Imus and Liberal Rascism

Which quote lands someone in hot water?

Quote 1:
"... he only defended Janet Reno because she was attacked by a black guy."
Quote 2:
"...they are a rough looking bunch of nappy-headed hoes."
Quote 3:
"If the Jews want to get it on tell them to pin their yammakas back and come over to my house."

Disgusting slurs in all of those quotes, right? Offensive, right?

I'm not saying these people don't have the right to open their mouths and say something stupid. I'm also not saying I like Imus; point of fact he is a fool and anyone who expects him not to say stuff like this is incapable of learning from history. He gets paid well for having these racist points of view that have been expressed multiple times over the years.

So far only Quote 2 has been forced to be apologized for.

What I am saying is that liberals support of racism is illogical in that they permit Sharpton and Clinton as elected officials to make public racist comments. Yet they get angry when talk show idiots spout off presumably who have previously been given carte blanch to do so in the past?