My Fortune Cookie: Looks Grim

Apparently that Chinese-government controlled company is going to buy an American based oil company. This deal may end up happening, and I think history will call us fools if we allow it to happen.

We already gave up the
  • Panama Canal
  • thanks to Carter and that
  • Chi-Comm funded
  • traitor President Clinton. So why not give them a big oil company too?

    Screaming Carolinians

    Check out the link in the title, apparently because Screamin Dean was coming to South Carolina for a rally, the GOP decided to hold a counter rally. The GOP theme was a contest to see who could scream like Dean.

    The best part is that Dean's plane got hampered by inclement weather and the expected $15000 in donations did not materialize. However the SC state GOP managed to gain $22000!

    I love Dean! You Liberals keep him in there because he is doing wonders for the GOP!


    The Ironic Test of Commitment... Cracks Me UP!

    For those of you under a rock, the
  • Supreme Court
  • voted to approve a municipalities right of way to forcibly bulldoze personal property any time the governing authority deems an economic benefit. Think: "A man's home is his castle until someone else wants to put a White Castle hamburger restaurant there."

    That's a small stretch from the 5th amendment's wording:

    No person shall be (omit the unrelated criminal portion) deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    To the Justice's credit, the "just compensation" wording does imply it is ok.

    The funny part is now Justice Souter's house is a
  • target
  • for being taken for public use... the same week he voted for this exact issue! Now that's IRONIC! I wonder how he feels about it now, and I really wonder what his WIFE is saying. I know what MINE would say!


    The Enemy: Whomever Hates the Boy Scouts

    If you click on the title you will find a link to hatecrime.org. It details the efforts to force "morality of thought" on the Boy Scouts of America by suing them to accept homosexuals.

    Who has the morality of thought? Who is the thought police?
    What exactly do the Boy Scouts of America do that is so awful that the courts need to violate their LIBERTY?

    What evil they are spreading is to take young boys from all religions, all walks of life, and all backgrounds and mold them to personal responsibility. They are instructed to be servants to the people. The boy scouts are taught to obey laws, be honorable and trustworthy. They are taught first aid, lifesaving, preparedness for emergencies. They learn how to tie knots, row a canoe and even balance their checkbook. The liberals will obviously take exception to the archery and marksmanship awards as they involve weapons... but that is another rant.

    I personally have taught scouts from the most expensive neighborhoods, the ghetto, and even from Korea as a staff member at a Boy Scout summer camp.

    Apparently this isn't good enough. They must accept homosexuals in their ranks or they are not worthy of support and they are full of hate. I'm trying to find the logic in this. Because someone does not allow a sexual attitude this is hate? Shouldn't any group of people be allowed to learn from the past?

    There have been problems in the BSA ranks. Usually it involves a rare instance of a pedophilia scoutmaster. The BSA has chosen to reject having men who are or could be attracted to men as leaders of boys. Am I saying that all homosexuals are pediophiles? Well, let me ask: why do we not have all-male girl scout leaders? It is the removal of temptation combined with a moral stance that God made man and woman for a reason.

    My enemy is the thought that the BSA is somehow wrong and the organizations that support this ridiculous idea. Shunning the scouts because they do not allow homosexuality and atheism is a completely illogical idea that leads to these thoughts: We need to also scrub our text books of any description of any belief system that might be contrary to someone else's thoughts, because we don't want to promote hate? How about we force Muslim congregations to accept Catholic and Jewish worshipers? Why not force the LPGA to allow male contestants?

    DOES HAVING THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A MEMBER OF AN ORGANIZATION give you the right to FORCE THE ORGANIZATION TO ACCEPT YOU? If YOU chose to join, aren't you subjecting yourself to their CRITERIA? Is it a violation of the organization's liberty to force them to change their criteria?

    Anyone is welcome in the Boy Scouts that supports their ideals. If you don't, then don't join!

    Why is having a standard of decency so difficult for a liberal to accept? Why do you feel the need to force this on the Scouts? If you think liberal, then you need to evaluate your stance because you inherently agree that it is acceptable to force your beliefs on someone else. Wait, isn't that what Christians are supposedly doing?


    Which Bumper Sticker...?

    Ok, I can custom do a bumper sticker for my truck... which one should I pick?

    5) Jesus ain't liberal or pro-choice
    6) GOD ISN'T FROM ANOTHER PLANET (anti-Mormon, too vague)



    It is clear... in no way should the country actively seeking to acquire our nuclear secrets... actively wanting to re-acquire one of our allies (Taiwan)... be allowed to control any portion of any company that is currently a US based energy company.

    It is bad enough that they have nukes to begin with.

