Heckling Coulter @ UCONN

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I am usually a big fan of Coulter. I do admire her moxie in taking on the hostile crowd in a Q & A session at UCONN where she was invited to speak. The hecklers were relentless and she opted to end her speech early and go direct.

One of her questions was "What do you do if you find out your child is gay?" and her response that has irked me: "Did I tell you that you're adopted?"

UGH! ANN!!!!

I'm annoyed because the statement reinforces the negative stereotype of "someone else's child not my own." Let me be perfectly clear: her ignorant statement is annoying but I'm not hurt. It isn't hate speech, it's just speech revealing an ignorance. It is also an ignorance I once shared but circumstances have taught me a different lesson.

In contrast we have the relentless "feelings-worn-on-sleeve" whiner counter-protest which as far as I can tell has NOTHING to do with Coulter's actual words:

Hana Kim, 20, of Stamford, cried as she recalled her experience hearing two young men express shock and disapproval in a loud conversation that a friend was dating an "Asian chick."

My note to Ms. Kim: suck it up and get over it. If those morons make you that mad go on the attack, don't cry about it! Quit comparing Coulter's blunt conservatism to moronic racism, it isn't the same thing. For example: being against a sexual choice is NOT RACISM! Frankly, I'd cringe to think about those two boys if Coulter had heard that comment. Ms. Kim, Coulter is the girl you would want standing beside you the next time someone says something that hurtful and stupid.

To the rest of the counter protestors: why is it ok for the First Amendment not to apply to conservatives? Why do you attack with ridicule instead of with ideas? Where is your courage to stand up boldly instead of yelling from the shadows? Prove her speech is hate with your own words instead of silencing hers.

You may not always like what she says or how she says it, but she has courage that many liberals lack.