An Integrity Pledge?

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Letter to Mr. Smith, editor of Newsweek:

So I'm reading your soul searching and my thoughts right back at you are this:

"Why did it take a riot and death to get your company to do what every cub reporter is taught he should do in the first place? Why should we suddenly have full confidence in Newsweek's content when you obviously have just decided to start following basic journalistic procedures???"

Mr. Smith, while confession is good for the soul I must remind you that repentence is better. You'll forgive my lack of belief in this seemingly sincere letter to the readers. It sounds more like a mia-culpa that will fall by the wayside as soon as the collective memory forgets the issue.

I'm starting a pool today to see how long it takes for this pledge to be forgotten. Anyone who wants in, just hit my email link. I'll put $20 on October 1st of this year.