Firefox: Pulling Plug

I've tried firefox now for the past 60 days. First impressions: neat! I love the controls and access to history and cache. I like the tab/window feature. I LOVE the page identifier that shows you each component of the page you are viewing! However, it ain't enough.

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Now I'm pulling the plug on the fox.

First reason: my online banking and transfer features are not supported. Annoying but not the sole reason.

Second: Spybot keeps catching tracking cookies. I thought the point of Firefox was to be more friendly to users? I guess everyone has to make money somehow but not on me thank you.

Third: Running W2k pro and XP I have seen that Fox is a memory hog. Not only does it bog down my system, but when I close it the task manager shows the program is still running at like 15,000k of my ram! 15,000 when CLOSED? I have to end process tree to kill it. At least with iexplore I can close the window and it's actually closed. What is Fox doing with that memory when it is closed?

Fourth: Why does it keep locking up on my system too? I open like 5 tabs and suddenly I'm frozen or syrup slow.

Sorry guys, not recommending this anymore. I'm sure it's some kind of Gates conspiracy or something to sabotage your efforts. When I hear these kinks are out I might switch back.

That reminds me: Google is starting to get way too commercial. It's losing its appeal fast too. Stay focused or lose your marketability guys! I'm pretty darn sure I'm not going to give up my yahoo ID that I've had for 10 years to get your email so don't bother.