Dave's Resolutions

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For the new year I resolve to:

Be happy with what I have.

Get rid of a bunch of stuff I thought I needed to make me happy.

Be angry less quickly instead of apologizing very quickly for being angry.

Bring home a sibling for my little girl.

Continue to avoid credit usage and just pay in cash or don't buy it.

Continue striving to be more like Jesus: less judgmental while continually questioning the "accepted norms" versus what is really right. The challenge of questioning and debating without casting stones.

Work on my blog a little bit every day and try to get back up to marauding marsupial by the end of the year! (Hey, I moved up from flappy bird! When did that happen?)


Better Spoken, Same Wiretap Thoughts

I've copied two excerpts that I only wish I had written. I didn't write these because I'm not patient enough to express my thoughts more fully. I try to do this in too big of a hurry. This is EXACTLY what I was THINKING when I wrote my two pieces. This is also EXACTLY WHY Paul Greenburg gets paid to write, and I blog.

"What's in a name? A lot when it's misleading, Note that all the calls deliberately targeted by this program are ones to and from abroad, not domestic ones. Yet the tag-line of this story, and what makes it so provocative is: Domestic Spying! As in the now standard phrase in the news columns: "White House-approved domestic spying program."
Vocabulary remains the Little Round Top of every political battle, and the president's more partisan critics have seized it early and often. You can tell the midterm elections are coming up next year. As for those of the president's critics who are sincere and not just out to make partisan hay, they bring to mind dear old Henry Stimson, Herbert Hoover's secretary of state and later FDR's secretary of war. Mr. Stimson was shocked to discover that American cryptographers had broken the Japanese diplomatic code. "Gentlemen," he harrumphed, "do not read each other's mail." And the whole operation was shut down. Pearl Harbor followed in due course.
There was a lot of talk after September 11th about successive administrations failing to connect the dots. These days sophisticated technologies can quickly run through huge volumes of satellite-relayed overseas calls to and from phone numbers in the United States. Those calls can be instantaneously cross-checked against databases of suspicious words, phrases, phone numbers, voice patterns of known terrorists, and only God (and the NSA) knows what other data. Imagine trying to get FISA warrants to run every one of those calls through NSA's electronic filter."

"Inevitably a lot of perfectly innocent conversations may be caught up in this vast, sticky web — along with the single phone call to or from someone like Iyman Faris using phrases like Brooklyn Bridge or high explosives.
Should this whole operation be shut down because somebody might overhear an innocent conversation? Is the administration now being accused of connecting too many dots? "

--- Yeah, what he said!!!

CHECK OUT MORE ARTICLES FROM JWR! Good conservative thinking even for non-Jewish peoples.


Clearing the Haze on Wiretaps

While I was initially bothered by the early twisting of the wiretap controversy, with quotes like these from Senator Finegold from
  • Lerher's News Hour (PBS):

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    "SEN. RUSS FEINGOLD: I have heard no complaints. I have heard of no denials of these requests." Many reports sounded just like this. While they were accurate from a certain point of view, it is clear that the whole truth was omitted.

    Now the truth is becoming more clear.
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    The "secret court" has
  • denied or altered
  • more requests by the Bush administration than the last 3 administrations combined.

    Like I said earlier, this war does not fit the classic situation. We have to have more flexibility in pursuit of a much more fluid and disconnected enemy. Technology is on the side of the terrorist. Cheap throw-away cell phones, free email accounts and universal access to the internet are all playing to the benefit of the enemy. Don't get me wrong, I like these things I just listed. I can also appreciate a nice handgun as long as it isn't being used against me.

    The fear that is being raised is who is being targeted for these investigations? Clearly Democrats are afraid because of how they used the
  • FBI files
  • on their political enemies. I truthfully think the Bush administration is only hunting terrorists and their links. In contrast, Democrats seem to be focused on political enemies instead of on who the country's enemies really are.

  • source on the FBI FILE scandal.

