In the aftermath of Katrina, those are my words of wisdom. Help is on its way, and my family will be one of many praying and contributing what we can to assist.

Personally I've got a yard full of limbs to clean up but that's all. No big deal. For those of you who lost everything I say this: you are still here. Your purpose still is not finished yet.
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Now if you live in New Orleans, I'd say you were gambling that this wouldn't happen: the bowl below 3 bodies of water wouldn't ever get flooded. Now that it has happened, do you choose to go back or move somewhere above sea level? Am I heartless and callous? Maybe. I prefer to call myself a realist. As everyone puts the pieces back together I'd urge you to consider this question carefully before you move back.

For those of us who are hurting in the pocket book with gas and insurance prices: don't panic, things will get back to normal for the rest of us. Don't horde gas and water. Don't honk or be belligerent in these gas lines. This is going to be like Y2k... no big deal in a few weeks. We as a nation have recovered quickly from far worse than this.
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As for Airlines, y'all are toast. Southwest is going to own everybody pretty soon because they operate cheap and the fat cats are choking on the unexpected gas prices.

Again: DON'T PANIC. Nothing gained by panic. Just gather your wits and whatever else you have left and focus on the next 5 minutes. Then gradually work up to tomorrow and so on. It's all y'all can do.


We Owe The Iraqi People

The problem with being an honest conservative is that sometimes you see things you don't necessarily like, but your honesty makes you realize they are right. I stumbled onto the site while researching Ollie North. It is linked in the title and the points are both factual and intelligently applied. It's very true that we owe them for what we helped their leaders do over the past 30 years.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
December 20, 1983. Donald Rumsfeld , then a civilian and now Defense Secretary, meets with Saddam Hussein to assure him of US friendship and materials support.

I can't help but think that some of that guilt came to play in the decision making process that led us to where we are today. I also find it ironic that Rumsfeld was "in charge" of the military to take down someone he had personally pledged an alliance with. Interesting history to say the least.


Katrina Aid

This sucker looks bad! Y'all better get some extra bungee cords for the single wide!

I'm just so glad that the people of the world will step up to help those ravaged by this hurricane! I look forward to all the Chinese, Indonesian, Muslim relief workers who are going to pour into New Orleans to help out after such devastation.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Tongue planted firmly in cheek of course.

Now to something serious:
My next though is a prayer for those in the Superdome, I was wondering why they seemed to think it was immune to the damage but unconfirmed scattered news reports now say the roof has torn? Yikes! To think the authorities recommended that people with disabilities go there for safety? I do not want to second guess that decision, but it does sound scary now doesn't it?
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Sheehan & Sharpton

Was listening to Sean Hannity on the way home Friday and got to hear him interview the left-reverend Al Sharpton regarding his upcoming media event with Cindy Sheehan.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hannity took a moment to question Sharpton about supporting the voice of the person who calls our president a "fascist" and who says "America is not worth dying for."
He even had some sound bytes for Al's benefit.

The best that Sharpton could say was "I do not know that she has said those things." Which translates to: I'm going to tear my PR person a new one cause I just got ambushed and made to look like the idiot I am!

Sharpton, how can we not see you as a shallow political dips#@t when you plot to get media face time on the coattails of someone and you don't even know what they are actually saying? If you go there, you look like you agree with EVERYTHING Cindy says. Believe me, even a liberal like you doesn't want to go there. Sheehan is way off her rocker and doesn't care what she says as long as it hurts Bush.
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It never ceases to amaze me at the short term memory of a liberal. How convenient it was for Clinton to say "the buck stops over there" at Janet Reno's desk when it came to the violation of Elian Gonzales' rights. You see, the immigration law was specific in that Elian had the right to stay here in the US. However Castro insisted, Clinton caved, and the storm troopers that the Libs always shout about were USED BY THE LIBERALS.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Doublespeak it boys. Some Pigs are Better than Others! Say what you mean as long as it fits your agenda. I just had to blog this when I saw that site "saveourliberties" linked in the title. It should read "We don't Like Bush so here's our site". Where were you when Elian's rights were crushed in Miami? Why now? What is different other than the administration?

I pray for Elian when I remember to. How he survived without his mother and Castro's mental re-programming. You liberals should remember that when you cry about liberties. The Cuban population should also remember that when you go to the polls to vote.

Boomer Liberal Wishfulness, Oil & Votes

Bear with me on this: I love my Yankee Aunt. She is literally a boomer born to southern parents who had migrated to Detroit for factory work post WWII. The rest of the family came back but she never really left. Now she's a retired school teacher who keeps insisting I get a "good government job". (You can tell she's Yankee, if she were redneck it would be "good gov'mint job").

Some of my country cousins brought up the scariness China's joint exercises with Russia and I brought up the menace of the aircraft carrier Vayrag-which they had not heard about. My die-hard liberal aunt says (harrumphing breath)"If we just take away our bias, why is it wrong for them to be able to defend themselves." Yeah you can guess I didn't take this well. I quickly took into context that she does not understand the use of aircraft carrier has nothing to do with defense and everything to do with projection of power. So I responded nice, but with resignation: "And most countries don't use tanks on student protestors either."

I didn't get a response on that one. Also why I don't bring up politics or world events at family gatherings.

She obviously thinks the leaders in Beijing are just like her next door neighbors. That everyone should just "get along". Liberal wishfulness mixed with a total denial of history. She genuinely believes we as the USA do not have the right to be the most powerful nation on earth.

She also said that oil prices are high because the "oil robber barons are in the White House". My wife responded that the Chinese are using a lot more oil than they used to but my aunt just rolled her eyes. Jee, who controls Iraq, and who has possession of the oil fields there? If we are a fascist evil warmongering country then shouldn't we be paying like $1 per gallon because of all of the oil we now control? Or did we give the Iraqi people control of their oil?

Even worse she has my cousins saying "We voted for Kerry (get this) because we should "give someone else a chance to run the country"... THAT's a reason to make someone President? Because it's his turn? This ain't kickball! You vote because of a belief in what the candidate stands for. Not because you vote against his opponent!

I know her generation has a hard time seeing things in a conservative light and she is a reflection of that. Just sometimes what she says shows that she is sticking her head in the sand rather than face facts and it really drives me nuts. If she could give me a logical argument on what she thinks then that would be different. However mostly it's just what makes her feel good to say. My comments and questions usually just frustrate her.

Did I mention her oldest daughter is going to spend another year in Taiwan doing research? Maybe my aunt doesn't want what I say to make sense because of that.


