because the plurality will never submit themselves to it. We must strive and pray for more Christians to choose the right way in the face of temptations made possible by our constitution.

    However it may be, as a fellow Christian we both know there will be a moral decline but that there can only be one victor. The war was won 2000 years ago, we just have to hold on to that in faith.

    Now Mr. Buchanan, I would ask you to continue to serve as our conservative anchor and conscience of the party. We need men like you to be heard and to represent where we came from and want to eventually be again. You can't do that from a pathetic 3rd party platform and expect to change anything. If nothing else, your opinions will matter as much from outside the party as my thoughts in this blog do.

    Respectfully yours,

    Muslim Rant

    Ok, Newsweek reports that the Koran was flushed by interrogators at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Muslims are outraged and 110 people die in riots and protests. Newsweek pulls the report because it can't be verified. Muslims say too late, you're guilty.

    Let's get some questions put to paper: Who was mentioned as the "light of the world" in the Koran: Mohammed or Jesus? How many times is Mohammed mentioned and praised in the Koran versus Jesus Christ? If the figure for Mohammed is less and the praise is less than what is written about Jesus Christ what does that mean?

    For those of you who don't know, look it up. The answers will deeply surprise you.

    While I would not be thrilled at someone flushing a KJV Bible, nor would I fear it or be angered because God is bigger than that. While it is a copy of the divinely inspired word, destruction of one copy does not diminish the strength or truth of that word. It certainly would not merit a riot or the death of anyone.


    Government Border Sabotage!

    If anyone out there thinks that just because you got the "govmint" out there that everything will be wonderful and work right, let's look at this note.

    Apparently superiors told Arizona Border Patrol agents to curb their activities so that the numbers would not change in relation to the Minuteman project. Of course, there are scathing denials from the top but the anonymous man on the front line is talking.

    I am not at all surprised at these "revelations"; I'm just surprised I didn't expect it to happen.

    Monkey and a Dartboard

    For those of you who do not deal daily with the wonderful credit industry let me clue you in on something: credit goes against common sense.

    Why do I say that? Well, if you pay for things in cash and don't have any open credit then you are shorting your credit. Tradelines (most companies want a mortgage plus 5 active accounts) to show your credit worth. If you don't have any accounts or not enough accounts you are a risk. If you have too many accounts then you are a risk.

    In my experience I have seen an 880 "mid" score and a "420" mid score. Admittedly, the bottom number did everything possible to earn that score including "I told them to come git that truck, it shows as a voluntary repossesion right?" Yeah bubba, it show do. The top number owned the same home for 20 years and paid everything off early.

    Then comes the one I pulled in July 2003 where the individual had not paid his Countrywide mortgage in five months. The mortgage was what we call a "rolling 150" or better known as a "let's just call this a foreclosure" in my business. Folks their "mid" score was a 699. Thus was born the monkey and a dartboard theory. Must have been a lucky shot for those guys!


    Condoleezza- YOU GO GIRL!

    I love this woman! She actually had the cajones to say the thing that liberals always try to ignore:

    "I also don't think we get to pick and choose from the Constitution," she said in the interview, which was taped for airing Wednesday night. "The Second Amendment is as important as the First Amendment."

    Where do I sign up for her presidential campaign against Hillary?


    Confession to the Flame

    I was pulling out of Jersey Mikes and my brain froze in recognition and shock at the face that drove past. So there I was, thinking- should I say something to her? THE one from so long ago?

    I had to. I had read a friend of mine's blog about how she got in touch with an old friend. Unfortunately, that situation was old friends and not an old friend/flame-so my contact was the polar opposite of her experience.

    When I saw her the pain came back. I wanted to smile and tell her that she looked great. I couldn't even get out of the truck as I was unsure of my legs. She smiled and walked near to the truck but stopped an arms reach away.

    I wanted to tell her how every year I see children (this year, twelve and thirteen year olds?) and wonder what little Tom or Jennifer would have grown up to be. I wanted to tell her the irony of how my wife could not bear children and we adopted. I wanted to tell her about speaking before adoption groups about my past. How God has blessed me with a loving daughter who thinks I hung the moon. How ignorant and selfish I was back then. How much I hated myself for what happened so long ago. How if I had done what I promised I would do- that we would have been blessed. Instead I wanted the "easy" way out because I stupidly thought it was a "problem to fix" and not a person.

    However when I saw her the pain was so much that I barely held my voice steady as I wanted to cry. Cry for the choice, cry for the broken promises and cry for crushing her spirit and heart as I did. I'm not even sure in hindsight that I got "I'm sorry" out-which is really what I wanted her to know.