  • NSA May record citizen's conversations with people outside the country
  • LINK
  • .


    Sharp Insight on Spying

    Start with Coulter's article reprinted in JWR (linked in the title) and her praise of the NY Times for their excellent handling of a peiophile case and how she logically connects it with Bush's efforts to thwart terrorism.

    Add in some revelations that Clinton did exactly the same thing from the
  • Washington Times.

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    Take those articles and then read
  • and all of a sudden I'm a lot more clear on why the NSA was asked to circumvent the judge panel.

    When the feds think they need to spy on someone they have to show reasonable cause why. Unfortunately, the same terrorist cells that acted in 9/11 were not known terrorists at the time. Outside of a few odd comments such as (paraphrase) "not concerned about learning how to land the plane but to fly it" that were dropped, nothing in their actions or backgrounds would have been just cause for a wire tap to a judge.

    The Clinton and Bush administration saw this threat. The enemy's actions and tactics mean that many people would have to be investigated based on very thin associations and travel patterns. Those same patterns would not necessarliy have made them a "reasonable" target for wire tap in the eyes of a judge.

    I am all for checks and balances. That is a fundamental part of our system that has kept it working this well for so long. I also now recognize that this time of war calls for some extra ordinary actions that would not be acceptable outside of a war footing.

    I am troubled that some otherwise innocent people (such as Muslim relatives of my regular commentor II) would have conversations recorded an analyzed. However this is a time of war and those who are innocent should have nothing to fear from an NSA bureaucrat in a bunker listening to their conversations. If you have associations and travel patterns that might make you a target, well, expect to be looked at.

    If overweight southern Baptist rednecks from Nashville were considered a war threat, I'd expect to be recorded too.

    Ode to a Sheltie

    I've been out of sorts for a while, and I'm blogging for therapy today:

    I have three Shetland Sheepdogs. On Sunday Tucker kept vomiting back up water and food. Monday we called the vet, they advised bland rice and water to call if things did not improve. Tuesday morning he was gone. I found him stretched out and completely lifeless.

    I was-am- devastated.

    I drove to the vet. After a consultation and his shock was as deep as mine-Tucker was only 7 years old. The Vet says they get 20 dogs a week vomiting, but only lose one per year and we decided we needed to know why. In Nashville there is a state-run pathologly lab for animals. For a small fee they do the whole "CSI" thing and eliminate possibilities until they get to likely answers. I dropped him off at 10 am and had an answer at 5. A pleasant surprise that the answer came so fast... they must have started as soon as I walked out the door!

    They found a golfball sized tumor in his abdomen. No symptoms that we could have foreseen brought this. He was proper weight, had no reactions or pain... nothing we could see was wrong.

    The tumor was a relief because at least we know there was nothing we could have done differently.

    Tucker was the "middle fur child" for our house. He always liked to be the intercessor for animal and human incidents. If the cats got into it, he would yelp at them and get between them. If I was fooling around acting like I was "attacking" my wife he would bark and try to get between us.

    Tucker would also "sing" along with my wife. He would howl in different pitches as she sang "la la la" he would accompany with "arrooooAaarooo yip Arooo".

    He had a love for thing that dogs are not supposed to eat, particularly chocolate. One night he found a whole bag of chocolate chips and ate them. He then threw up a big brown circle. He ate it and threw up again... we had 4 chocolate circle stains in our carpet the next morning. One thanksgiving we put the chocolate cheesecake too close to the edge of the counter... he got a third of it while we were in the other room. (That was also a clue as to where he got those chocolate chips.) The worst time was the mink oil: we found him in the closet where he had opened and licked an entire can of mink oil for leather. It literally waterproofed his insides and you can't wash out mink oil with soap and water... I had to shave his backside!

