Told You Aguilera Was Torture! The Chinese Agree!

Click the link to the Guardian article in the title. The UN Human Rights committee is chomping at the bit to get into hotel Gitmo and check out all the horrible torture going on there.

Say, what countries are on that committee anyway: Cuba, Sudan, China, and Zimbabwe...? Why shouldn't we make it a rule that countries where people are willing to leave via cargo containers and inner-tube rafts should not be allowed to have influence over "Human Rights" issues! Here is some interesting
  • information pertaining to the activities of the Human Rights committee.

    Wonder what the UN Human Rights committee said about that Tiananmen Square incident? What are they saying about the Muslims slaughtering Christians in the Sudan? About those who oppose Castro in Cuba? About forced female circumcision (aka: genital mutilation) in Zimbabwe? Not those issues, they want to see what the United Sates is doing to terrorists?

    I'll bet no one in a Chinese or Cuban prison gets treatment to prevent chafing!

    You Liberals that love the UN crack me up.