A Muslim-Christian Debate

Here is something I found insightful and it demonstrates why I believe that Muslims are deceived. Click the title for the link.

This Dr. Hussein Morsi admits openly that the Koran testifies to Jesus's virgin birth and his miracles. Yet he chooses to believe that the Gospels are wrong when they show clear comparisons between the old Testament prophecies.

Um, ok, take one but not the other? Either Jesus said "I AM" as in the name of God from Exodus 3:14 (a common text reference that Muslims/Jews agree on) or he said "I am tired" ? In context he was being asked by the temple priests "Who are you" therefore is there any possibility his name was: "Hi, I'm tired"?

C.S. Lewis put forward the "messiah or madman" argument: if you hold that Jesus Christ exists then you must either believe he was the Son of God as he proclaimed or that he was megalomaniac and totally insane. It is not possible to believe that he was "just" a "prophet" or "good guy" and be consistent with his teachings. This flies in the face of Muslim, Mormon (advanced, not beginner Mormon), and Jewish teachings.