    He was a spectacular frisbee catcher, he made backflips and corkscrews to grab the toy. We would take him to the park and he always gathered attention, being the "Lassie Dog" everyone wanted to pet. Tucker was so gentle that the cats even played with him.
    He was so curious about babies, but kept his distance after a few good ear tugs and hair pulls. He also learned that babies were a good source of crumbs to catch so he was always underfoot at meal times.

    Tucker would go ballistic to chase the squirrels in our yard. We could just say "squirrel" and he would race to the door to get out. He never caught them. I think that was just part of the expressing of his herding instinct. There are paths in the woods around our home where he always ran the same course over and over again chasing the elusive varmits.

    He was my alarm clock for the 6 am potty times. He also kept dropping the ball on my head until I would throw it for him. I wish I had thrown it more. I think once I knew this day would come that I would wish I had done more.

    I just didn't expect it so soon.

    I will miss you Tucker.


    Sneaky TIMES-ing

    The first thing that came to mind the day of the vote to renew the Patriot Act for me was "Why did the Times choose to publish this wiretap story today?" Like most of us in the blogging world I smelled a rat.

    Now we find they have been sitting on it since before the election in 2004? There is a big backstory to this story here. I wish we knew all of it.



    Pick the leader from the group below:
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    a) Screamin Dean

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    b) John McCain

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    c) George W. Bush

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    d) Bill Clinton

    After the President's speech last night, who is the leader? Who makes a decision and stands by it? Who takes a bold stand and is firm on his convictions? Who owns up to mistakes like a real man?

    Of course my answer is C. I think you would be hard pressed to prove those virtues to the other selections.

    Mormon Challenge

  • Galatians 1:8
  • to your founder's claims
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    But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

    Here are the links to Joseph Smith's story of his encounter with "Jesus and God":
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
  • lds-mormon.com

  • wasatchnet.net

  • At this point I am forced to believe that this invalidates both the vision of Joseph Smith as well as the vision of Mohammed. Here is my surprise Mormon wake up call: Muhammad saw a vision very much similar to Joseph Smith's and it also said that those dastardly Christians were wrong but that Jesus was a great guy!

    This alone should stop a Mormon and a Muslim in his philosophical tracks to reconsider. Both of these visions occurred after Paul's written admonition to be wary of this type of happening from his letter to Galatians.

    Are there good Mormons and Muslims out there who do good things and are good people? Sure there are! However all three faiths believe that good actions will not get you into heaven. The only consistent characters are that of Jesus and his opponent Satan.

    The implication is that these visions were not from a heavenly source but provided in deception by Satan. If the anti-Christ is the foundation of your religion then no amount of decoration will make it Christian or right. I'm not saying these individuals who practice this religion are wrong, only saying that they have been deceived.

    Logically I must also assert that if you are not giving your heart to Jesus you will not go to heaven. It isn't the friendly and nice thing to say, but I'm talking eternity here and I don't want to see anyone deceived.


    Romney: Mormon Leadership?

    The man is a staunch Conservative, a successful Republican governor in the bluest of blue states: Massachusetts. He also has his target set on the White House in 2008.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Do I as a Christian think Mormonism is a cult? Why yes of course it is. Because Jesus and Satan are not brothers and GOD is not a space alien named Elohim who had intercourse with Mary to conceive Jesus. Among other valid reasons.

    With that said, Mormon values (outside of their twisting of Christianity) are very conservative. The main concern for me is a Mormon's ability to make judgments based on the facts.

    Joseph Smith said he believed the Bible and would not contradict any of it.
    Joseph Smith said he had a vision of "two beings of light telling him of a new gospel".
    In the New Testament that Smith professed as true, James tells us "do not even believe beings of light who preach a new gospel."

    Considering these points: clearly Joseph Smith contradicted himself. A true prophet of God with the message of God does not contradict himself.

    With that said, Mormons have some of the strongest socially conservative morales of any group of people you will ever find. I'd rather have a Mormon than a Liberal any day of the week. I may not like his religion, but I do like most of his positions on social issues.

