Later Pete

Peter Jennings died this weekend. I'm a little surprised at my feelings about that. The Canadaian-with-a-highschool-education was my liberal training wheels from when I was old enough to decide to watch the news.

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I remember turning to him when the first Shuttle Challenger blew up, I think I was 10 and at my grandmother's house on a sick day. I turned him on when Reagan was shot, and when Reagan was re-elected. I quit watching him when he was speaking of Clinton so highly.

He never knew me, but I liked his style. I was very pleased with his efforts to recognize the WWII generation and their sacrifices. While I may not have agreed with him after my mind was turned on to it's conservative truths, I think we'll all miss him. I'm quite sure his death will later be seen to mark the end of the big three anchor era.

See you later Pete. I'll be praying for your family too.