Loving Sinners & Religion VS. Jesus

Here is a thoughtful comment from my "California has 2 Mommies" post:

JTL said...
The "love the sinner, hate the sin" thing is a weird and tricky line to walk; it gets tougher as you think about it more.

But, as I thought about it today, a potential pratfall came out of the fog, which mixes psychology and theology...

Let's say you have a gay sister. You love her because she's your sister, but disapprove of who she finds attractive. Because (some interpretations of) Christianity see "lying with man as with woman" a sin (and ostensibly "lying with woman as with man"), that means unless your sister repents for her apparent transgressions, she's destined for hell.

Now, because you love your sister, you don't want to see her go to hell. So you try to get her to (a.) change her ways (which is genetically predetermined, and don't even try to argue this one), or (b.) repent for her apparent sin. Either way, if you're playing by the rules, you're going to be filling up her answering machine with messages pleading one or both of those cases.

The thing about Christianity that gives it a bad rap in some circles -- especially the evangelical flavours -- is that it actively tries to foist its opinions into everyone's life. Sure, it's written to "spread the Word far and wide" or something along those lines -- Jehovah's Witnesses take it very literally -- but this can lead down a very dark path, such as people like Ann Coulter suggesting we "kill [Muslim countries'] leaders and convert their people to Christianity."

And that ain't nice.

My response:
Jesus was very specific and only his answer is correct-or HIM as THE answer is correct. Sure there are frustrating situations out there, but here is the solution to your question:

  • We are NOT called to judge.

  • We are NOT called to condemn.

  • We are not called to choose for someone else
  • .
  • We are not yet PERFECT but are being shaped by Jesus

  • Our calling is this:
  • speak confession that Jesus as lord and savior

  • Love your enemies

  • Tell everybody

  • Do not confuse religion with Jesus. Religion is ritual created by man-and that
  • won't
  • get you into heaven. (Sorry Mormons & Muslims!).

    Will some go to hell?
  • Sure,
  • and there really isn't much you can do to control someone else. That's between them and God- even if it is your own mother! Quite frankly, I'm worried about mine!

    There really isn't any more to it than that. Yes, if a fellow Christian is having problems you offer a hand (so-called Christians are known for "shooting the wounded" or being harsh and judgmental). Like when Pat Robertson shot off his mouth the other day. Pat had a stupid moment and said something that definitely was not what Jesus would approve of. He apologized and we move on. I don't know if Ann Coulter is a Christian but she sure has a sharp tongue that is mostly good but sometimes bad.

    As for the Gay issue specifically: I've had gay family, friends and co-workers in my past. I don't think their sin is worse than my addiction to online porn. God hates all sin, period.

    As an aside about the Jehovah's Witnesses: they used to believe that there would only be 144,000 people getting into heaven (ref: Revelation 7:1-4 & 14:1-3 ). I always wonder what they say to the 144,001 member: "sorry #144,001, you're out of luck dude but we have this lovely set of steak knives for your trouble."

    Suck Free TV

    From my earlier post you know that my family has initiated a campaign against this advertisement. If you want to know what horribe ad I'm referencing, just click this link:
  • Suck Free TV
  • .

    The focus of my complaint is this: While "suck" may be an occasionally acceptable word on TV it is not an acceptable word in my house for my 3 year old. The nature and usage in this ad campaign takes the word and repeats it so many times with such volume that it goes from being a mild annoyance to a nuisance.

    The local station manager at the Fox affiliate in town was very responsive. I have his cell phone number now. My NBC affiliate has been rather quiet... but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. As for the dish corporation,here is what I got:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Thank you for your email. As one of the fastest growing pay-TV providers in the nation, DISH Network must create numerous advertising messages that appeal to a national audience. At times, our advertising is intended to be humorous as well as informative about our new promotions. In this case, we believe it is important to send a wake-up call to cable customers who have been victimized by poor service, inferior technology and outrageous bills. We continue to refine and change our advertising to remain competitive in the marketplace with cable. We appreciate your feedback. It is important in helping us shape our company and our future direction.
    Wendy C.
    DISH Network

    My response was: thank you for sending me the brush off. You think this commercial is funny and you don't really care. I'll make sure my local affiliates get this copy of your callous response.


    Firefox: Pulling Plug

    I've tried firefox now for the past 60 days. First impressions: neat! I love the controls and access to history and cache. I like the tab/window feature. I LOVE the page identifier that shows you each component of the page you are viewing! However, it ain't enough.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Now I'm pulling the plug on the fox.

    First reason: my online banking and transfer features are not supported. Annoying but not the sole reason.

    Second: Spybot keeps catching tracking cookies. I thought the point of Firefox was to be more friendly to users? I guess everyone has to make money somehow but not on me thank you.

    Third: Running W2k pro and XP I have seen that Fox is a memory hog. Not only does it bog down my system, but when I close it the task manager shows the program is still running at like 15,000k of my ram! 15,000 when CLOSED? I have to end process tree to kill it. At least with iexplore I can close the window and it's actually closed. What is Fox doing with that memory when it is closed?

    Fourth: Why does it keep locking up on my system too? I open like 5 tabs and suddenly I'm frozen or syrup slow.

    Sorry guys, not recommending this anymore. I'm sure it's some kind of Gates conspiracy or something to sabotage your efforts. When I hear these kinks are out I might switch back.

    That reminds me: Google is starting to get way too commercial. It's losing its appeal fast too. Stay focused or lose your marketability guys! I'm pretty darn sure I'm not going to give up my yahoo ID that I've had for 10 years to get your email so don't bother.

    Racial Profiling: Dollars Stronger Than Blood

    Once again I read Michelle and she hits the nail on the head. Her article from JWR (linked in the title) about minority business initatives in our government "pinged" my mind to the obvious of what I do every day: I profile!

    I take applications for mortgages, (hopefully I'll close it too). I'm required by our beloved government to know your age, sex and race. If you choose not to answer it won't impact your loan but get this: they really want me to guess what you are anyway!

    Point being this: how is logical for them to assert the knowlege of race when measuring mortgage activity versus protecting against terrorist activity? Apparently, the government's logic says I will discriminate (which is stupid, because if you don't get the loan I don't get paid-but some pig-head might discriminate so I'll leave it be). Your government is out to control those dollars with profiling.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    They use this method because it WORKS to catch DISCRIMIATION if it does for some reason occur. Why can't this EFFECTIVE METHOD be applied to counter-terrorism? Because we as a country once supported slavery 140 years ago and some people haven't figured out that we are past that now. Now if we want to stop a group from being bad we have to punish everybody to make it "fair".