    They are farther apart than they used to be, but the moments still come when I so much hate what happened, what I did and who I was.

    Then I went home and my daughter runs to me yelling "Daddy!" and how I have been daily reminded that Jesus has taken care of my sin. How HE has blessed me with a loving wife who has helped heal these pains with love and patience. When my wife and the adoption counselor dragged me through the process with merciless patience and I found a new perspective on the past that I wanted to tell my old flame, after all she was my friend as well as my girlfriend.

    I wanted to say that the healing began when I recognized my pain on in the adoption counseling. That the past did not have to weigh so heavily. That there is a place of healing.

    I just so needed to tell her all this, and beg her forgiveness.

    Here we are a few days later and I just opened an email that said "Hey-got over you a long time ago, just go on with life without me please." from the girl; and she asked that I not respond. Thirteen years since that trip to the "clinic" and... she still does not want to communicate with me. My thought that she was ok with it based on her reaction in person was tainted by an amazing show of strength on her part, though today's email said something completely different. With my usual grasp of the obvious, that door seems to be slammed shut forever. That's another componet of the whole situation: being a control-freak-fixer-type like me I want to do something about it. I broke something wonderful, and I am neither allowed or capable of putting it right. I am learning that I must accept this with my other lessons.

    Now it seems my misguided intentions have caused more harm than good, again. Clearly I should not have stopped the truck. So now I'll just ask her forgiveness for disturbing her and obey her wishes. Next, I'll tell my daughter about the older brother or sister she could have had when she grows old enough to understand. How her birth mother chose to do a difficult task that daddy had ignorantly thought was too difficult when he was the same age. I will also tell her how much we love her birth mother for her sacrifice.

    As long as they invite me to, I will also continue to tell my side of the story to prospective adoptive parents. Maybe some will know they are not alone, and that God can make good use of our transgressions. No matter how horrible they seem to us.


    Clean Air=Global Warming (or MORE JUNK!)

    7.7.05 update: with only 50 years of data, can we tell if the
  • warming
  • is a trend or a natural cycle?

    Original article:
    "Earth's air is cleaner, but this may worsen the greenhouse effect." Is how this article starts out (link is dead as of 5/9).

    Wait, did we sign that Kyoto Treaty when I wasn't looking? So, did I miss something here or is cleaner air now bad? I keep hearing that dirty air is bad and causing evil global warming that will screw up the gulf current and make Dennis Quaid save us from a super blizzard. But now we find that we have cleaner air and more sunlight getting through is making things warmer. Maybe we should go google and see what's out there: A quick review of the
  • http://www.nrdc.org/globalWarming/default.asp">NRDC Global warming page

  • shows that these dirty carbon gases are the "main causes" of the increases in temperature globally.

    Let's look at some other interesting Google finds:
  • Climatologists analysis

  • Truth is out there, only 10% of climatologists believe "Man is causing global warming" meaning 90% don't believe that. Hmmm.

    Studying 100 years of climate data to determine global patterns is akin to studying a finger nail clipping to determine bodily health status and what to do to fix it. IT CAN'T BE DONE! Whether you believe the earth is 6000 or 6 billion years old this is a totally impractical way to do a scientific analysis with any meaning. We do not know where the weather started or where it has been during the times prior to the last 100 years to determine if there even is a problem.
    Ok Liberals listen up: you either get the cake or you eat it. You can't have both.

    Conservatives don't want dirty air and water. We don't want our kids playing in toxic landfills or inhaling dangerous fumes any more than you do. We also don't want to subject ourselves to the rules of other countries (if you don't understand why that would be bad, please do not raise any children and expose them to your thinking processes). We certainly do not want to base any decisions on so called "science" that doesn't seem to be able to prove itself with any level of analysis that is logical and objective. One day one thing is bad and then next the solution to yesterday's bad thing is now bad too? Forgive my incredulity but please!

    My advice as always to Liberals: we'll listen when your reality has some links to the truth. Until then tell it to the elves and fuzzy bunnies.


    Hot Blonde Teacher

    7.6.2005 UPDATE
  • UK teachers doing a 3-some!

    Tennessee: HOT BLONDE TEACHER has sex with student...
    Pamela Turner picture links:
  • Turner 1

  • Turner 2

  • Australia: HOT BLONDE TEACHER has sex with student...
    Karen Louise Ellis pic
  • http://www.epochtimes.com/i6/411110135868.jpglink
  • .