    Taking CHRISTmas Back

    The receptionist at my company has great daily messages for us. Usually they are forwarded from her pastor, but not today... This heartfelt rant is from a sweet country girl who personifies what many in the Bible Belt are thinking. So I'll post it to share:

    Ok Ok Ok. This is it. We as Christians have given up a lot of our freedoms in the last few years. It started with taking prayer out of school, taking God out of the pledge of allegiance, Taking the ten Commandments down out of Public places. and much much more. And now we can't say Merry Christmas on t.v. or radio or go to a store and buy a Christmas tree? We have to buy a holiday tree.

    Hey if it weren't for Christ we wouldn't even have this holiday!!!!... How is saying Merry Christmas forcing my beliefs on people??? If anything the people taking all these things from us are trying to force us to give up our beliefs!!!. I thought America was a country we prided our selves on being Free!! What is free about this???

    Boy what a slap in the face this is to our soldiers fighting for our freedom over in Iraq.. We need to bring them home to fight for our Freedom here...Or better yet we as Christians need to take a stand. NO MORE!!!! What about our Christian President who says he prays everyday. He is the President why is he allowing this?? I know he can only do so much but I haven't heard anything. Is his name and job more important than Christ???

    People of other religions can celebrate whatever they want and we are told to smile and except that because we are a country that excepts everyone from everywhere. Well then these other people need to realize America was built on the Love of God. And Christians came from far and wide to have the right to worship Christ.. It was placed on our money!!! But I see they have no problem spending that... Who are these people that are taking that from us? Atheist??? Well you know what... these non-believers can just not believe and quit trying to take our God away from us. But we can still pray for them. People if we keep allowing God to be taken away from us Where is this going to leave our Children? I had to sit my 6 year old daughter down the other day and tell her: People are going try and take Christ away from you in this world. You can't let them you have to fight to keep Christ right here in America. Because if it is this bad now. Just imagine What it will be like when she has Children. These people that are forcing God out of our schools, court rooms, stores, homes, and other public places are the same ones that are going blame God for not being there when disaster strikes. Well what do you expect you force him to leave and he is going to. Then where will we be?

    I write this to get the word out. All Christians young and old we need to join together and fight for our rights. We need to fight for God. Get out your bibles and read. See all the wars the ones that came before us fought for God. Well if they can why can't we? People come on... Look at what all God has done for you. Stand up for Christ he sure has for you!!!!!!!!!.

    We need to form a chain lock our arms together march up to the high courts and refuse to lose our rights as Christians the freedom to pray, to speak of our lord, to sing his songs, to rejoice in our savior. I know some of you are thinking. It is just a Merry Christmas. Well I ask you how merry is it going be for your Children when you send them into a world where they can choose anything to be in there lives but Christ? Let's take a stand now, make a plan now.. no more waiting!

    We don't have to be violent but we can speak up and be heard. If the atheist and agnostics can well we can to. If we are not careful and take a stand now soon people will be offended by our Churches being on the side of the road and they will take those away as well.. Think it is impossible??? Well I bet you never though you'd lose your right to say Merry Christmas either.. Something to think about uh??? I am a proud Christian. I teach my Children to be proud as well. And I will say Merry Christmas as long as I have a breath in my body. I will fall to my knees in honor of my Savior Jesus Christ. And I will risk persecution or even death to do it. Christ did for me!! He did for us all. If you are ashamed of the Lord, he will be ashamed of you...

    Merry CHRISTmas everyone.

    That was her email. Now do you all understand why Christians feel the need to become politically active?



    Go Greek, ladies of Islam!
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    I was in a fraternity in college. It was an excuse to pay someone to provide me with a place to drink myself stupid and meet sorority girls. Sure there are Greek organizations for music, academia, scholars, etc-- and the Music Fraternity destroyed my apartment on several nights. Including one with the garbage-can (new, rubermaid, full-size) of hooch we made up... maybe another time.