    What a load of feel-good-liberal crap. Screen the middle-eastern peoples and you'll catch terrorists. Igonre the oriental grandmothers and fat white guys because the odds are favorable that they aren't members of Hamas or Al Qaeda!

    Money matters more than blood folks. Never doubt that. Our country shows that every stinking day that they don't use profiling on terrorists yet do on loan applications. It's just plain wrong and STUPID.


    California Has Two Mommies

    Judicial Activism strikes again! Kids can have two mommies thanks to the miracle of artificial impregnation and the curse of Judes legislating from the bench.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Here's the root of the problem:
    In the case of Elisa B. v. Superior Court, the California Supreme Court held that a lesbian who had agreed to raise the children born to her partner, but who then split up with her partner, was required to pay child support for the minors as a parent. And in K.M. v. E.G., the court held that the existence of a written waiver of rights did not prevent a lesbian woman who had donated ova to her partner for in vitro fertilization from asserting rights as a parent. Meanwhile, in Kristine H. v. Lisa R., the court found that a stipulation signed by the natural mother conferred a legal right to her lesbian partner to exercise the role of a parent over the child.

    This trio of decisions by the state high court means that parenting, custody, and child support laws in California will now apply to homosexual couples who conceived through artificial insemination.

    I can't help but be dissapointed and slapping a big "here is the reason behind Justice Sunday" into everyone's face. Anyone give me one good reason why Churches should not be standing up to this assault on the family? Anyone really think that Daddies are just sperm donors? Anyone think the village really does fill in the gaps from home? Show me the mechanic who changed your kids diaper!

    Does anyone deny that this is a stepping stone to legalizing gay marriage? The not-so-funny thing is that truth has caught up with fiction again!
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    (PS: I've got another rant coming on artificial insemination too, that's going to be fun.)

    Vermont Country Club Repblicans-WHO CARES

    Allow me to paint a snowy picture with the brisk sounds of maple syrup pouring from the trees. Ahh Vermont, land of trees, syrup and liberal yankees. For those of you who didn't know, Vermont is a State in the USA and not a city in Canada.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Now some nut case democrat is running in a republican costume.
    Dennis Morrisseau, 62, of West Pawlet, plans to seek the Republican nomination to run for U.S. House of Representatives. The seat is being vacated by Rep. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., who plans a run for the U.S. Senate.

    A central part of his platform, Morrisseau said, will be bringing articles of impeachment against Bush.

    Apparently both of the repblicans in that state don't like his silly war. Last I heard one of those Republicans threatened to walk across the street to Canada if Morrisseau won.

    More developments as breaking news happens!

    Fat Chick Thin Skinned

    What happens when a truthful Doctor confronts a fat patient? He gets sued. I love this country! Maybe her skin was streched thin by the extra fat?

    Just click the title!

    Dish Decisions Suck

    I was sitting there having dinner in the kitchen with my wife and 3-year-old last night. We keep the news on some nights while we eat. Occasionally we watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns because they are so true to life.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Suddenly the tv voice was saying "My TV sucks"?

    The wife and I exchange glaces of mutual horror and she reached out and changed the channel.

    Dish Network has this horrible new ad campaign by
  • Publicis Groupe's Publicis in the West
  • about how cable
  • "SUCKS"
  • and the Dish is better. While I'm not opposed to truth in advertising, there are just some things that should be considered before running a NATIONAL AD CAMPAIGN with an OBJECTIONABLE WORD prominently put there. I don't want my 3 year old saying that word and quite frankly I'm angry about their ad invading my home.

    Fortunately, my local broadcast stations were equally surprised at the choice of wording for this commercial. Of the 3 managers I have reached, all have agreed to review this ad. Who knows if they will actually pull it or not. It always pays to ask.

    According to the yahoo article there are also kiosks going up in Radio Shack and Sears? Oh this will be fun! More tails to bite on this issue!

    Now it's your turn: Contact The Chairman of Dish
    Charles W. Ergen, Chairman
    Dish Network
    9601 South Meridian Boulevard
    Englewood, CO 80112
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Primary Phone: 303-723-1000
    Fax: 303-723-1499
    E-Mail: Charles W. Ergen, Dish Network: executivecustomerservice@echostar.com


    Gaza, looking West, and a Point?


    Why did the Israeli governmet agree to have families uprooted from their homes and moved? I think I have a right to ask since apparently US Tax dollars were spent to house the evicted.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    Right now, there is no gain only a huge loss. No concessions from the Palestenians. Cal Thomas's
  • article in JWR
  • aptly compares the Palestinians to alligators: they won't stop eating till they are full. Right now they got the appetizer in the form of Gaza, but they want the whole enchilada of Israel. (Apologies for mixing metaphors folks).

    Sharon's second in command confirms their decision making process in this quote from
  • JANE'S:

  • ...on 4 August when Israel's Vice Premier Ehud Olmert observed: "Israel's upcoming pullout from the Gaza Strip is not a 'trade-off' for keeping the West Bank, and the government is ready to resume negotiations with the Palestinians after the unilateral withdrawal based on the internationally backed 'road map' peace plan."

    Then we hear Sharon promise that the West Bank won't go and that there will be
  • additional construction,
  • he's submitted to the Road Map demands of the Palestinians and the world. So he's going to defy the Road Map now?

    We already know that if you look weak, for example when you bomb an asprin factory to avenge a suicide bomber against a naval vessel, you make yourself a target for extremist Muslim sickos. Those same palestenians still want "their West Bank" along with the rest of "their" land. You know, the whole enchilada. Right now you guys look pretty darn weak.

    In fact, here's what your enemies say:
    Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar, in an interview with the Arab newspaper Asharq Al Awsat, said, "We do not and will not recognize a state called Israel. ... This land is the property of all Muslims in all parts of the world. … Let Israel die." (et al JWR Cal Thomas)

    So, what exactly was the point Mr. Sharon? You follow the "road map" and yet are going to completely ignore it too? It would seem that for the benefit of your people if you had chosen to ignore it you could have started in Gaza.

    OutFOXed the Death Star?

    Liberals, this topic will be over your head so don't bother to read further.

