WMD in UN?

Is a chemical or biological weapon a WMD? Yes. (Leftist crazies will say only nukes are WMDs... of course!)

Did it come from Iraq? At this point all signs say yes.

So the reason we can't find them is because... they were in a filing cabinet in New York city? Who exactly thinks the UN is a competent organization better capable of being a functioning government than our own?

People Really Are Gullible

Clever and crooked people see the countless lemmings out there and have found a new way to milk their collective fears.

Imagine you are in a grocery store. The manager locks the doors and says he is on the phone with a man who is watching the store and there is a bomb. What would you do? Would you take off your clothes in the store? Would you grab a butcher knife and cut off someone's fingers if the guy on the phone said the manager had to tell someone to do this?

Somebody in this article did get nekkid in the store and another almost cut some fingers off.

Get A GRIP people!!! USE your BRAINS! This ain't Spike TV, this is reality!

The unfortunate answer is I believe that people are stupid enough to believe this. You could really do well with this scam in Utah.


Fire up the Resume!

Clearly there is opportunity in my industry for those with deep pockets and a steady stream of referral business. I'm great with applications and getting cusomers on board but having to turn down a 740 score borrower because they have a loan amount that is 95% of the appraised value no reserves is just too much for me to stomach. I can see a 540 being turned down but a 740? What is going on?

For those of you shopping mortgages out there be warned. The ones that are quoting you rates that sound high are not making it up. The ones that are low balling the rate are trying to bait and switch you.

This is a scary time in the business like I have never seen. I know you have seen this:

of course today's response from Vernake? Hold the rate? AAARUGH!!!!

National City SOS

W O W ! !

National City bank has officially suspended all applications and approvals for their Wholesale Equity division. Another one is going down. I say that with some confidence because exactly zero of the companies that have suspended applications recently have been able to start back.

The eye of the hurricane has passed us over and now comes the conforming companies. Conforming meaning fannie-freddie product only. Also means big name banks like National City.

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