Redneck Vigilantes (prepare to) Strike Again

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The minutemen are organizing to go into Texas to hold another border vigil. So naturally the liberals are protesting their activity with fictitious fearmongering. I call it fiction because of all of the defenseless refugees from Mexico that were shot, beaten and tortured at the hands of the bloodthirsty militia men in Arizona...{That's sarcasm folks, nothing happened except for one instance of a few pictures for the fishing album: "hey look at this one I caught" which the Mexican government got in a huge uproar about. Hey, wonder what Amnesty International says about the Mexican prison system...but I digress.

The Associated Press is more than happy to print the liberal perspective with the "evil vigilantes" as the tone for the article.

My personal favorite quote is from Democratic state Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa: "I don't think that there's any doubt that there's a tinge of racism beneath the surface in their attempt to try to stop immigrants from Mexico," Hinojosa said. "Why don't they do that in Canada?"

OH PLEASE SENATOR CHUY! What a load of crap. Yes, the border with Canada is perhaps more vulnerable than our Mexico Border when it comes to terrorists having the ability to cross. That aspect of this statement is a valid point. However the government of Canada does not publish brochures on how to cross illegally and what to do when you get into the USA. There may be someone in Canada who will take cash to get you hustled across the border, but there are organized groups in Mexico that provide "illegal immigration tours" for a living!

I also happen to suspect that if an Islamic terrorist is concealed in a group of Canadians and one in a group of Mexicans you would be much more likely to identify the terrorist in the Canadian group! Terrorists are not stupid, they try to blend in with the crowd until the time is right to strike. They count on the liberal idea that "profiling" is dehumanizing, and that we won't look more closely at Arabic men between the ages of 15 and 49 than we do Oriental grandmothers.

Chew on that one Chuy.

We are vulnerable to those already here but at least we could work harder to secure against those who have not arrived yet! I for one am glad to see them standing up for what they believe in and doing so both peacefully and within the law.