    Well, if you click the title it takes you to a NY Times piece where researchers studied the impact of FOX NEWS: AKA "Murdoc Vader's Death Star"Image hosted by Photobucket.com paraphased from the ever eloquent and now benovelent (as a self-proclaimed involutary donator to Air America) Al Franken. Measures were observed in markets where Fox News was carried on basic cable. The net result is that there was no substancial statisitcal difference in the voting patterns.

    What does this mean, you know, in normal speak? Here are my two perspectives:

    1) I must confess having studied statistics, the answer is that this study is TOTALLY MEANINGLESS because you cannot PROVE CAUSALITY between the two events. Meaning there cannot be a direct link to the voting habits and Fox News linked. The study also fails to prove even a CORRELATION (meaning while not directly linked the two items share a similar change over the same time period)!

    Another way of saying it is that my lunch choice had the same impact on their vote: none.

    My real question is, what was their intent when they set out to spend money and effort studying Fox News in the first place?

    Or to humor the TIMES:

    2) To my Conservative friends I have discoverd "statisitcal proof" that we are not influenced by the left wing media! Where did this come from?

    With the credentials of the researchers Stefano DellaVigna of the University of California, Berkeley, and Ethan Kaplan of the Institute for International Economic Studies at Stockholm University it would seem difficult for an objective conservative conclusion to be drawn. The TIMES journalist writes that DellaVigna and Kaplan offer "two more promising explanations" that people used Fox to "confirm previously held beliefs" and that media is "somewhat for entertainment". I would say to you that this is not entirely accurate. For comparison I would submit for your approval my explanation of what the numbers mean:

    In spite of the fact that the liberal media has dominated information dissemination for the past 30 years that Conservative thought has continued to thrive. The advent of Fox news will eventually have an impact against liberalism in that there is an alternative to the leftist media for younger viewers to take in. The ratings success enjoyed by Fox would suggest that their impact has only just begun to be mesured.

    In conjunction with this change, political candidates are incresingly abandoning their leftist platforms when running for office. Heck, Clinton even supported reformation of Social Security! An unheard of statement from a Democrat prior to the 90's.

    Incrementalism works both ways boys and girls! Conservatives are taking back what is rightfully theirs.

    Whichever one works for you, run with it. Keep the tongue in cheek, it's more fun that way!


    A Prayer For Cindy

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    My prayers have been with Cindy Sheehan. I have avoided blogging about Cindy's rant against the President, because I feel that in hindsight she will eventually come to regret her actions. I believe those actions are born of a justified heartfelt anger that is misplaced in focus. I am now blogging about Cindy because she has made herself the Mickey Mouse leader of the Anti-Bush movement thinly wrapped in anti-war banners. She keep opening up with disconnected hate filled rants and wonders how the focus comes off the war and on
  • her?

  • Here's what I see when I've reviewed media exerpts:

    In her first meeting with the President, Cindy was quoted as saying this:
    "I now know he's sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis," Cindy said after their meeting. "I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith."

  • Since then her life has started falling apart. More recent news reports say that her husband is filing for
  • divorce,
  • and her family has released statements that they would like for her to
  • stop this protest.

  • As a greiving mom, she is right to be angry. She just seems to have gone way overboard and unfortunately she's allowed the media to use her like a Jerry Springer show prop. Springer is an apt analagy as Sheehan has
  • cursed
  • Bush's leadership team and everyone else she can in relation to the war. She also made a hateful stab at Bush's girls with "he needs to sign up his two little party-animal girls... to go to this war".

    She's proving her ignorance and imbalance further by linking this war to our stance with Israel? "My son did not sign up to die for Israel"... what? It would at least be partially accurate to say this war was about oil and/or terrorism. But Israel? Cindy says the terrorists hate us for our stance on Israel? Where did THAT come from?

    This is the strongest voice from the extreme left aginst the war?

    The only ones being hurt here are those who are on the front lines just like her son. The only ones who benefit from her are those selling news and those who would seek moral victory against the evils of our country. She isn't hurting the Presiden's resolve, but she might privately be causing him some pain by demonstrating hers so forcefully.

    I'll continue to pray for Cindy, and you should too.

    Pubic-without-the-"L" Fashions

    My wife dragged me (literally) to the mall the weekend that the new Potter book came out. There were hundreds of kids and adults dressed up like characters from the series. As I somewhat patiently waited on a bench outside of some kids clothing store where my wife was spending 6 hours of my hard earned income I noted a goup of thug wannabes. These wannabees crossed in front of my geezer bench at the same time as an equal number of Potterites going the opposite way. The thug wannabes in their twisted hats, soccer sport t-shirts and crotches of their pants at their knees started laughing at the wizards and quiddich players.

    It took a great deal of self restraint not to remind those thugs that a few years from now their "uniforms" would look quite stupid to them too. That in fact I very loosely understood the Potterites celebraton of geekdom while their thug-li-ness translates into a celebration of an anti-societal drug and gun culture. That in a few years they would be shaking their heads at the fashions of their own kids... which for some of them may be sooner than they would have planned...

    Just as I was formulating this rant a typical victim of McDonald's jiggled past with her rolling midriff exposed between her low riders and short shirt... VOMIT!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Now Dolce & Gabbana models are showing the "short and curlies" in their Jeans ad? I should want to remind Dolce & Gabbana that not everyone is a svelt model. That there WILL BE victims of McDonalds jigglig by in those fashions at malls everywhere in the next 12 months. Redneck poor taste has no boundaries, and apparently Europeans aren't immune to having redneck tastelesness. Y'all in Milan and New York should think about that before you pull the pants down any further.

    As an aside, the Potter book is an excellent read, with a dissapointing ending forcing the reader to buy the next 6 books she will be selling. I'll be buying too.


    Anonymous: Death by Spam

    I really like the idea of anonymous posters. It gives the general public the opportunity to slam or love me for my posts.

    However 6 of the last 7 comments posted are "wow, great blog-click to my link where I'm selling X..."

    Ugh! I guess it was bound to happen. Next I look for "registered user spamming" or even worse: "registered user ghosting to spam"!


    Dead Babies, just more trash

    Those who would support the horrors of abortion and take life so slightly show patterns of behavior just as serial rapists and murderers do. Now we have shock that French doctors have been hoarding fetal and infant corpses in their morgue for up to 20 years.

    These horrors were uncovered when a French woman went to confirm what had happened to her child she had aborted:

    ""I wanted to verify that my child was cremated, like they said he would be," 27-year-old Caroline Lemoine was quoted as telling the paper. Following repeated requests for the date of cremation, the hospital acknowledged it had not disposed of the body."

