Who Hates Wal-Mart? Answer:

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My family traditionally avoids Wal-Mart. Our local store is crowded and not well kept. We can go to Target and get everything we would buy at Wal-Mart and some items have had a much better quality in the past 5 years we have been shopping there (please note there have been improvements at WM recently). I also quit shopping there when I worked for a tobacco company and had endless headaches as a manufacturer's rep in dealing with their company.

With that said: I'm very annoyed that my main alternative Target has kicked out Salvation Army bell ringers and "CHRIST-mas"... so I'm considering diving back into the big blue box. (Got to revise that, just got an email that Target is bringing back Christ in their holiday message.)

Today I saw this article in JWR (linked in title) by Rich Lowery that is the key to Wal-Mart's bad publicity:

Wal-Mart jobs are poorly paid compared to unionized jobs. Grocery clerks at unionized stores in California get paid nearly $18 an hour. But Wal-Mart passes its lower costs on to customers, who pay 17 percent to 39 percent less for groceries there.

The answer lies in the Unions. Unions are rapidly declining in our country. If it weren't for Government unions there wouldn't be much growth in their ranks at all! Wal-Mart is the single biggest target for Unionization. I can just see the "big bosses" drooling over a $10 per week per employee donation from each of the 3337 stores (excluding the 550+ Sam's Clubs) every employee of the Wal-Mart rank and file.

Here is a formula for you to clarify one week's worth of revenue to a union:
(3337 stores) X ($10 per employee) X (200 -low estimate average # employees per store)= SIX MILLION PLUS DOLLARS PER WEEK...? Numbers source:
  • Wikipedia

  • Those same bosses are trying to protect their Unionized workers at the grocery competitors down the street from non-union Wal-Mart. The false demonizing of Wal-Mart is a lie because we know Wal-Mart has better percentages in every category regarding workers: % full time, % with medical insurance, % on medicade...

    Who exactly would benefit if Wal-Mart gave into these union thugs? Nobody but the Unions as far as I can see. Follow the dollars.