Plausible Parrothead Brain Fart

As the evidence in the police report (click on title for link) suggests, it looks as if awesome crooner, bestselling author, music producer, Broadway producer and restranteur Jimmy Buffett is a liberal. Just look at his list of phone numbers he keeps in his mobile: Clinton, Gore, Clooney...

Maybe my mind hoping he was a Libertarian with the pot smoking in his past... yeah, just wishful application of personal values on some celeb who could care less what I think. We conservatives just don't conceive of liberals with that kind of strong work ethic! The 60 minutes interview made Jimmy out to be a workaholic. I'll bet he's more of a JFK Democrat than Clinton.

I still love Cheeseburger In Paradise, Fruitcakes, Delaney Looks at Statues, Love in the Library, Lone Palm, and Beach House on the Moon. Even if he is a Lefty.