Commies VIII

Looks like the Chinese are getting too much into TOP GUN. They are currently refurbishing an old Russian Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier
  • Varyag"
  • These pictures are obviously out of date according to the Jane's information:

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    The scary thing is that the original official Chinese government information released seems to be a direct lie:
    The Varyag, is currently receiving refit at Dalian Shipyard to become a floating casino in Macao according to its owner, a Hong Kong/Macao based private company.

    Stepping back for an analysis: first they called it a casino, now JANE'S reports it has military markings painted on it? Anyone care to bet on what they plan to use it for?

    The problem here for an analyst of Chinese intentions is that Taiwan is the "current stated military objective". For those of you who don't know, Taiwan is about as far away from China's mainland as Martha's Vineyard from Massachuetts. You don't need to use an aircraft carrier when you can just launch from land. The real question is, what's the long term goal for this carrier? Where do the Chinese want to project their power? Don't tell me they don't have the ship power to mount a fleet, it only takes a pair of subs and a few Aegis platforms to make a defensive perimeter with all the tech the Chi-comms have stolen. Not to mention the other antiquated battle ships they have acquired from the Russians.

    Let's not forget that they are having their joint exercises with Russia too... and even test firing some intercontinental ballistic missiles. That's not good for us folks. Between when I started writing and when I published a new report hits DRUDGE:
  • from the Washington Times.

    Well DUH!!! I've been writing about this for 2 months! I'm just some dumb hick in "fly over country, volunteer orange section" and it's pretty freaking obvious to me!

    If I were in charge, I'd be beefing up our capabilities in the Western Pacific with some urgency. I'd also see what kind of strategic assets we have in the Western Indian Ocean. I think we are not far from conflict there.