Go Greek, ladies of Islam!
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I was in a fraternity in college. It was an excuse to pay someone to provide me with a place to drink myself stupid and meet sorority girls. Sure there are Greek organizations for music, academia, scholars, etc-- and the Music Fraternity destroyed my apartment on several nights. Including one with the garbage-can (new, rubermaid, full-size) of hooch we made up... maybe another time.

Point being that outside of a PR stunt and a place to gather the Muslim girls for chats, lavalier parties and occasional communal outreach programs I'm not sure what the big draw is to do this. Let me be clear: I don't have a problem with them doing this. The same campus has Catholic and Baptist student associations and I see no reason that Muslims should be excluded.

What baffles me is the need to wrap the organization in a sorority? That reminds me, the girls always liked to decorate themselves with their colors. I wonder if the will make a sari to match for members?

I had some completely tasteless jokes about the initiation rites for pledges but I'm sure the frat boys on campus beat me to them hours ago. I'll just show some taste and bite my tongue.