    Men everywhere will of course understand when I say:

    WHERE THE HECK WERE THEY WHEN WE WERE THAT AGE??? AND THE ONES THAT WERE THERE, MAYBE... just maybe they considered it at some point? Ok, Mrs. Stanley wherever you are, did you ever think of me like they did their pimply-faced voice-cracking charges? Or even better, what was that student teacher's name that was in Coach Chapman's class back in high school...

    Yeah, wishful thinking. I fully expect to be smacked in the head by my wife when she reads this.


    Wal-Mart's Non-Living Wage

    Here is the cusp of what bothers me most about yet another illogical article from the Liberal press (linked at the bottom):
    LaTasha Barker, single mother said she earned "so little that she could not afford the $1860 per year for family health insurance." (Thats... $155 per month for FAMILY COVERAGE???--WOW that's cheap!!!). So she made a decision to take a $15 per hour social work job-she got a good "govmint" job as my relatives would say.

    Let's see, Ms. Barker chose to work for Wal-Mart, and then chose to apply for a job that pays more somewhere else???? I would strongly bet that Ms. Barker also shops at Wal-Mart and is the first to complain when prices go up.

    Now, let's review the logical side of the argument of the "living wage": why restrict the minimum wage to $6... why not make it say $9... or $10... or $50 per hour? I think I could live on $50 per hour. Do any of us think that quarter pounder meal would still be $4.99 if McDonald's was shelling out $50 per hour per employee? Um, not likely! How much more would Wal-Mart have to charge customers like Ms. Barker if their mandatory wage pay out doubled or tripled?

    This isn't 1970's Russia or 2005 China... we live in America. We are not told where we will work and for how much. We are totally free to go out and work for whomever will hire us for our abilities. We choose to accept the wages offered or we go somewhere else. Those wages are a cost that are factored into the prices you pay for the products bought from the provider/employer. Remember fondly when a cheeseburger, fries and coke at McDonald's would set you back $1.50? How much was the minimum wage then?? Is there a connection?? YES!

    Another quote from the same NYT article linked at bottom:
    ""Henry Ford made sure he paid his workers enough so that they could afford to buy his cars," said William McDonough, executive vice president of the United Food and Commercial Workers union. "Wal-Mart is doing the polar opposite of Henry Ford. Wal-Mart brags about how its low prices help poor Americans, but its low wages are helping increase the number of Americans in poverty." "

    If true market forces apply then you have two things happen: people earn what their job is worth to someone. Second, people get paid what their efforts are worth or they find someplace that pays what they are willing to work for. To Mr. McDonough I say "thank you for opening your mouth and revealing yourself for the fool you are". Comparing dog food, t-shirts and canned goods to cars? Profit margin retail is less than 5%, versus the car business where the dead net cost of building a corvette is about $14000 versus the $45000 price tag... (including wages, benefits and retiree costs-I actually fudged up the number as it was $8500 per unit in 1993) you do the math!

    In my area there is a labor shortage and my grocery store is paying $10 per hour for clerks and baggers because they want people to work and stay there! They have to pay more to attract workers! Perfect example of market economics. Another reason why you should never listen to a liberal when it comes to money.



    Ban Hazardous Driving Activities

    In today's society we have so few things to concern ourselves with that we focus tightly on the mundane and ignorant. Requiring headsets for cell phone use while driving comes to mind, and now this:

  • Yahoo News Item

  • With the Germans taking a serious look at smoking in cars and the distraction it causes I am forced to bring a major concern to your attention. We have heard about the dangers of alcohol and open containers-but that's not what I'm concerned about. Not cell phone usage, not hot coffee in cars, no-not even the eating of a big Mac in the car. I am talking about the evidence we see every day on the sides of our highways in the form of containers of yellow liquid.

    Not Mellow Yellow, but the other YELLOW LIQUID!

    That's right. Drivers are too lazy or in too big of a hurry these days to bother with stopping to relieve themselves and are using open containers to dispense with bodily fluids while driving.
    It is a dangerous and disgusting activity which distracts from driving and can cause accidents. In interviews with jail gang drug offenders we were shocked to find the sheer numbers of these bottles and the untold threat it represents to drivers everywhere. Plus the psychological damages of forcing these already self-image-impaired individuals to handle the used containers!

    I propose an ordinance with a three-part approach:
    1) Ban opened containers: as these are the paraphenalia used by violators we must ban the use of closeable containers that have been emptied from the interior of vehicles. I suggest everyone switch to Capri-Sun drink pouches which are extremely difficult (if not impossible in tests performed by a leading liberal university are true) to put urine back into without the painful cathederization from the tiny straw.
    2) Bladder Activity Tester: the BAT will determine if you need to pee prior to permitting you to drive. By application of a BAT to the bladder the driver will void if needed prior to driving.
    3) pre-ignition Activated Detection system: the PAD will be placed in the front center of the driver's seat in order to detect liquids. In the event that the driver is attempting to use an open container and drips, the PAD will activate and shut down the ignition causing the vehicle to shut down preventing the likelihood of a collision. This is recommended for repeat offenders, just check the velour where they sit.

