Jeb Bush has signed a self defence law granting
  • deadly force rights
  • to citizens when they feel they are in mortal danger.

    Surprisngly enough, Flordia Democrats (Rep. Eleanor Sobel) are in an uproar about this. Apparently the panhandle will become the wild west. Mickey better keep his ears down else they'll be shot off!?!

    It has never failed to amaze me that the Liberals think that banning guns with laws will reduce gun violence. The disgusting lack of logic in that argument makes me wonder how they function! Ergo, if those who would use guns for violence are violating the law what would make them obey the restriction of guns to begin with? Not all of us are fuzzy little elves living in fairyland where bluebirds nest in our hair while bambiesque deer and cuddly bunny rabbits eat out of our hand. There are monsters that are only intimidated by the thought of a bigger monster in the real world. If that monster has a gun and walks down a street with the intent to harm, would the thought that the grandmother could be packing heat with the legal right to kill him if he threatens her make him reconsider his actions?

    Would the Grandmother just whip out and Dirty Harry some kid on a skateboard or would she use it if she genuinely thought she was in danger? Sure, about 1% of the time there will be Jimmy Jackass that uses one in the event of road rage. The other 99% of the time we won't hear about the averted tragedies because a citizen liberally interpreted the second amendment and obeyed the law.

    I stand by my convictions: the second amendment is good; arm the teachers so they can shoot back, and Liberalism is wishful ignorance of the truth.