Having actually been to Somerset Kentucky, let me just ask you to click the link in the title before I share my thoughts on this.

How can our beloved government see fit to spend $7 million dollars to put a "Homeland security center" in Somerset? Let's analyize the decision making process: Somerset features the end/beginning of a grossly underused toll parkway (I swear you could sleep in the left lane of the east bound side and never worry about anything other than a stray opossum). It also has a super-Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and a man made lake. Their mall wouldn't pass muster as a t-shirt shop in Gatlinburg, but is the best mall for an hour drive around because it's the ONLY mall for an hour drive around. Their main industry is making those gosh-awful
  • gigantic houseboats
  • which can best be described as doublewides on the water, that must be a sure target for middle-eastern desert-born terrorists.

    In short, if you're white, uneducated, like mobile home living and blue collar working, then this is the hot spot to be. Check out these
  • so you can see that I am not exaggerating in any way. In other words, a haven for yellow-dog-democrat "take from the rich and redistribute" voters.

    My three biggest questions to come out of my rant are this:
    1) What did Cadiz, Mayfield and Moorehead Kentucky to to screw up an not get this pork boondoggle?
    2) Isn't $7 million a lot to spend on a singlewide with a redwood deck, a kodiak ATV and a bass boat?
    3) I thought it was the evil Republicans who were milking 911 for financial and political gain? How does THIS PORK do that in any way, and where are the democrats who decry such activities when they benefit the Republicans?

    Side note to beautiful Kentucky wife: I am now pointing out that mutton is the BBQ of choice for most of Kentucky, I was just shooting for the pork-spending angle for effect.