    Point being that outside of a PR stunt and a place to gather the Muslim girls for chats, lavalier parties and occasional communal outreach programs I'm not sure what the big draw is to do this. Let me be clear: I don't have a problem with them doing this. The same campus has Catholic and Baptist student associations and I see no reason that Muslims should be excluded.

    What baffles me is the need to wrap the organization in a sorority? That reminds me, the girls always liked to decorate themselves with their colors. I wonder if the will make a sari to match for members?

    I had some completely tasteless jokes about the initiation rites for pledges but I'm sure the frat boys on campus beat me to them hours ago. I'll just show some taste and bite my tongue.



    ABC News/TIME poll linked in title suggests that the Iraqi people are happy? How can this be? I thought they were living under the thumb of the tyrannical western army that was being courageously attacked by just martyrs?
  • Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    If we review polling data and question types for traditional polls here in the US measuring exactly the same type of things measured in the Iraqi poll we see some interesting parallels. How can things be great where the individual is and in his life but terrible for the country?

    There is a common disconnect point in the social psyche. While "my" life may be safer, and "my" neighborhood is safer, I see bad things on TV and think "overall it is bad". "MY" life and "MY neighborhood are the exception to the rule and everything is great but it isn't great somewhere else.

    This happens all the time here. Polls say "respondents are happy and secure in their homes but worry about the national economy..." -sound familiar?

    Sure, the native population are getting antsy for the occupation armies to be out of there. Can't really blame them. A good way to think about these results is what do you know about your daily life and your friends/family versus the national condition? What you have to look at is what the respondents to a poll actually know: their own little slice of Iraq life. More electricity than not, better job outlook, food for the family and safe neighborhoods. These sentiments are universal across social, religious and party lines for the respondents.

    The broad-based positive response speaks volumes about the real improvements there.

    If you remove the relatively rare bombing incident (numerically one bombing for every 1000 car accidents as a speculative example) you begin to see the day-to-day life is not what is reported on our news networks. This poll proves the microscopic focus on the negative (and admittedly horrendous events) we have been seeing versus the positive aspects of most Iraqi daily lives.

    Somebody tell me how Howard Dean responded to this poll? I'll bet it was interesting.

    Hetero Explorers & Discoveries Only

    Having a little fun with this rant, there is no hate here just tongue in cheek with personal observations:

    If you are a Ford truck man and that's what you like then you ain't gay anymore. The company's corporate advertising Focus has changed for at least two of its flagship brands.

    The news release says Jag and Land Rover will no longer advertise in "Gay Publications". I wonder if pressure from American Family Association had anything to do with the decision?

    After asking that question I seriously doubt it. Maybe Toby Keith heard about the ad policy and voiced his concern over his masculinity?
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    By the way; does anyone really know where they got the name Montego?

    I've got to ask this question: should marketing decisions for a car be based on a sexual preference? Does that really sell cars? I like vanilla bean ice cream, should that be a marketing ploy for Ford?

    Either way the company still supports their homosexual employees lifestyle. I wonder how that fact plays here in the Bible belt?

    Christians Are Paranoid?

    Sure we might be paranoid, but is it really paranoia if they are actually out to get you?

    The girl in the linked article is suspended for wearing a crucifix while fellow students display their religious symbols of Islam? I'm so glad our founding fathers had the sense to break away from our tea-loving cousins.

    My "Put the X back in Christmas" story tells of a school system literally eradicating (change the words to Silent Night?) Christian concepts from the "December holiday season" but leaving in Jewish and Kwanza ideals?

    You are only paranoid if they aren't out to get you.


    EMP: The Old News Refreshed

    Just now hear about the nuke that could wipe out every computer in the country in one strike? Not a "special" nuke, just a "regular" nuke detonated approximately 200 miles above Chicago would wipe every computer chip in most of the Northern Hemisphere.