    In a comment to the reporters, authorities said:

    "There was no reason why those bodies should have been kept," Rosemarie Van Lerberghe, general director of the Paris public hospital system, said at a news conference. "I don't think we will find the same thing in other places."
    Health Minister Xavier Bertrand described his shock at visiting the morgue, saying that the remains were stored in "disgraceful" conditions.
    "I still have these disturbing images in my mind, these sacks and bottles of formaldehyde spread out," he told Le Parisien newspaper.

    Dr. Axel Kahn of the French national medical ethics board said:

    "Even after the laws were changed, some specialists at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul may have wanted to keep the remains to do genetic testing on them one day,"

    The hospital has not addressed who kept the fetuses, or why. The remains were stored under lock and key in a two-room annex off the morgue's refrigerator room, news reports said. Only a handful of people had access to the rooms.

    I wonder if some Nuns will step up to try to buy them... it would make a great photo op for pro-lifers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Useful Insight 4

    You scored as Socially Conservative Republican. Social conservatives share a belief in traditional morality and social mores and the desire to preserve these in present day society, often through civil law or regulation. The government should use its influence in the public square to support traditional family values.

    Socially Conservative Republican


    Foreign Policy Hawk




    New Democrat


    Pro Business Republican


    Old School Democrat




    What's Your Political Philosophy?
    created with QuizFarm.com

    as if everyone didn't already know!!! I'm adding this one to the bottom in the permanant section!!!!

    Useful Insight 3

    You scored as Cyclops. Cyclops is the team leader of the X-Men, and a skilled one at that. He loves Jean Grey very much. He's a strict and sometimes uptight leader, but he believes in his cause and he knows what he's fighting for... Peace between Mutants and Humans. Powers: Optic blasts





    Emma Frost


    Jean Grey
















    Most Comprehensive X-Men Personality Quiz 2.0
    created with QuizFarm.com

    The more I take these silly things, the more I find myself in those leadership slots... if you think X-Men's Cyclops and Monty Python's "Arthur, King of the Brittons" are a good way to rate leadership. I'll try not to let it go to my head.


    More Healthy Self-Analysis

    Take the quiz: "Which Holy Grail Character Are You?"

    Arthur, King of the Britons
    Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, from the castle of Camelot. King of the Britons, defeater of the Saxons, Sovereign of all England!

    well, guess I should have known!

    Commies VIII

    Looks like the Chinese are getting too much into TOP GUN. They are currently refurbishing an old Russian Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier
  • Varyag"
  • These pictures are obviously out of date according to the Jane's information:

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

  • Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    The scary thing is that the original official Chinese government information released seems to be a direct lie:
    The Varyag, is currently receiving refit at Dalian Shipyard to become a floating casino in Macao according to its owner, a Hong Kong/Macao based private company.

    Stepping back for an analysis: first they called it a casino, now JANE'S reports it has military markings painted on it? Anyone care to bet on what they plan to use it for?

    The problem here for an analyst of Chinese intentions is that Taiwan is the "current stated military objective". For those of you who don't know, Taiwan is about as far away from China's mainland as Martha's Vineyard from Massachuetts. You don't need to use an aircraft carrier when you can just launch from land. The real question is, what's the long term goal for this carrier? Where do the Chinese want to project their power? Don't tell me they don't have the ship power to mount a fleet, it only takes a pair of subs and a few Aegis platforms to make a defensive perimeter with all the tech the Chi-comms have stolen. Not to mention the other antiquated battle ships they have acquired from the Russians.

    Let's not forget that they are having their joint exercises with Russia too... and even test firing some intercontinental ballistic missiles. That's not good for us folks. Between when I started writing and when I published a new report hits DRUDGE:
  • from the Washington Times.

    Well DUH!!! I've been writing about this for 2 months! I'm just some dumb hick in "fly over country, volunteer orange section" and it's pretty freaking obvious to me!

    If I were in charge, I'd be beefing up our capabilities in the Western Pacific with some urgency. I'd also see what kind of strategic assets we have in the Western Indian Ocean. I think we are not far from conflict there.


    Is Abortion a Tragedy?

    John Roberts was asked to write a opinon in reference to a Supreme Court battle over some Catholic Nuns wanting the right to bury the 16000 fetuses stored in formaldehyde and plastic bags discovered behind the house of a man who managed a California medical facility that had closed. The Feminist Women's Health Center of Los Angeles sued to block the Catholics from having access under some bizarre twist of separation of church and state.

    Here is what is in the document:
    John Roberts concluded that a group's memorial service for aborted fetuses was "an entirely appropriate means of calling attention to the abortion tragedy."

    The Feminists had their way, preventing the display of the fetuses which would have been difficult to spin. You will note reader that we rarely if ever see such images in our news in spite of the shocking number of abortions each year. Perhaps with the advent of cell phone cameras more of these horrors will come out.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

  • Is Abortion a tragedy? In the future we will be seen as barbarians for the torture we inflict on the mothers and the murder of these children. It is the only rational outcome to this argument. Much like slavery, the truth becomes shockingly obvious to a more enlightened society. I believe our fight against abortion is only a matter of patience and prayer. Emancipation from abortion is a given path, only we have to be vigilant until the end is here.


    The Roberts Chronicles: a Satire

    Justice Nominee John Roberts has some serious questions to answer to:

    Did you really help an old lady across the street who then defrauded medicare by getting duplicate perscriptions when you were a Boy Scout?

    Is it true you like to eat dead animal flesh? Baby cows?

    Did you or did you not own the motor vheicle that killed a butterfly in 1972?

    Will you disavow any guilt in connection with all the homosexuals, murderers and other freaks you have had professional contact with?

    What abortion clinics have you bombed?

    Do you agree with the concept of the World Court and that they should have power over American citizens?

    Did you fly in an SR-71 blackhawk to Iran to negotiate regarding their nuclear weapons capability?

    Did you in fact frame a legal opinion in the manner requested by your employer as a legal aide while working for the Fascist Evil Reagan adminstration?

    Exactly how many trees have you personally been responsible for killing while creating your volumes of legal opinion? Have you replaced any of them?

    Did you at any time shake hands with Ollie North during your time in the Reagan adminstration thus facilitating the Arms-for-Hostages process?

    Do you have a set of tights with the letter "S" on under your shirt?

    Sarcasm is so much fun and Liberals make it so easy!!!


