guess the source, game II

Welcome frieds to another installment of guess the source where I find a quote on the internet, and you try to figure out who said it!

"...a wife needs to comply with her husband's desires in bed..."If a man calls his wife to fulfill his needs, she must come, even if she is by the stove." They issued a severe warning against to any wife who rebels against her husband in bed. The Prophet said: "If a man invites his wife to bed and she refuses, and he is angry at her, the angels curse her until she wakes up in the morning." ...God is aware of men's needs. He knows that a man may have just come home, and maybe he desires something or maybe he saw something. He knows what this need is, and this is why he ordered the wife to consent to her husband, even if she is by the stove. Even if she is baking she must consent to him. Moreover... "Compare yourself to him, he's your paradise and your hell." ... The wife must consent to her husband's wishes and obey him."

Is it A, B, C or D?

A) Pat Robertson
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B) Sean Connery
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C)Sheik Muhammad Al-Munajid
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D) Nominee John Roberts
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The correct answer is
  • C

  • Just so you know, I kinda like everyone on this list, well, except for C of course.