    I would go so far as to ask if we are checking for shell companies doing business for the Chinese.

    The weapon of the future is economics and information. Our energy suppliers are just as critical as the internet is. If anyone out there thinks China doesn't want to see the USA crippled then you should stop doing crack.


    Told You Aguilera Was Torture! The Chinese Agree!

    Click the link to the Guardian article in the title. The UN Human Rights committee is chomping at the bit to get into hotel Gitmo and check out all the horrible torture going on there.

    Say, what countries are on that committee anyway: Cuba, Sudan, China, and Zimbabwe...? Why shouldn't we make it a rule that countries where people are willing to leave via cargo containers and inner-tube rafts should not be allowed to have influence over "Human Rights" issues! Here is some interesting
  • information pertaining to the activities of the Human Rights committee.

    Wonder what the UN Human Rights committee said about that Tiananmen Square incident? What are they saying about the Muslims slaughtering Christians in the Sudan? About those who oppose Castro in Cuba? About forced female circumcision (aka: genital mutilation) in Zimbabwe? Not those issues, they want to see what the United Sates is doing to terrorists?

    I'll bet no one in a Chinese or Cuban prison gets treatment to prevent chafing!

    You Liberals that love the UN crack me up.

    Translation of Democrat Voting Research Report

    You'll find their version of the Wash Post article linked in the title, below is my version:

    Hey all you non-white, non-Christians out there! Those EVIL WHITE REPUBLICANS are up to their dirty tricks to prevent your voting for us, the only party that cares for you to stay non-white and non-Christian! It definitely happened in Florida where a MILLION BLACK voters were not allowed to vote when Gore won the white house in 2000.

    Now after months of careful investigation it has been discovered that blacks were made to wait in longer lines than whites in Ohio! Shockingly, the volunteer poll workers were elderly and ignorant too, but only in the black districts again thanks to the EVIL WHITE REPUBLICAN plan.

    We have to admit that this dastardly plan did not change the outcome, but we have a plan for that too. Our plan is that we must have clearer standards for voter registration than motor-voter because obviously that is too vague. Plus we have to make it easier to get as many illegal aliens, convicted felons and dead-non-white-not-Christians registered to vote. That's how we'll beat those EVIL WHITE REPUBLICANS next time.

    But wait, we Democrats aren't telling you this to get you mad or anything. We just want you to send in your money so we can get Hillary elected in 2008! Spread the hate, fuel the panic, vote as many times as you can!

    Yeah, read between the lines... that's what they are really thinking.

    Again, Why Govt' Should NOT Provide Healthcare

    Link in title to Wash Post article...

    Califorina paid for viagra for 137 registered sex offenders. Now, do I really need to say anything else?

    6.28 Update: There has been a sharp increase in the number of registered sex offenders in California going blind. Victims rights groups applaud the foresight of the California State drug purchasing program. The ACLU is considering a lawsuit. Developing... ROFLOL!


    Guess They Didn't Study Zell or Me!

    Scientists are studying the link of genetics to political beliefs (NYT article linked in title).

    Being born to Yellow Dog Democrats you would think I would be a Democrat too. However I think Zell has hit the mark (again): (paraphrase) "I haven't left the party- the party has abandoned the conservative ideologly for the liberal."

    That's a safe bet to explain my thinking along with many of my southern brethren. I would hazard a guess that given a blind taste test of the two, that most southern conservatives would vote republican although they claim democrat affiliation.

    Folks, this ain't JFK Democrats, these are Clinton Democrats. Those are polar opposites on most issues. If JFK were alive today he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Zell on most topics.

    The part that scares me most is this:
    "The researchers are not optimistic about the future of bipartisan cooperation or national unity. Because men and women tend to seek mates with a similar ideology, they say, the two gene pools are becoming, if anything, more concentrated, not less."
    The idea that illogical liberals are being bred just scares the heck out of me, especially since conservatives are more likely to be taught abstinence...

    Why Iran Cannot Be Allowed to Have Nukes

    Article is linked in title...

    Here is the only quote you need to know:

    (Iranian presidential Candidate) "Ahmadinejad's team vehemently deny such allegations and the presidential hopeful has already attacked the use of text messages against him.

    "I have the address and phone numbers of those who have slandered me (in the text messages). The head of this network lives abroad," he told Iranian newspapers."

    If these guys get this worked up over a text message then should they really be allowed to have a nuke? The logical progression of how they handle an issue says heck no!!!


    Why Lynching Was Legal For So Long

    Click on title for article.

    Rarely do I think of lynching in a positive light, seeing as how it was so one-sided against the Black peoples for so long. On the other hand, this guy makes me think it would be ok because the law just can't fix or rehabilitate a monster like this.