    Justice Sunday II: Church VS State

    I'm seeing a nice news story about a Christian group rallying with such political stars as Tom Delay here in my home town, you can see it too through the link in the title. They are focusing on the aspect of "should the Church be involved with the state?"

    Meanwhile the cathedral of Praise in Nashville had a counter-rally of people who are against Christians trying to be political... (jee, I saw a lot of traditionally democrat voters in that crowd)...

    Such controversy! Heck, even my Sunday School teacher is asking us to question if we as Christians should be involved with the nomination process as a group.

    Are there groups of people banded on idealism based in reasoning that is counter to being Christian out there actively trying to influence this nomination? Do you stand by quietly and let them have a voice? If they are so strongly against Roberts shouldn't we as Christians take notice?

    Here is a protester's statement in the Newschannel 5 story:
    "I think that it's fine if people don't believe was we do but the people who are in power are trying to take those rights away from those who don’t agree with them, said protestor Sylvia Jones."

    Hey Ms. Jones: are you aware that a regional Federal court almost removed the reference to God from our pledgallegiancegance? Is that really ok? Is that really what the founders of our country wanted?

    This leads to my next question: what rights do you believe that Christians would remove? What threat does a constitutionalist conservative pose to your day-to-day life? I would submit to you Ms. Jones that my rights are currently be affected by decisions of this court which are created not from our law but from "International Law" and other such completely unrelated sources.

    My last question to them is this: What would be the opinion of Chinese Christians on this issue? Should the state be bereft of Christian efforts? Where does that lead us? Will we as American Christians some day have to meet in secret, and be forced to sing silently as to avoid being discovered?

    Am I completely nuts? If you think so, ask yourself what small increments of law have brought us to removal of the 10 Commandments. Banning the Boy Scouts from using federal property becase they believe in God? Removing Nativity scenes from any state owned land? Where will it stop? The answer is that it won't stop until being a Christian is a crime.

    My rant is that over the past 30 years some awful things have come out of our court system. Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper 78: the idea of the court system was to protect the arbiters of the law against "the despotism of the prince" and "the encroachments and oppressions of the representative body.
    We have even coined a lovely term to describe what has actually been happening: "judicial legislation". Our president has nominated a strong constitutionalist judge who is not given to fancifully interpretating the constitution and case law. It does not matter that Roberts might not be what we as Christians wanted when he hits the bench-that is outside of our control just as it has always been for every nominator's selection. What matters is that he looks acceptable as a constitutionalist up front and is not prone to judicial legislation.

    In spite of everything that the NARL and every other liberal extremist group has thrown at him, Roberts still looks good. I know he looks a heck of a lot better than anything that Kerry or Gore would have nominated. I support my president and think he has made an excellent selection. The answer is the Church must exert it's influence or be crushed by the state.


    Screw Reality meets $$ Reality

    From the folks at NATIONAL ABORTION RIGHTS LEAGUE who brought you the only-makes-sense-if-you're-a-liberal SCREW ABSTINENCE party, they have now ripped the truth to shreds going after Roberts on some supposed incident in his record.

    Hey, it was so obvious a lie that a station in Bangor (that's in the People's Republic of Maine) pulled the plug on the ad saying ""After careful thoughtful analysis, we determined the ad was at worst false, and at best misleading,""

    Now I have to change the whole tone of my rant because the folks at NARL have decided to pull the plug on the ad
  • themselves.
  • I smell a rat because if they were bold enough to put on that "Screw Abstinence" party a few months ago then something must have really kicked them in the pants. The only logical reason I see for them to backtrack is that their financial backers put the smackdown on this effort. So I guess the folks at NARL decided not to "screw" themselves financially and are going to make new commercials that their backers can stand.

    It's nice to see there is SOME LINE out there that even NARL backers won't cross. While to the rest of us that line is far beoynd a reasonable point of KILLING BABIES to begin with, there is at least some line too far for even them to go.


    Texas Repubicans: Crushing Bill Of Rights?


    You would never think that the Republicans were in power, nor would you think that our party knows how to walk tall. Right now there is a proposal for a "volunteer deputized Border Patrol citizen program" that puts an emphasis on "unarmed" citizen voluteers "assisting" border patrol agents.

    ""These would be volunteers who go through training, don't have a criminal background, who don't use firearms, and who would serve in a backup capacity to the Border Patrol," said U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who is one of the backers of the proposal."

    What-in-the-hell is the matter with those Republicans? They want to put a bunch of deputized Barney Fifes out there without even one bullet in their pocket?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    I have questions for U.S. Rep John Culberson (R-Texas)and U.S. Rep Lamar Smith:
    The second amendment says we have the right to keep and bear arms. Yet you want to prohibit these volunteers from being armed? Prohibit law-abiding, deeply screened citizens from carrying weapons into an arena where there is a significant possiblity that they will face armed narcotic traffickers and possible terrorists?
    How exactly would these people "assist" like the "old days of the posse" without being armed? Second, aren't you from Texas? Since when has anyone from Texas been against a man carrying a sidearm? Let alone a REPUBLICAN from TEXAS!

    Ok, I'll admit the good points are that it creates a situation where the Border Patrol has to get it's S**T together because there will be closer monitoring by civillans. I can almost hear the swearing of the regional Border Patrol bosses as they realize they have to put up with some fired-up locals who are zealous enough about our border security that they'll patrol it for free.

    The thing I don't get is how that extra set of eyes and hands will help when push comes to shove in the desert. That part of this idea is dumber than when Speilberg digitally removed the guns from the authorities in his DVD release of ET to make it less scary. The only scary thing is at least ET was pretend, these border voluteers are facing something real. We've got to do something to nip our real border problem in the bud, but we shouldn't force people to do it unarmed.


    Condom Crusader Strikes

    YOU must read Dawn Eden's DAWN PATROL blog. There is a link in the title to a planned parenthood cartoon featuring a pro-choice cartoon crusader attacking abstincence promoters with a condom gun and sodomy lubricant.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    I can't do the report justice like she can. Go check it out.


    Having actually been to Somerset Kentucky, let me just ask you to click the link in the title before I share my thoughts on this.

    How can our beloved government see fit to spend $7 million dollars to put a "Homeland security center" in Somerset? Let's analyize the decision making process: Somerset features the end/beginning of a grossly underused toll parkway (I swear you could sleep in the left lane of the east bound side and never worry about anything other than a stray opossum). It also has a super-Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and a man made lake. Their mall wouldn't pass muster as a t-shirt shop in Gatlinburg, but is the best mall for an hour drive around because it's the ONLY mall for an hour drive around. Their main industry is making those gosh-awful
  • gigantic houseboats
  • which can best be described as doublewides on the water, that must be a sure target for middle-eastern desert-born terrorists.

