Iatollahs With Nukes continued

Attention anyone younger than 26, you likely have no memory of a few things including the fact that a religious leader ordered the storming of the American Embassy in Tehran and took Americans hostage while Jimmy Carter was president.
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Even if you were not aware that this had happened, exactly how many international diplomatic understandings and agreements were violated by that act?

Now get this: witnesses
  • strongly assert
  • that one of the men who took part in that heinous act has been elected PRESIDENT of Iran. However this information is in
  • dispute.

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    Now ask yourself if it is ok for that former hostage taker (at worst, spook and murderer at least) to have nuclear weapons. Ask yourself if his government were to fall (again) to radical Muslim extremists would it be a good idea to let them have nukes? Is it a good idea for someone with PROVEN HISTORY of crimes AGAINST AMERICANS to have nukes at his command?

    JANE'S link in the title suggests that weponizing uranium is EXACTLY what the Iranians are about to do at their Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility (pictured below) because they are making legislation to prohibit UN weapons inspections. Just so we are clear, "enrichment" is the crucial step in making a weapon.

    I'm much more worried about Iran having the weapons than North Korea. You should be too.