    I genuinely think we'd all be better off if that boy got an accelerated appointment with judgment day.

    Rednecks Should Not Play with Plutonium

    Hey y'all! Ashamed to say my cousins up there in the mountains did some shoddy work and let some illegal aliens in at the nuke plant.

    When asked about the exposed documents left out in the construction trailer, the foreman Jimmy "Bubba" Miller replied: "Shucks, t'ain't nuthin them boys couldn't 'ave got off that there internet thingy." When asked if they had any suspicions of the five, the Bubba replied "Heck, them boys all look alike to me."

    Cannibalism Starts With a K: Or Does It?

    Click the link in the title...Regarding the reports of formerly licensed Doctor Krishna Rajanna's abortion meathouse and clinic in Kansas City.

    Maybe he really is a veggitarian and he is truly as shocked as he seems in this interview. Possibly this is all blown out of poroportion by employees who didn't like him. Nevermind the facts in place that are not denied by Rajanna and his lawyer:

    1)Kept aborted fetal tissue (THAT'S DEAD BABIES no matter how you vaccum and slice it) in the kitchen refrigerator with the Pepsi and Lean Cusine.

    4)Took the dead baby parts home to send to the dump with the rest of the trash, when he didn't flush them down the toilet.

    3)Carpeted the "procedure" room... ugh! I have a hard time getting cat hairballs out of carpet, what can he possibly do to get out the spillage from an abortion?

    4)Sterilized equipment with mom's kitchen dishwasher...?

    Any other type of practice would never have gotten away with one element of these violations, let alone all 4! For only a $1000 fine?

    Isn't this exactly the kind of "back-alley-clinic" that was supposed to be prevented by having abortion legal? Yet this can't be the only one!

    People believe the disgusting comment about eating the tissue because the Doctor's habits do not let us think more highly of him! Why is this such a surprise to Rajanna? He disrespects these babies, puts them in the refrigerator, and then wonders how people can think that he eats them?

    Addendum thought: He's a vegetarian because he values the life of animals yet he vaccums babies into a razorblade blender? Am I missing something here or does that just not make sense unless it is in a truly perverted reality?

    Just Don't Flush that Koran!

    Cal Thomas (article linked in title) and Jeff Jacoby make an excellent point here. One fake report (later partially vindicated in spirit that a Koran was desecrated) sparks a riot and 17 people die. Our official US position from State department head Condoleezza Rice is not to disrespect the Koran in any way. Our response did not address the rioting, we merely condemned the reporter and publication just like everyone else did.

    While we were strong on the military and the editors in relation to this news we are weak on the Islamic behavior, as I quote Cal here:
    While the slightest verbal or physical slight of any Muslim in America is immediately condemned by activist groups and sometimes the U.S. government, the denigration of Jews and Christians throughout much of the Islamic world is theological and political business as usual. Jews are regularly referred to as "apes and pigs," mostly because that is what the Koran calls them.

    Our country strives to force sensitivity training about Islam (like the New Orleans Police Department, Ohio National Guard, among others) yet when the shoe is on the other foot and a Christian or Jew is in an Islamic country all bets are off? Why do the Muslims expect the double standard? Unless they are the supreme race or something...

    Another view of this lack of logic is to look at the reactions of the believers.
  • Jeff Jacoby's
  • article wisely points out the lack of rioting by Catholics when the crucifix was displayed in urine as part of a federally backed art exhibit.

    The contradictions of the vile jihadist movement in their ranks with the calls for Islamic religious acceptance make dealing with Muslims a treatcherous problem with long term consequences. We as a country should not tread so lightly but should be firm in our stance and balanced in treatment. We are putting forward an approach of acceptance yet we acquiesce with silence at the activities of the Muslims in their own countries against non-Muslims. This cannot be allowed to continue as it erodes our own foundations with contradictory stances and makes us look weak.

    Looking weak is what emboldened Bin Laden to attack us in the first place.

    If Hillary Had Divorced Bill...

    Click the title of this rant links to yet another inside look at the Clintons' life. We have been seeing a "kindler-gentler" Hillary of late as she preps for a white house run in '8. Nevermind the fact that much of what craziness Dean has said has already been said in paraphrase by Hillary... well, that isn't what this rant it about.

    I put forward that Hillary has no backbone. If she did have a spine, she would have divorced Bill while he was president. She had everything she needed to win a huge divorce settlement and public opinion: the DNA on the dress, Jennifer Flowers, etc. Hillary could have gotten away with saying "I believed him when he said he didn't, and that he wouldn't again, but I can't take it anymore with this new evidence."

