Suck Free TV

From my earlier post you know that my family has initiated a campaign against this advertisement. If you want to know what horribe ad I'm referencing, just click this link:
  • Suck Free TV
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    The focus of my complaint is this: While "suck" may be an occasionally acceptable word on TV it is not an acceptable word in my house for my 3 year old. The nature and usage in this ad campaign takes the word and repeats it so many times with such volume that it goes from being a mild annoyance to a nuisance.

    The local station manager at the Fox affiliate in town was very responsive. I have his cell phone number now. My NBC affiliate has been rather quiet... but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. As for the dish corporation,here is what I got:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Thank you for your email. As one of the fastest growing pay-TV providers in the nation, DISH Network must create numerous advertising messages that appeal to a national audience. At times, our advertising is intended to be humorous as well as informative about our new promotions. In this case, we believe it is important to send a wake-up call to cable customers who have been victimized by poor service, inferior technology and outrageous bills. We continue to refine and change our advertising to remain competitive in the marketplace with cable. We appreciate your feedback. It is important in helping us shape our company and our future direction.
    Wendy C.
    DISH Network

    My response was: thank you for sending me the brush off. You think this commercial is funny and you don't really care. I'll make sure my local affiliates get this copy of your callous response.