Ignorance Defence

Whoopi has said some things I really like, and sometimes she is dead wrong. An example of something I liked: "I'm NOT an "African-American" I'm an AMERICAN"

Now she defends Michael Vick's pit bull fighting because apparently "down south them backward types are all like that" you know: stupid and cruel. Ignorant of the "rest of the country" and how they view dogs.

She's dead wrong. She made me so mad I almost broke the outhouse door and slapped my sister who is also my first cousin. Is that the south she is referring to?
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She actually thinks that Michael Vick would look at this picture and think it's ok? That being a hick makes it ok to be cruel? Is that the crux of her argument? Ignorance blinds him to the obvious? Where else can/has that logic been applied Whoopi?

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