    If Hillary had divorced Bill she would likely be president right now. She would be the pre-eminent female figure for liberal and conservative women everywhere. She would even have the religious right behind her as infidelity is the only excuse the Bible allows for divorce. Heck, even I would have respected her for that decision.

    As it stands she looks like a fool for continuing to permit Bill to do as he pleases. Now we have journalist-author Ed Klein (from the very left wing Newsweek and New York Times Magazine) with photographs and reports of Bill's continuing infidelity. Klein also reports that Bill claimed he was going to "rape his wife" on approximately the same night that Chelsea was conceived. Klein is most definitely not known for being a conservative mouthpiece and now he is catching ten kind of hell from the press when all he is doing is true journalism: reporting facts as he gets them.

    We can always say what if. IF she divorces him now she would still gain attention and credibility with women. Heck, she still might do it to gain TREMENDOUS publicity and have a talking point when running for president. That would be something! Maybe that is her plan and she is the smartest woman in America.

    Or maybe she just doesn't think she can do the job without Bill and continues to put up with his dalliances. I personally hope she sues Klein for libel. If he gets the chance to prove and source his facts about Hillary it will be very ugly. I'll bet she doesn't ever do that.


    Dickey Durbins Perceived Gains? Like Sadistic Slapping?

    What does Durbin gain by slamming the detainee camp in Guantanamo bay (link to Wash Times article in title)?

    As I ranted previously, the comparison of American behavior to the Nazi behavior against the Jews is nothing short of ignorantly insulting and belittling the horrors of what happened to the Jewish people. The only thing Durbin stands to gain is an increased polarization of the parties and firing up his nutcase minority of rabid Democrats.

    That and maybe some headlines and a blogger or two yelling about it.

    If I had heard him, I think that I personally would have stepped up to the platform and slapped him. I would have brazenly done so just as his comments have done to the memory of the holocaust.

    Another thing I can't believe is that anyone would want to sound as ignorant as Charlie Rangle.


    Plausible Parrothead Brain Fart

    As the evidence in the police report (click on title for link) suggests, it looks as if awesome crooner, bestselling author, music producer, Broadway producer and restranteur Jimmy Buffett is a liberal. Just look at his list of phone numbers he keeps in his mobile: Clinton, Gore, Clooney...

    Maybe my mind hoping he was a Libertarian with the pot smoking in his past... yeah, just wishful application of personal values on some celeb who could care less what I think. We conservatives just don't conceive of liberals with that kind of strong work ethic! The 60 minutes interview made Jimmy out to be a workaholic. I'll bet he's more of a JFK Democrat than Clinton.

    I still love Cheeseburger In Paradise, Fruitcakes, Delaney Looks at Statues, Love in the Library, Lone Palm, and Beach House on the Moon. Even if he is a Lefty.



    This article disgusts and horrifies me. I must blog it because it is important that the information be disseminated.

    World Net Daily is reporting that Krishanna Rajanna, a Kansas licensed physician who performs abortions, consumed fetal tissue with his lunch among other horrors. This act was witnessed by an empoyee.

    I must pause for a moment reader, as I am genuinely crying.

    The horrors were uncovered when Rajanna called to report an employee theft in September 2003. Detective William Howard of the Kansas City PD responded. During the course of the investigation he found the horrors and passed them along to the DA and state medical investigator.

    The article goes on to report that over the last ten years as he has performed abortions that the fetal tissue was never properly disposed of. Rajanna's disposal methods consisted of flushing down the toilet or taking them home for residential pick up.

    I cannot help but wonder what else was done at his home when witnesses were not around.

    Apparently Rajanna's sanitation methodology was as lacking as his other professional behavior. Which leads me to wonder how he managed to maintain workers... is their deception of truth so deep as to continue working in such horrible conditions: dried blood on the floor of the "surgery" room, dead rodents in the hall, using a kitchen dishwasher for sanatizing equipment, fetal tissue in styrofoam cups in a refrigerator...

    It is moments such as these that Eric Ruldolph seems more the patriot and crusader... his methods were horrible as well, but pale in comparison. At least Ruldoph's heart was in the right place when he attacked the abortion clinic, not that I would endorse such activity. Rajanna should remind any doubters that there is indeed a Satan.


    Quick, Sober up Oliver Stone! We've got the WTC Conspiracy!

    We have the government witness to the conspiracy!

    So out comes a somewhat newsworthy (as in actual administration member during the disaster) source of information about how the WTC was a demolitions job by the Govmint. At least according to Morgan Reynolds who is now a professor at Texas A&M. The WTC disaster was not caused by the mass an airplane impacting each of the buildings and the inferno that cross country travel load of fuel can bring when ignigted... no it was a demolition job!

