Romney: Mormon Leadership?

The man is a staunch Conservative, a successful Republican governor in the bluest of blue states: Massachusetts. He also has his target set on the White House in 2008.

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Do I as a Christian think Mormonism is a cult? Why yes of course it is. Because Jesus and Satan are not brothers and GOD is not a space alien named Elohim who had intercourse with Mary to conceive Jesus. Among other valid reasons.

With that said, Mormon values (outside of their twisting of Christianity) are very conservative. The main concern for me is a Mormon's ability to make judgments based on the facts.

Joseph Smith said he believed the Bible and would not contradict any of it.
Joseph Smith said he had a vision of "two beings of light telling him of a new gospel".
In the New Testament that Smith professed as true, James tells us "do not even believe beings of light who preach a new gospel."

Considering these points: clearly Joseph Smith contradicted himself. A true prophet of God with the message of God does not contradict himself.

With that said, Mormons have some of the strongest socially conservative morales of any group of people you will ever find. I'd rather have a Mormon than a Liberal any day of the week. I may not like his religion, but I do like most of his positions on social issues.