ACLU Christmas Surprise

When the bad guys do something unexpected and nice it's good to point it out. They said it's ok to screen THE NATIVITY STORY movie at a public school.

Go figure.


Nativity Excommunicated

Check out the MYWAY news article from Chicago linked in the title.

The celebration of Christmas cannot be marred by the theme of the nativity? Does that make sense? Does your office buy a birthday cake for your birthday then exclude you from the party? Is it MLK day without MLK- who was a minister so isn't that religious? Is Saint Patricks day next (hey, he's a saint and that's Catholic) because the color green offends non-catholics who are forced to think about some Catholic guy?

I'll step back into history and recognize that December 25th was originally a pagan holiday that the council of Nicea set as Christ's birthday...

I'll stop there since most people glaze over that far into a history lesson. Let's just end with the absense of common sense is beginning to make me sick. For those of you who really get it, I wish you a Merry Christmas.


Titans Vs. Giants: NEVER GIVE UP

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NFL HISTORY was made Sunday. Down 21 to nothing in the 4th quarter, the Titans came back to stun everyone by beating the Giants in final score of 24 to 21. A great play by play and detailed account is linked in the title. I found out about it when I came back home and heard Al Michales talking about it on Sunday Night Football and found myself dropping what was in my hand in shock and cheering in the kitchen.

The only part I'm mad about is I had to leave and walked away from the game right as the late hit was called against Giants cornerback Walker for the elbow to Young's helmet out of bounds. That apparently was the play that changed everything.

The second alternatie title for my rant: Pacman's redemption.

What a game!


Scholarship & Logic

Read the link about the Boston University group offering a $250 scholarship to anyone who is "at least 25% white"; then think.

If you are going to fight racism can you do it with racism? Can you battle evil with evil? Can you overcome selective segregation with reverse segregation?

If you are thinking that this doesn't work then you get the point these students are trying to make. Also note that they had to talk the University into allowing this scholarship because initially the reaction was "this is racist and we won't allow it". This lack of logic should not have to be explained!

Obviously it needs to be explained if you are a liberal. Then if you are a liberal it's ok to put down this generation of white people for something their great-grandparents leaders might have done. You might even go so far as to demand money from this generations for something done 150 years ago to someone else's great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

Speaking of which, as a descendant of a formerly oppressed group I want my reparations from the English for the slavery of my Irish ancestors. If I ran the numbers right then 25% of me owes the other 75% some cash.


Freedom firsts GLARING Omission

I stumbled into some interesting thinking. I choose the positive term interesting versus the negative term of twisted. Freedom First is a great site to go to if you are against prayer in school, against the religious right in politics, against creationism and last but not least if you are pro-abortion.

Frankly they advocate topics that I'm generally at odds with. If I remember at least one old joke that "as long as there are tests there will be prayer in school" rings true and could be called quixotic pursuit on their part. However I do credit them for their attempt at making a credible link to the founding fathers writings and philosophies. It has nice packaging and a smooth interface and is easy to navigate. The topics are concisely covered for my commercial-break level attention span which can be readily found in the masses of souls educated in our liberal school system.

Then there was the glaring omission. IF you are for free speech. IF you are for separation of religion and politics. IF you genuinely think that those topics are part of our founding father's core beliefs then why do you actively ignore the amendments to the Constitution?

WHERE is the button that says "NO GUN CONTROL" with the caption of "Our founding fathers knew that the key to keeping government honest was to have an armed populace who could defend themselves from tyranny. We advocate every American legally possessing a fire arm. Click here to join or learn more about how you can support the Second Amendment."

Is that so shocking a question in context?

I think if I email that question to the web guys there I'll be ignored. I think if I question the members I'll be branded a "gun pushing nutcase" or something equally unkind and will find my thoughts deleted.

Permit me to label the argument to all the Baptists out there who are big fans of that site: it's like the Bible. We cannot pick and choose to overlook Biblical verses where women are not to teach men and that a church should have elders who decide and deacons who work. That clearly Jesus stated that work is meaningless if your heart is not for God first. That the only way to heaven is through Jesus. So also we cannot invent the idea that a religious man (such as Dr. Dobson but not a specific endorsement of him) organizing other like minded people to vote a certain way is in some way pushing religion instead of defending a moral ideal. That the religious man's actions in some way constitute an imposition of religion where all that is intended is for the limitations of forcing legal acceptance of issues where our founding fathers never dreamed we would tread.