    Jee professor I guess you forgot to add that Mark Beamon was a sucicide agent planted to thwart the attack on the white house so the Presiden't wouldn't lose the use of his private bowling alley! The plane crashed into the pentagon so the military brass would have an excuse to rennovate.

    We can rely on the structural analysis of a cheif economist from the Department of Labor to tell us how those buildings actually came down. That guy works with numbers all day long so maybe he does know something we don't! And of course that whole WTC story that Frontline did was just a voice for the Bush administration as are all the other pieces put on by Frontline... (more sarcasm folks)...

    This university needs to muzzle the moron or fire him before they get any more stupid press. Either that or check to make sure Professor Reynolds is taking all his meds.

    All absurdity aside, the Beamon family is still in my prayers.

    The Mother Ship Has Landed!

    With Jacko-getting-off... excuse the pun... you might have overlooked the latest news from the New Orleans Police Department (as featured on COPS).

    The great minister of truth and salvation to the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan's chief of security (captain Dennis Muhammad) has been hired by the NOPD to administer sensitivity training to the blue suited, blue eyed devil "whities".

    This is the same minister that has so eloquently and forcefully proclaimed ideas on the evil Jew's role in all evils relating to slavery. The one white man worthy of praise was the visionary Hitler who knew we should exterminate the Jews, according to Mr. Farrakhan. He has also made declarations about how one day the mother ship will return and the brothers and sisters will be united again...

    Is it possible for Farrakhan's right hand man to be anywhere close to sensitive to anything other than Islamic black people?

    The NOPD will pay for sensitivity training from this guy? I thought Mardi-Gras ended before Easter. It seems there are a few in the big easy still drunk from then.

    As an aside, I wonder if has anyone told Farrakhan that the word for describing a black or African descendant in Arabic translates equally to "slave"?


    Dean's Revised New Testament

    A quote from Dean addressing the Rainbow For Liberals PUSH conference:
    "Let me remind those Republicans,'' he said, that the Bible mentions helping the poor "3,000 times. I have not yet seen gay marriage mentioned in the Bible. That is a Republican issue.''

    First, if we hit Bible Gateway and index search we find 149 references to "poor" and not all of those relate to charity. There are 31 references to tithing, 96 references to widows, and 1470 to give. Not all of those relate to charity, but if I were feeling charitable in my addition I'm still missing about 1,254 references that he is quoting. I think you pulled that figure out of your underwear.

    Dean, got some Biblical questions for you:
    does it say "pay taxes to Caesar to help the poor"?
    does it say "Caesar can do a better job of spending your money than you can?"
    does it say "Caesar shall dictate who is poor and who is rich and you should give it all to him to redistribute?"
    does it say "Caesar shall endorse sodomy and that's fine with God"?

    OR does your Bible say that individuals and churches should tithe and help the poor like mine does? I live up to that by tithing and donating to charities and my church. Exactly how much money do you give to charity Mr. Dean?

    My Bible also specifies what Marriage is, and it doesn't say anything about "consenting adults"!

    Keep talking Dean, your ignorance is great to poke fun at.


    Link to TIME article is in the title, click there...

    Poor terrorist prisoners long for the good old days of electrical torture, dunk tanks, pulled fingernails and forced hard labor. Their endurance is stretched by exposure to pictures of girls from MAXIM, close interrogation by fully clothed women and Christian Agulirea songs! PLEASE ALLAH, ANYTHING BUT CHRISTINA AGULIREA! I'll even listen to rap but not her! The water torture methods of wet towel and "drink-it-or-wear-it" are horrible, but the music must stop!

    Excerpts taken verbatim (as stated) from the actual log of interrogations:

  • We should close down the Guantannamo Bay camp now. Clearly "Sorry Charlie" Rangle and Amnesty Irrational was right, we are worse than Hitler in propagaing this Gulag of modern times! **

    That's sarcasm folks!

    I am not feeling any sympathy for this bunch. Sure mental torture is still torture, but give me a break! If these methods produce results while the health of the detainees is closely monitored and maintained than so be it. Heck, the log notes that a corpsman changed bandages to prevent chafing! That is WAY more compassion than terrorists show their victims. I have a hard time worrying about someone's mores being violated when it creates information that prevents the slaughtering of women and children.

    **I referenced two of my previous posts: Sorry Charlie and More Amnesty Irrationalisms

    At Least Franken Is Consistent!

    Click on title for link to article...

    Apparently when Al Franken, noted Air-America Liberal mouthpiece got a freedom of speech award and he over did his acceptance speech. Al tried to make a 45 minute heartfelt (apparently tears were involved) speech about wounded Iraqi war vets yet against the war until he was forced off the stage.