    In short, if you're white, uneducated, like mobile home living and blue collar working, then this is the hot spot to be. Check out these
  • so you can see that I am not exaggerating in any way. In other words, a haven for yellow-dog-democrat "take from the rich and redistribute" voters.

    My three biggest questions to come out of my rant are this:
    1) What did Cadiz, Mayfield and Moorehead Kentucky to to screw up an not get this pork boondoggle?
    2) Isn't $7 million a lot to spend on a singlewide with a redwood deck, a kodiak ATV and a bass boat?
    3) I thought it was the evil Republicans who were milking 911 for financial and political gain? How does THIS PORK do that in any way, and where are the democrats who decry such activities when they benefit the Republicans?

    Side note to beautiful Kentucky wife: I am now pointing out that mutton is the BBQ of choice for most of Kentucky, I was just shooting for the pork-spending angle for effect.

    Poronographic Irony

    Irony abounds here... we have liberated the Iraqi people, and they now want their formerly restricted sins including poronography. Much like the video dealers here in our country, porn is the way to make money. I say that because if a video store in the USA has a porn section, it is likely to be from 60 to 80% of total revenue.

    The story linked in the title is a brief profile of a family man trying to make some money to support his family. He's scared because the local militant religious zealots have shot and burned a fellow dealer.

    The actions of the zealots leads me to one of those rare moments when I do understand the fear of the extreme RIGHT in our country, as there are a few out there who would love to see porn dealers shot and burned. However that is such a tiny number of nuts in an otherwise healthy group of people in our country. The number is so small as to make them totally insignificant as a power base. Yet the liberals in our country would like to paint all of us "white christians" with the same brush.

    Is pornography wrong? Contrary to what some hardcore Liberals would have us think, sure it is. Can a Christian society tolerate porn? Not really. Can a free state eliminate and/or ban porn? Unfortunately no. The irony is that our liberation of Iraq will bring some bad with the good. The question comes in how do the Iraqi people deal with the availablity of the formerly restricted sins of the flesh?

    Foxes Guarding The Henhouse

    Today's Washington Times article, linked in the title, has a report of an illegal alien who used someone else's birth certificate to land a job with the border patrol. Upon working there, he actively helped people cross the border!

    Looks like more good press for the Minutemen to me! I'll also bet we won't see this article in the LA Times. It's funny how that works sometimes, isn't it?


    Reality Grasp or Lucky Shot?

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comScreamin Dean, my personal favorite liberal mouthpiece and current crowned king of the Democratic party made an unusual statement. He actually said something that is close to reality:

    ""What the propagandists on the right have done is make people afraid to say they are Democrats," Dean told a gathering of Vermont Democrats... "We need a message. It has to be clear,""

    In my biased white-christitan-republican comparison of his other statements over the course of his leadership, I'd have to say that this was an unusually lucky shot that hit reality. I think we can safely say he'll be back to his crack-monkey antics soon enough.


    discover what candy you are @ quiz me

    Well, it seemed important. I think it is healthy fun to take these tests. Just as long as you aren't looking for your next life choice from some celestial divination you are ok!


    The Fascist Parallel

    It was a war we were forced into by an act of horrible destruction. The enemy was fanatical and led by the orders they thought came from God. The enemy was so brainwashed into believing theirs was the one true way that they would willingly martyr themselves for the cause. Death was an honor in the service of their God.
    Our President stood firm and brought the resolution that this act would not go unpunished. Millions of dollars were spent to insure success, thousands of lives lost.

    The people of our country understood just like their President. It was going to cost lives to stop these madmen. Carrying the war to their home soil was going to be the only way to stop them. They struck here first, we would end it there.

    It was one of the few times in history that politics were genuinely united in one cause.

    Am I speaking of Bush and the Muslim terrorists? No, the time was WWII, the attack was Pearl Harbor. The presidents involved were Roosevelt and Truman. The enemy was Imperial Japan and the God was the Emperor Hirohito. We should look to this historical context for our understanding of the sacrifices and blood we are bound to spend to complete the objective. The objective of stopping a type of imposed fascisism.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Hiroshoma Memorial

    Here is a good context to consider: in one night of bombing 83,000 Japanese died, and they did not capitulate to the surrender. Eighty-three-thousand-yet they refused to quit. It took 2 atomic bombs to convince them. TWO. THEY DID NOT GET IT ON THE FIRST NUKE! This is a fanatical fascist for you.

    This is the week it happened, Hiroshoma on August 6th, Nagasaki on August 9th.

    Those of you who think what we are doing now is a "horrible quagmire" please consider the historical comparison I have presented here. Not to diminish any sacrifices here but so far it's been a relative cakewalk compared to the Pacific campaign of WWII. Please also understand that you having the right to speak your ignorant indignation also means that the side you are speaking under is not the fascist. Even though it sounds good on the evening news to call Bush a warmonger, he is really just making it possible for people like you to speak your mind. No matter how wrong you are.

    Later Pete

    Peter Jennings died this weekend. I'm a little surprised at my feelings about that. The Canadaian-with-a-highschool-education was my liberal training wheels from when I was old enough to decide to watch the news.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    I remember turning to him when the first Shuttle Challenger blew up, I think I was 10 and at my grandmother's house on a sick day. I turned him on when Reagan was shot, and when Reagan was re-elected. I quit watching him when he was speaking of Clinton so highly.

    He never knew me, but I liked his style. I was very pleased with his efforts to recognize the WWII generation and their sacrifices. While I may not have agreed with him after my mind was turned on to it's conservative truths, I think we'll all miss him. I'm quite sure his death will later be seen to mark the end of the big three anchor era.

    See you later Pete. I'll be praying for your family too.


    Love Beautiful Michelle

    Michelle Malkin, you gorgeous and smart girl. Loved your take on the Bloomberg-ACLU-bag search story:

    New Jersey Transit officials joined the New York Police Department in performing hapless random searches of Granny's knitting bag and Junior's Thomas the Tank backpack to prevent the next al Qaeda attack.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    But not everyone is fighting the War on Terror blind. Some U.S. military personnel have been given a very clear and un-p.c. mission:
    Be on the lookout for Middle Easterners carrying rocket launchers.