    It is my estimation that the Teamsters will fight this legislation tooth and nail as this behavior is one of the keys to performance for their driver members. My wife and I are organizing an online campaign: PARENTS for ELIMINATION of ELIMINATION for PROTECTION AGAINST DUMB DRIVERS or PEE PADD. It is PEE PADD's goal to see that the urine is caught and that these offenders be potty trained and car-broken. Look for our fliers and call your legislators today!


    Pressure PBS??? Oh Gosh!

    Just like the New York Times I too am shocked that someone should question, let alone- GASP!- analyze content on PBS! How dare Kennith Y. Tomlinson, the Chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, study the statements made by people whose salaries are subsidized by monies from the federal government. That money belongs to the government, not the taxpayer! Who does he think he is, the boss of PBS?

    What is Mr. Tolminson thinking, that taxpayer supported monies should go toward a balanced presentation of ideas? What does he think PBS is, Fox news?? Surely this is a raving delusional bible-banging conservative who needs to be brought under tighter control before PBS is required to carry church services and a news program anchored by Sean Hannity.

    What kids today need to see is more cartoons that promote the homosexual lifestyle because it promotes the world view they should have. They don't need a mommy and daddy when they can have two mommies or two daddies! Those Boston Blue-State-producers of Buster should be applauded for rectifying the American world view with their inclusive ideologly.

    PBS has always stirved to present the world view to arrogant Americans. It is important that the great and unblemished leaders like Kofi Annon be guiding lights to this backward white Christian nation that elected that idiot Bush again. How can PBS expect to cow-tow to Congress for it's funding, no body else would give a dime for most of this enlightened intelligent and reasonable thought when Fear Factor is on!

    Goodness, if only Kerry had put up a fight for Ohio this all would have never happened... boo-hoo! I'm going to drive my Prius over to Starbucks and cry in my double mocha latte, then I'm calling the moving company and leaving for Canada where they appreciate liberalism.

    Taking my tongue out of my cheek now...



    Jeb Bush has signed a self defence law granting
  • deadly force rights
  • to citizens when they feel they are in mortal danger.

    Surprisngly enough, Flordia Democrats (Rep. Eleanor Sobel) are in an uproar about this. Apparently the panhandle will become the wild west. Mickey better keep his ears down else they'll be shot off!?!

    It has never failed to amaze me that the Liberals think that banning guns with laws will reduce gun violence. The disgusting lack of logic in that argument makes me wonder how they function! Ergo, if those who would use guns for violence are violating the law what would make them obey the restriction of guns to begin with? Not all of us are fuzzy little elves living in fairyland where bluebirds nest in our hair while bambiesque deer and cuddly bunny rabbits eat out of our hand. There are monsters that are only intimidated by the thought of a bigger monster in the real world. If that monster has a gun and walks down a street with the intent to harm, would the thought that the grandmother could be packing heat with the legal right to kill him if he threatens her make him reconsider his actions?

    Would the Grandmother just whip out and Dirty Harry some kid on a skateboard or would she use it if she genuinely thought she was in danger? Sure, about 1% of the time there will be Jimmy Jackass that uses one in the event of road rage. The other 99% of the time we won't hear about the averted tragedies because a citizen liberally interpreted the second amendment and obeyed the law.

    I stand by my convictions: the second amendment is good; arm the teachers so they can shoot back, and Liberalism is wishful ignorance of the truth.


    A pun is its own reword.

    I'm shamelessly plagiarizing these from the pun site because they made me laugh.

    Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I'll show you A-flat minor.
    I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.
    To write with a broken pencil is pointless.
    If you don't pay your exorcist you get repossessed.
    A cardboard belt would be a waist of paper.
    What's the definition of a will? (It's a dead giveaway).
    There was once a cross-eyed teacher who couldn't control his pupils.
    He wears glasses during math because it improves divison.
    There was a ghost at the hotel, so they called for an inn spectre
    She was only a whisky maker but he loved her still.
    Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

    Homographic puns make use of multiple meanings from a single spelling. These are also referred to as "antanaclasis". Homophonic puns use like sounds but with different spellings and meanings. This is also referred to as polyptoton.

    My name is Dave, and I'm addicted to puns.