    "The signal from such an event extends to the visual horizon as seen from the burst point." Was what one paper from the 1980's said about EMP.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    It was a major part of the plot in a Batman comic book: The Dark Knight Falls. I that I think came out when Bush Sr. was in the White House?

    Just saying, these reporters make it sound so uniqe and fresh and actually the story is older than dirt.


    Putting the X in the Holiday

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    It used to be that people would put the X where Christ would go in Christmas. While it was a shorthand way to write the holiday, everyone knew what the X stood for. People made a big deal out of that X-mas. With the news I see today I long for those simpler days:

    Donald Wildman's American Family Association is telling us about a Wisconsin public school system that is militantly removing all "Christ" references from their "Holiday Program"- including but not limited to changing the words to silent night? I thought I was up at arms about the Pledge of allegiance and now this?

    The AFA is right to be paranoid and angry because this is a specific state-institution sponsored anti-Christian attack because Kwanza and Hanukkah is still mentioned.

    Y'all tell me again how Christians don't need to be active in what is going on with our government. Give me a refresher course on the difference between state-endorsed religion and state-restricted religion? Show me how the actions of the aren't bigoted when Hanukkah and Kwanza are still supported?

    Tell me the founding fathers meant for Christmas to be eradicated.

    The good news is the AFA's efforts are paying off. Target, Sears, Mercantile stores are all putting Christmas back in Christmas displays everywhere.

    Heckling Coulter @ UCONN

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    I am usually a big fan of Coulter. I do admire her moxie in taking on the hostile crowd in a Q & A session at UCONN where she was invited to speak. The hecklers were relentless and she opted to end her speech early and go direct.

    One of her questions was "What do you do if you find out your child is gay?" and her response that has irked me: "Did I tell you that you're adopted?"

    UGH! ANN!!!!

    I'm annoyed because the statement reinforces the negative stereotype of "someone else's child not my own." Let me be perfectly clear: her ignorant statement is annoying but I'm not hurt. It isn't hate speech, it's just speech revealing an ignorance. It is also an ignorance I once shared but circumstances have taught me a different lesson.

    In contrast we have the relentless "feelings-worn-on-sleeve" whiner counter-protest which as far as I can tell has NOTHING to do with Coulter's actual words:

    Hana Kim, 20, of Stamford, cried as she recalled her experience hearing two young men express shock and disapproval in a loud conversation that a friend was dating an "Asian chick."

    My note to Ms. Kim: suck it up and get over it. If those morons make you that mad go on the attack, don't cry about it! Quit comparing Coulter's blunt conservatism to moronic racism, it isn't the same thing. For example: being against a sexual choice is NOT RACISM! Frankly, I'd cringe to think about those two boys if Coulter had heard that comment. Ms. Kim, Coulter is the girl you would want standing beside you the next time someone says something that hurtful and stupid.

    To the rest of the counter protestors: why is it ok for the First Amendment not to apply to conservatives? Why do you attack with ridicule instead of with ideas? Where is your courage to stand up boldly instead of yelling from the shadows? Prove her speech is hate with your own words instead of silencing hers.

    You may not always like what she says or how she says it, but she has courage that many liberals lack.


    Who Hates Wal-Mart? Answer:

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    My family traditionally avoids Wal-Mart. Our local store is crowded and not well kept. We can go to Target and get everything we would buy at Wal-Mart and some items have had a much better quality in the past 5 years we have been shopping there (please note there have been improvements at WM recently). I also quit shopping there when I worked for a tobacco company and had endless headaches as a manufacturer's rep in dealing with their company.

    With that said: I'm very annoyed that my main alternative Target has kicked out Salvation Army bell ringers and "CHRIST-mas"... so I'm considering diving back into the big blue box. (Got to revise that, just got an email that Target is bringing back Christ in their holiday message.)

    Today I saw this article in JWR (linked in title) by Rich Lowery that is the key to Wal-Mart's bad publicity:

    Wal-Mart jobs are poorly paid compared to unionized jobs. Grocery clerks at unionized stores in California get paid nearly $18 an hour. But Wal-Mart passes its lower costs on to customers, who pay 17 percent to 39 percent less for groceries there.