    Thankfully, military watchdogs on guard against Islamist terrorists with rocket launchers know better than to stop Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan look-a-likes with Louis Vuitton pet carriers strapped around their shoulders.

    You should definitely read the rest of her rant
  • HERE
  • from Jewish World Review.

    Diamonds are Forprayer

    Make sure you check out the link to the JWR article in the headline.

    Thierry Delisha is a Jewish jewlry dealer who took a cab driven by muslim Hossam Abdala during a trip to New York. In a rush to unload at their destination, neither Abdala nor Delisha noticed the missed bag in the trunk- the one with "hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bridal jewelry".


    Delisha had no recipt, and was in a panic so he prayed and called everyone he could think of to pray. Abdala found the bag, and boy was he surprised as to its contents. A business card was in his back seat that matched the name on the bag, so Abdala tracked down Delisha, the rightful owner.

    There is something more to this somewhere. I'm just going to let you dwell on the power of God and prayer and think about it.


    Ain't that sumpthin

    John Bolton, evil nay-sayer and psychotic anti-social appointee to the UN to represent the US, has now gotten China to work with us on a topic of mutual agreement.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    On his 2nd day.

    Well, ain't that sumthin?


    The NY Times is trying to look into the adoption records of supreme court nominee John Roberts? Just who the heck do you think you people are? This is a low, disgusting act. Here's my Email:

    To the Executive Editor, Managing Editor
    Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Chairman & Publisher
    Scott H. Heekin-Canedy; President; General Manager

    Your paper has already had enough bad press in the past, now you are looking to stick yourselves into more mud? What is your motive for searching the adoption records of Supreme Court Nominee Roberts? What could you possibly gain?


    I am an adoptive father. I know what the process is like. I once thought of the press as being a great institution. For a while I thought it was just a mostly liberal mouthpiece, but now you have managed to bring it somewhere lower.

    What would you do with the information if you got it? I really want to know. What are you trying to gain? If I don’t hear from you by email I will dig up your phone numbers and start calling till someone answers my question.


    Now you can email them too:
    publisher@nytimes.com; president@nytimes.com; executive-editor@nytimes.com; managing-editor@nytimes.com

    Here is a number where you can leave a message:
    Byron Calame, who represents the readers, e-mail public@nytimes.com or call (212) 556-7652.

    Bloomberg & ACLU: Altered Reality

    This time the ACLU may have actually alienated that core 15% of die-hard liberals with their suit. The latest lawsuit is against New York City for their subway searches on the heels of the London attacks from MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

    It argues that the measure also allows the possibility for racial profiling, even though officers are ordered to randomly screen passengers. The most disgusting thing to me is that Bloomberg already is publicly against racial profiling.

    This leads me to tell you a story:

    It was November 2001, and I had a business meeting. I was in Baltimore airport and got selected for the pat-down-wand-all-over and x-ray-nuke of my shoes. The screeners directed me to a cordoned off area with an oriental grandmother already going through the same probe. We were taking it in stride until the arabic 20 something year old male waltzed through security like it was made of soapbubbles. As you might imagine, this was the birth of my righteous indignation.

    Naturally I had heard about those oriental grandmothers knitting bomb vests and loading them with accupuncture needles. I also suspected that irish rednecks were well known for their ability to drive tractor bombs into cow pastures so we can go to our pub with Allah and the doe-eyed beer-toting serving wench virgins.

    Gathering my tone, I looked at my screener and said "I'm really surprised you selected us but let him walk right through with out a second glance." The oriental grandmother grinned and snorted at me. The screener was not quite as humorous but didn't try to cavity search me.

    The City already agrees with the ACLU and "does not support the use of racial profiling" according to Mayor Bloomberg. These idiots would hogtie and blindfold us when we are at war. Their motive against racial profiling is illogical and innane. Just because SOME of our ancestors chose to PARTICPATE in racial slavery and oppression does not mean we are doing it NOW. Not all of us are bigots and not all of us believe that people are so stupid as to see that non-muslims are usually not terrorists.

    Tell you what mayor, if you want to increase tourism start advertising that your officers are using muslim extremist racial profiling. It's sort of like giving guns to pilots and teachers and concealed carry permits to the general public. If you promote the message then you will make the terrorists think before they act. Possibly they will choose to act somewhere else. To heck with the ACLU, I would think your streets were safe from Muslim Terrorists.

    I don't know what reality they live in, but it isn't this one.


    Commies VII

    phew!!!! Dodged the bullet
  • here
  • , apparently the Chi-commies are not going to try to buy a US based oil company now.

    They still control the Panama Canal. Apparently even some advanced bloggers didn't know that little tidbit.

    Now we have joint exercises with Russia? Folks, believe this: we were better off when the Russians and Chinese didn't get along.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan (L) holds a welcome ceremony for visiting Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov in Beijing Dec. 13. Preliminary planning for the first-ever China-Russia joint military exercise currently underway. (Xinhua photo)




  • the NY TIMES
  • has this extremely interesting article showing that Novak got his data from WHO'S WHO listing.

    The liberals are looking more and more like a bad episode of Scooby-Doo: "We woulda got away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids".

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    I'd do that for a Billion!

    Some genius thinks it will take $200 billion dollars to put together the healthcare records in a database and $48 billion per year to maintain it.

    You have got to be kidding me!

    I will personally bid $10 billion to set it up, and I'll run it for $500 million per year with $1 billion surcharge every 5 years for new investment. I'll bet that I could put it together and come away with a healthy profit!


    guess the source, game II

    Welcome frieds to another installment of guess the source where I find a quote on the internet, and you try to figure out who said it!

    "...a wife needs to comply with her husband's desires in bed..."If a man calls his wife to fulfill his needs, she must come, even if she is by the stove." They issued a severe warning against to any wife who rebels against her husband in bed. The Prophet said: "If a man invites his wife to bed and she refuses, and he is angry at her, the angels curse her until she wakes up in the morning." ...God is aware of men's needs. He knows that a man may have just come home, and maybe he desires something or maybe he saw something. He knows what this need is, and this is why he ordered the wife to consent to her husband, even if she is by the stove. Even if she is baking she must consent to him. Moreover... "Compare yourself to him, he's your paradise and your hell." ... The wife must consent to her husband's wishes and obey him."

    Is it A, B, C or D?

    A) Pat Robertson
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    B) Sean Connery
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    C)Sheik Muhammad Al-Munajid
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    D) Nominee John Roberts
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    The correct answer is
  • C

  • Just so you know, I kinda like everyone on this list, well, except for C of course.