Justice Sunday II: Church VS State

I'm seeing a nice news story about a Christian group rallying with such political stars as Tom Delay here in my home town, you can see it too through the link in the title. They are focusing on the aspect of "should the Church be involved with the state?"

Meanwhile the cathedral of Praise in Nashville had a counter-rally of people who are against Christians trying to be political... (jee, I saw a lot of traditionally democrat voters in that crowd)...

Such controversy! Heck, even my Sunday School teacher is asking us to question if we as Christians should be involved with the nomination process as a group.

Are there groups of people banded on idealism based in reasoning that is counter to being Christian out there actively trying to influence this nomination? Do you stand by quietly and let them have a voice? If they are so strongly against Roberts shouldn't we as Christians take notice?

Here is a protester's statement in the Newschannel 5 story:
"I think that it's fine if people don't believe was we do but the people who are in power are trying to take those rights away from those who don’t agree with them, said protestor Sylvia Jones."

Hey Ms. Jones: are you aware that a regional Federal court almost removed the reference to God from our pledgallegiancegance? Is that really ok? Is that really what the founders of our country wanted?

This leads to my next question: what rights do you believe that Christians would remove? What threat does a constitutionalist conservative pose to your day-to-day life? I would submit to you Ms. Jones that my rights are currently be affected by decisions of this court which are created not from our law but from "International Law" and other such completely unrelated sources.

My last question to them is this: What would be the opinion of Chinese Christians on this issue? Should the state be bereft of Christian efforts? Where does that lead us? Will we as American Christians some day have to meet in secret, and be forced to sing silently as to avoid being discovered?

Am I completely nuts? If you think so, ask yourself what small increments of law have brought us to removal of the 10 Commandments. Banning the Boy Scouts from using federal property becase they believe in God? Removing Nativity scenes from any state owned land? Where will it stop? The answer is that it won't stop until being a Christian is a crime.

My rant is that over the past 30 years some awful things have come out of our court system. Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper 78: the idea of the court system was to protect the arbiters of the law against "the despotism of the prince" and "the encroachments and oppressions of the representative body.
We have even coined a lovely term to describe what has actually been happening: "judicial legislation". Our president has nominated a strong constitutionalist judge who is not given to fancifully interpretating the constitution and case law. It does not matter that Roberts might not be what we as Christians wanted when he hits the bench-that is outside of our control just as it has always been for every nominator's selection. What matters is that he looks acceptable as a constitutionalist up front and is not prone to judicial legislation.

In spite of everything that the NARL and every other liberal extremist group has thrown at him, Roberts still looks good. I know he looks a heck of a lot better than anything that Kerry or Gore would have nominated. I support my president and think he has made an excellent selection. The answer is the Church must exert it's influence or be crushed by the state.