    The answer lies in the Unions. Unions are rapidly declining in our country. If it weren't for Government unions there wouldn't be much growth in their ranks at all! Wal-Mart is the single biggest target for Unionization. I can just see the "big bosses" drooling over a $10 per week per employee donation from each of the 3337 stores (excluding the 550+ Sam's Clubs) every employee of the Wal-Mart rank and file.

    Here is a formula for you to clarify one week's worth of revenue to a union:
    (3337 stores) X ($10 per employee) X (200 -low estimate average # employees per store)= SIX MILLION PLUS DOLLARS PER WEEK...? Numbers source:
  • Wikipedia

  • Those same bosses are trying to protect their Unionized workers at the grocery competitors down the street from non-union Wal-Mart. The false demonizing of Wal-Mart is a lie because we know Wal-Mart has better percentages in every category regarding workers: % full time, % with medical insurance, % on medicade...

    Who exactly would benefit if Wal-Mart gave into these union thugs? Nobody but the Unions as far as I can see. Follow the dollars.

    Power of Negative Thinking

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Source linked in title: Saying the "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong," Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean predicted today that the Democratic Party will come together on a proposal to withdraw National Guard and Reserve troops immediately, and all US forces within two years.

    Go Dean Go! Fire us up with negative thinking. The war is won, but the battles are still on going. The war was to depose Saddam and have free elections. The battles to clean up insurgents are still ongoing but the war is won.

    Next very transparent ploy is to link Bush to a Watergate style conspiracy and criminal activity. Haven't you Dems updated the handbook in the last 20 years?

    Maybe the desperation stems from the improving
  • economy.

  • Maybe we should have left Saddam in power
  • torturing
  • his own
  • people.

  • Howard, I'd say get a grip but you are too much fun to watch.


    What Did Clinton Say Exactly?

    I'm reviewing this rah-rah fundraiser where Hillary spoke about the war in Iraq. As always, I'm reading to see what her focus group people have determined will strike a chord with likely voters.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Here is what we got from the Senator this time:
    "The time has come for the administration to stop serving up platitudes and present a plan for finishing this war with success and honor," she said. "I reject a rigid timetable that the terrorists can exploit, and I reject an open timetable that has no ending attached to it.

    "Instead, I think we need a plan for winning and concluding this war, and the president can begin by taking responsibilities for the false assurances, faulty evidence and mismanagement of this war."

    Permit me to translate:
    "I am standing firm on my NO BUSH platitude platform without saying anything else concrete just like that loser Kerry did because that's what my voters want to hear. I'm rejecting BUSH and TERRORISTS while sounding reasonable and smart without actually saying anything at all. My plan to win the presidency is to refer back to this later either way this thing goes and make you see what you want to see. If I don't state my management or assurances about the war then you can't point the finger at me. This tactic won for my cheating husband so I'm on it too."

    That's what I'm reading anyway. It got her a standing ovation from her crowd. What does that say about those attending?


    Hillary Suspicions

    Lifesite News has a headline that likely indicates absolutely nothing. The story they report is that Hillary Clinton was a patient of Dr. William F. Harrison who also performed abortions. Here is an overview of "Doctor" Harrison from the

  • The tenuous link is found here on the Amazon Book review written by the Doctor
  • himself:

  • "I have known Bill and Hillary Clinton personally since they both moved to Fayetteville to teach at the University of Arkansas Law School in the early 70s. I met Hillary first as her physician and she soon introduced me to her then boyfriend, Bill. My wife and I became good friends with Bill and Hillary and strong supporters for his political campaigns over the years. I became very angry with Bill in one of his last races for Governor of Arkansas because of what I perceived as a weakness on the abortion issue when I knew that he was a strong supporter of abortion rights. We had some harsh written words about what I considered his failure to live by his beliefs on the issue and his failure to recognize that he would never be able to gain access to any significant support from the religious right on this issue and I felt that he was abandoning his beliefs in a failed attempt to perhaps gain an extremely few possible votes by not supporting a friend. (Me. I was then a practicing ob-gyn providing abortions, which I considered was an extremely important part of my practice - for which I was receiving heavy attacks from the radical prolifers in our state.)"