    Personally, I can't stand Franken in case you haven't guessed. I will say this for him: he is consistent. He opens up and says what he wants regardless of who cares or how stupid it is. I do respect him for his apparently sincere feelings about the wounded, even if he is misguided at heart. I really don't want him to shut up, because most of what he says and the manner he says it is great fodder for conservatives like me. So I say, let him speak and thank him for opening his mouth and revealing himself!

    By the way, does anyone get the whole Stuart schtick from SNL he used to do? That squishy feely guy with the sweaters and the lisp?



    Sure we haven't YET found WMDs but there is more compelling evidence that Saddam was getting the pieces in place...here's a quote

    Inspectors at the UN's nuclear authority, the International Atomic Energy Agency, have been investigating the worst nuclear smuggling racket ever uncovered, headed by the Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan. The operation was discovered two years ago to be selling sensitive nuclear technology to Libya and Iran.

    Important straws to grasp:
    Dictator with oil money
    Has personal vengeance against the US after we defeated him in Kuwait
    Violates weapons inspections agreement as part of armistice
    Has previously used a WMD (poison gas) against people living in his country

    Now and add in the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency knows Saddam has acquired data and equipment that is pretty much not used outside of making bombs.

    That's the last straw...

    Just cause we ain't found them don't mean they aren't or weren't there. My guess is we'd have better luck finding Saddam's WMDs in Syria.

    Sorry Charlie, But What the Hell?

    The title is a link to the Wrangle story.

    Here is another fat-cat liberal whom I cannot stand and now he's said something totally outrageous. Charlie Rangle seems to think that the Bush administration is acting like Hitler in the handling of the Iraq war. Here's the quote in NY Daily News from a WWRL-AM radio interview:

    The Iraq war "is the biggest fraud ever committed on the people of this country. ... This is just as bad as the 6 million Jews being killed," the 74-year-old Harlem Democrat insisted during a Monday radio appearance on the WWRL-AM morning show with Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter. "The whole world knew and they were quiet about it because it wasn't their ox being gored."

    Excuse me but what-in-the-hell did he say?

    When challenged by the talk show host, Rangle actually defended his statement with:
    "I am saying that people's silence when they know things terrible are happening is the same thing as the Holocaust."

    If a conservative or republican opened his mouth and said this he would have a storm from hell brought down on his head. A liberal opens his trap and makes any comparison that lessens or belittles what Hitler did to the Jews and we don't hear about it. If Frist said anything close to that it would be on every news program talk show on the planet for the next 3 months.

    Rangle goes on to say "They had a plan to put our kids in harm's way long before 9/11," Rangel said. "Because it's not their kids ... that's exactly why. They go and pick a fight, and then say, 'I'll hold your coat.'"

    Sorry Charlie, no one held a gun to those kids head and said "sign up to defend our country with your life". We have an ALL VOLUNTEER ARMED SERVICE. All of the volunteers knew what they might face, some gambled that they wouldn't have to. No one is promised peace love and roses if they sign up to be in the military.

    Ok Libs, time to show us your spine and call down the stupidity of someone other than the usual targets of Dean and Gore. Let's sentence Rangle to spending a month in the holocaust Museum in DC and then send him to Iraq to show him the mass graves the allies uncovered from Saddam's activities. If anything the Allies have liberated another country and saved its people.

    I am personally disgusted AGAIN at the total lack of logic and application of stupidity by liberals in power. To add insult to injury we aren't hearing anything about this in the news.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and the FBI will arrest Rangle like they did TN State senator John Ford (see my "I'm singing and cheering" post).


    Crap! I actually agree with Carter on something?

    Click the title for the article:

    While former President Jimmy Carter was in hot-lanta (local speak for Atlanta, GA) for a human rights conference and I read a quote from him I actually liked:
    Carter said Amnesty International should not have called the (Guantanamo Bay suspected terrorist) prison "the gulag of our time"

    Either I'm slipping or the old guy is getting wisdom in his later years. Pretty much the rest of what he said about how we needed to shut down the Guantanamo detainee camp would be good only from a public relations perspective.

    I personally will not agree with shutting it down completely. However I can concede that there is a strong possibility that not everyone there is guilty of being a terrorist. Of course, I can say exactly the same thing for our prison system but that's a different rant.

    Screamin Dean Might Be Right?

    This link gives you an audio of the original Dean quote
  • Dean Being Stupid
  • . The title links you to the follow up article to read.

    Dean says "the GOP is a party of White Christians"... what a MORON this guy is!

