Poronographic Irony

Irony abounds here... we have liberated the Iraqi people, and they now want their formerly restricted sins including poronography. Much like the video dealers here in our country, porn is the way to make money. I say that because if a video store in the USA has a porn section, it is likely to be from 60 to 80% of total revenue.

The story linked in the title is a brief profile of a family man trying to make some money to support his family. He's scared because the local militant religious zealots have shot and burned a fellow dealer.

The actions of the zealots leads me to one of those rare moments when I do understand the fear of the extreme RIGHT in our country, as there are a few out there who would love to see porn dealers shot and burned. However that is such a tiny number of nuts in an otherwise healthy group of people in our country. The number is so small as to make them totally insignificant as a power base. Yet the liberals in our country would like to paint all of us "white christians" with the same brush.

Is pornography wrong? Contrary to what some hardcore Liberals would have us think, sure it is. Can a Christian society tolerate porn? Not really. Can a free state eliminate and/or ban porn? Unfortunately no. The irony is that our liberation of Iraq will bring some bad with the good. The question comes in how do the Iraqi people deal with the availablity of the formerly restricted sins of the flesh?