Pressure PBS??? Oh Gosh!

Just like the New York Times I too am shocked that someone should question, let alone- GASP!- analyze content on PBS! How dare Kennith Y. Tomlinson, the Chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, study the statements made by people whose salaries are subsidized by monies from the federal government. That money belongs to the government, not the taxpayer! Who does he think he is, the boss of PBS?

What is Mr. Tolminson thinking, that taxpayer supported monies should go toward a balanced presentation of ideas? What does he think PBS is, Fox news?? Surely this is a raving delusional bible-banging conservative who needs to be brought under tighter control before PBS is required to carry church services and a news program anchored by Sean Hannity.

What kids today need to see is more cartoons that promote the homosexual lifestyle because it promotes the world view they should have. They don't need a mommy and daddy when they can have two mommies or two daddies! Those Boston Blue-State-producers of Buster should be applauded for rectifying the American world view with their inclusive ideologly.

PBS has always stirved to present the world view to arrogant Americans. It is important that the great and unblemished leaders like Kofi Annon be guiding lights to this backward white Christian nation that elected that idiot Bush again. How can PBS expect to cow-tow to Congress for it's funding, no body else would give a dime for most of this enlightened intelligent and reasonable thought when Fear Factor is on!

Goodness, if only Kerry had put up a fight for Ohio this all would have never happened... boo-hoo! I'm going to drive my Prius over to Starbucks and cry in my double mocha latte, then I'm calling the moving company and leaving for Canada where they appreciate liberalism.

Taking my tongue out of my cheek now...