    Let's see who might be surprised to hear that they are "white" or "Christians":
  • GOP Chair Ken Mehlman
  • (Jewish faith)
  • Condoleeza Rice

  • Elaine Chao

  • Alphonso Jackson

  • Janice Brown

  • BUT WAIT!!!
    Screamin Dean might be right! Using logic we would have to say IF Clinton was the self-proclaimed
  • First Black President
  • then maybe those people are all as white as Clinton is black.

    The good news is that I don't need to criticize Dean from a conservative standpoint, the Libs do it quite well for me:
  • CommonDreams Article
  • 6.07.2005

    If Bush Is a Dumbass, what does that make Kerry?

    Click the title for the link...

    So if Kerry got worse grades in the same school as Bush and Bush is supposedly an idiot, where does that leave Kerry?

    One point behind being an idiot?
    Dumber than dumb?
    A loser and an idiot?
    Less than stupid?
    or just a mediocre Senator with no record to speak of...?

    With all respects to both men, while Bush got Guard duty Kerry did actually serve overseas, I must give him due credit for that sacrifice... and that credit extends above and beyond what some of his counterparts from the unit said against him. Not that he cares or anything but I wanted to say that.

    Kicking Mormon Hornet Nests

    Today I got an email from
  • Orson Scott Card
  • , science fiction author whose work Ender's Game I loved. I challenged him on being Mormon just as I did
  • Glenn Beck
  • , talk show host. Both gave me the same response of some gibberish about historical context and how I was being belligerent. Maybe I could be considered belligerent, but shouldn't you be about where you are spending eternity?

    A few years ago I had some wonderful neighbors move in who were Mormon. Not knowing anything about Mormons I thought they were Christian.

    I started doing some research into their beliefs. Apparently Joseph Smith had two angels appear before him to show him the fallacy of Catholic and Protestant belief systems and how they had the "true" way. Those angels provided some kind of gold tablets to Joseph. Joseph professed to believe in the Bible as God's word and stated that his prophecies and teachings do not contradict what is in the Bible.

    To support this, here are some quotes from Mormons:
    Brigham Young: "Take up the Bible, compare the religion of the Latter-day Saints with it, and see if it will stand the test." Journal of Discourses, Volume 16, p. 46, 1873

    Joseph Fielding Smith: "Mormonism, as it is called, must stand or fall on the story of Joseph Smith. He was either a prophet of God, divinely called, properly appointed and commissioned, or he was one of the biggest frauds this world has ever seen. There is no middle ground." Doctrines of Salvation, Page 188.

    Ok, the Mormon theologians have issued the challenge and I have a response. The biggest problem that flies in the face of what they believe is what Paul wrote in Galatians 6-9:
    6I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel;
    7which is really not another; only there are some who are disturbing you and want to distort the gospel of Christ.
    8But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!
    9As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!

    I don't think the Bible can get any clearer than that text. How can anyone logically base an entire belief system on an event that contradicts the writings of its supposed core text?

    Other questions I have:
    God is a corporeal being from another planet who impregnated Mary to give birth to Jesus. Literal translation would be: Space Alien has sex with Mary...? Was she a Virgin as it says in Matthew 1:23,1:25; Luke 1:27? Joseph has a thing about space people and says here: "the moon's inhabitants were of uniform height (about 6 ft. tall), dressed like Quakers and lived nearly 1,000 years" (Journal of Oliver B. Huntington, Vol. 3, p. 166 of typed copy at Utah State Historical Society and The Young Woman's Journal, pub. by the Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Associations of Zion, 1892, Vol. 3, pp. 263,264.)

    The core beliefs are subject to the "prophet's interpretation" at any time. The Prophet is the current head of the LDS church. So today's prophet can re-write the belief system on a whim. For instance, Brigham Young claimed that these who leave the Mormon Church would turn "wrinkled" and "black." The following curse was pronounced by Brigham Young: ". . .but let them apostatize, and they will become gray-haired, wrinkled, and black, just like the Devil." (Journal of Discourses, vol. 5, p. 332) To directly contracdict it's own "prophet" it was 1977 when the LDS church decided that being black wasn't the Mark of Cain.

    There are many other inconsistencies and ridiculous assertions. Even devout Mormons have not been able to find locations to support the purported miracles by the founders given during their exodus. It comes down to doing what feels good. Then the icing on the cake:

    Brigham Young said that the "Christian God is the Mormon's Devil..." (Journal of Discourses, Volume 5, page 331).

    Mormonism teaches there is no salvation outside the Mormon Church and no salvation without accepting Joseph Smith. Apostle Bruce R. McConkie makes this statement: "If it had not been for Joseph Smith and the restoration, there would be no salvation. There is no salvation outside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." (Mormon Doctrine, p.670) A direct contradiction to Acts 4:12:
    12"And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved."

