Foreclosure Stormclouds Nashville

National Association of Reators commercial:
"We don't know enough to know what we don't know" from a customer who says he needed a professional Realtor's help in a real estate transaction. I'm sure you have seen these commercials?

Nothing gets my ire up faster than illogical garbage. Check out this quote from Greater Nashville Association of Realtors:

Local Realtors said the storm clouds have been gathering toward the foreclosure.

“Irresponsible lending” to people who previously wouldn’t have been considered credit-worthy, along with bundling all down payments, closing expenses and other home-buying fees into those loans — on top of the home price — were all warning signs, said Richard Courtney, managing broker for Fridrich & Clark and president of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.

“You could see this coming for some time. This is a result of that type of lending,” said Courtney.

Take a deep breath and ask nicely:
"Mr. Courtney have or have not Realtors been protecting their clients who are ignorant of how the process works in these transactions that you have deemed to be irresponsible? If so, what portion of blame are Realtors to carry if you participate in the closing of these irresponsible loans? Did your member Realtors ever push the lender to close as quickly as possible or give them time to find the best loan program for your clients? Are your members willing to give back that 6% to these clients who trusted you to lead them through the process?"

I think based on the advertising claims of the local and national associations there is at a minimum some explaining to do. At the most Realtors are criminally culpable in the process you are deriding with these quotes.