Telling someone that you don't want a Judge to change morality is not the same as forcing someone to worship under a state religion. Quite frankly I'm tired of hearing this ignorant argument.


What Fiscal Problem?

click the title, the WSJ article says it all, thank you for reading


Chinese Long Term Plan

Chinese sub stalks US carrier and surfaces well within torpedo range, article linked in title.
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It's been almost half a year since I wrote a regular piece about China. I feel that they are looking to take the US on at some point in the near future. Every time I say something like that I have some love-and-cookies type tell me I'm nuts. By the time I show them the evidence even the die-hard peace lover starts to be paranoid.

Then this sub incident. What does it look like from a military perspective?

It looks like China just shot us the military middle finger. They used their ultra-quiet submarine from Russia, snuck past the layers of security including our own submarines and surface-anti-sub ships. They got within sight distance of a carrier and hung out laughing at us. If they had an inkling, two torpedoes would have completely disabled our carrier or possibly sunk it.

Why is that a big deal? A carrier is more than a ship. It is the key to the projection of our power and influence. While the liberal peace lovers might say we don't deserve this ability, they should also remember that Taiwan certainly deserves the right to exist as a sovereign nation. Then factor in China's resolve to return the "renegade Provence" back to their control and you might see a problem even for a liberal.

So, let's review the evidence:
1) steal ballistic missile data
2) steal aegis plans and build a copy
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3) purchase quiet Russian subs
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4) refurbish Russian aircraft carrier (a gray casino? riiiight)
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5) ally with major oil producer and US enemy Iran
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6) buy top-notch US equipment from idiotic US ally Israel
7) stockpile oil reserves-useful if you expect interruptions from war
8) show the US Navy the middle finger.

I'd say we are closer to war than I would like. My biggest concern of all: that the USA is so short-sighted that we will be caught with our pants down. Here is a plausible plan from the Chi-commies:

Amass a large force ready to strike Taiwan. Send one submarine to put missiles into our Alaskan oil production facility bottlenecks. Followed by a couple of strikes on power generation facilities on the west coast. Torpedo the stern of our carrier presence in western Pacific. Simultaneously Iran sabotages the oil terminals of its rivals in the gulf and maybe plants a nuke in Israel. China would need to take out Diego Garcia to stretch our long range capabilities. While the USA wonders what happened and licks its wounds, take back Taiwan.

Several fiction writers have come up with these scenarios already so I'm not writing anything fresh or new. My question is what stage of planning are they in and what do we not know?

How do you think Pelosi would react to this scenario? What about Hillary?


Congrats and Hang On

Last night I rented MI3 and my family had a quiet evening away from broadcast news. I highly recommend that formula for a reduced-stress life. BTW: I didn't like the movie, it was disjointed and empty but had some great action.

Speaking of disjointed and empty: Pelosi is the speaker of the house. This is a condition I virtually guarantee will not continue through the 2008 cycle. Once the democrats hammer us with their anti-semetic Chalie Rangel as head (?) of the finance committee we will get a taste of why Republicans are the lesser of the two evils.

I am thrilled to see so many marriage amendments go in favor of traditional marriage! It's nice to see that common sense isn't lost on so many Americans.

The Senate is still up for grabs as I write this. At least those of us in Tennessee did our part and voted in Corker instead of the former "bellweather shoe-in Ford".

Funny how Tennessee isn't a bellweather anymore when Ford loses.



Voting cards are missing from an early polling place in Tennessee. In a state whose length from Memphis to Kingsport is greater than the distance from Nashville to Canada, guess where it happened?

Could it possibly be happening in Shelby County AKA Memphis? Home of the infamous Ford
  • political machine?

  • The same group credited with making sure that dead people voted for
  • Ophelia Ford?

  • Naw, couldn't happen there with all those good
  • honest
  • Ford supporters!

    While Jr. may love his family he's got to love the support that name automatically earns!