    Clearly the Mormon religion is not of Jesus Christ, regardless of what the current crop of followers is being told. I was extremely surprised to learn of this. I can't hear the letters BYU without thinking of the abomination that university and mormons represent. It is safe to classify Mormons with Muslims in their lack of understanding of their own core texts and false belief of who God truly is.

    I just hope Glenn, Orson, and my neighbors catch on before it is too late.

    I also borrowed, plagiarized or stole a great deal of ideas from this most excellent site:
  • whatismormonism
  • 6.06.2005

    UN Is a Sleepy Toothless Hound Dog

    Click the title above for the link.

    Ever seen a picture of a hound dog sleeping on the front porch on a hot muggy summer day? That's how great a watchdog the UN is when it comes to enforcing their sanctions.

    Saddam's aides are bragging about how easy it was to get around sanctions. Money talks and those running the UN listen. Corruption is easy when you are an oil state under sanctions, just slip some futures to the guards and the gates are wide open. The French, Russians and UK are the named targets of the cash.

    Yet there are those who continue to say the sanctions worked. We are seeing that the sanctions were toothless. I wonder what happened that we haven't learned yet? Especially when related to WMDs!

    Yes, the Saddam aides are silent on that critical subject. With the objections sure to come I make a preemptive comment: do you trust a thief? Saddam's regime has already proven its guile to lie and murder, and made its intent known about how they wanted WMDs. So we should bash Bush for thinking he had them when there was so much corruption in the sanctions process?

    Logic says otherwise. Logic says that Bush was right and history will prove it so regardless of how much people whine about it now.


    More Amnesty International Irrationalisms

    Click on the title for the article.

    Amnesty International says America is running a Gulag on Cuba and violating the detainees rights as prisoners of war. What a load of crap.

    First, I'll quote the Hague and
  • Geneva conventions
  • to define a POW:

    -being commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates.
    -having a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance.
    -carrying arms openly.
    -conducting their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

    Sorry to y'all there at Amnesty Irrationalisms, but Al Qaeda does not meet these stipulations. Additionally, read on:
    Persons, such as guerrillas and partisans, who take up arms and commit hostile acts without having complied with the conditions prescribed by the laws of war for recognition as belligerents, are, when captured by the injured party, not entitled to be treated as prisoners of war and may be tried and sentenced to execution or imprisonment (FM 27-10 Par. 80).

    That's pretty clear wording.

    Something else that is pretty clear is that while Amnesty as an organization claims no political affiliation, this
  • Washington Times article
  • proves that the men who run it support liberal candidates. Of course they don't bring that perspective to work with them-right?

    Redneck Vigilantes (prepare to) Strike Again

    Click on the title for the link to the news story.

    The minutemen are organizing to go into Texas to hold another border vigil. So naturally the liberals are protesting their activity with fictitious fearmongering. I call it fiction because of all of the defenseless refugees from Mexico that were shot, beaten and tortured at the hands of the bloodthirsty militia men in Arizona...{That's sarcasm folks, nothing happened except for one instance of a few pictures for the fishing album: "hey look at this one I caught" which the Mexican government got in a huge uproar about. Hey, wonder what Amnesty International says about the Mexican prison system...but I digress.

    The Associated Press is more than happy to print the liberal perspective with the "evil vigilantes" as the tone for the article.

    My personal favorite quote is from Democratic state Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa: "I don't think that there's any doubt that there's a tinge of racism beneath the surface in their attempt to try to stop immigrants from Mexico," Hinojosa said. "Why don't they do that in Canada?"

    OH PLEASE SENATOR CHUY! What a load of crap. Yes, the border with Canada is perhaps more vulnerable than our Mexico Border when it comes to terrorists having the ability to cross. That aspect of this statement is a valid point. However the government of Canada does not publish brochures on how to cross illegally and what to do when you get into the USA. There may be someone in Canada who will take cash to get you hustled across the border, but there are organized groups in Mexico that provide "illegal immigration tours" for a living!

    I also happen to suspect that if an Islamic terrorist is concealed in a group of Canadians and one in a group of Mexicans you would be much more likely to identify the terrorist in the Canadian group! Terrorists are not stupid, they try to blend in with the crowd until the time is right to strike. They count on the liberal idea that "profiling" is dehumanizing, and that we won't look more closely at Arabic men between the ages of 15 and 49 than we do Oriental grandmothers.

    Chew on that one Chuy.

    We are vulnerable to those already here but at least we could work harder to secure against those who have not arrived yet! I for one am glad to see them standing up for what they believe in and doing so both peacefully and within the law.