    The "What Hillary Stands For" devil on the shoulder says she did it. The "Truth Not Folklore" angel on the other shoulder says write what you know. I know they knew each other. I know Hillary is pro-choice. I know this abortion "doctor" claims she was his patient. That's NOT concrete but as the senate said "It is very much grounds for investigation."

    Funny thing, even the doctor agrees as an abortionist he is "taking a life." I would submit for your approval that this in fact violates his Hippocratic oath "First do no harm." However the logic seems to be lacking from his perspective.

  • psuedo moralisms/li> from the doctor who averaged killing one person per week for the last 30 years.

    Here, email him yourself: Wharri3365@cox-internet.com
  • Iatollahs With Nukes continued

    Attention anyone younger than 26, you likely have no memory of a few things including the fact that a religious leader ordered the storming of the American Embassy in Tehran and took Americans hostage while Jimmy Carter was president.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Even if you were not aware that this had happened, exactly how many international diplomatic understandings and agreements were violated by that act?

    Now get this: witnesses
  • strongly assert
  • that one of the men who took part in that heinous act has been elected PRESIDENT of Iran. However this information is in
  • dispute.

  • Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Now ask yourself if it is ok for that former hostage taker (at worst, spook and murderer at least) to have nuclear weapons. Ask yourself if his government were to fall (again) to radical Muslim extremists would it be a good idea to let them have nukes? Is it a good idea for someone with PROVEN HISTORY of crimes AGAINST AMERICANS to have nukes at his command?

    JANE'S link in the title suggests that weponizing uranium is EXACTLY what the Iranians are about to do at their Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility (pictured below) because they are making legislation to prohibit UN weapons inspections. Just so we are clear, "enrichment" is the crucial step in making a weapon.

    I'm much more worried about Iran having the weapons than North Korea. You should be too.

    Liberal Jews?

    Jee, that gives an odd twist to the term oxymoron.

    Bad puns aside, this article has some surprising stupidity and ignorance being voiced by liberal Jewish leaders: anti-Christian and pro-choice Jews?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Abraham Foxman (pictured above), national director of the Anti-Defamation League, speaking to the group'’s national leadership here last week, signaled a sharp shift in ADL policy by directly attacking several prominent religious right groups and challenging their motives, which he said include nothing less than Christianizing America."

  • Hey Foxman, would you prefer a
  • Muslim America?

  • Hey Foxman: check out the news lately?
  • Christian schoolgirls beheaded

  • Gunmen attack Church

  • Hey Foxman: ever heard the saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" unless of course you don't really believe in all of that "Yahweh" stuff...

    OH, and Foxman ain't the only one!
    There is also
  • Rabbi Eric Yoffie,
  • Image hosted by Photobucket.com(pictured above) president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism. He seems to equate sexual preference choices to being Jewish. He also seems to think if the "Fundamentalist Christians" had their way we would be state sponsoring the printing of bibles.

    Guys, come on. It isn't like that. Christians aren't out to force anyone to convert. We just want to build protections against what we see as attacks on our rights and faith. I seriously doubt Christians would seek to behead a gay buddhist because of his religion or sexual preference. I can't say that about Muslims.

    After reading this article I have a freshly invigorated contempt for liberal thought. When a leading Jewish Liberal can put his head beside his pancreas (an amazing feat with his foot in his mouth at the same time) and choose to attack Christians in this world situation there can be no excuses. These examples are the purest expression of the proverb "thank a fool for opening his mouth and revealing himself."