Dean's Revised New Testament

A quote from Dean addressing the Rainbow For Liberals PUSH conference:
"Let me remind those Republicans,'' he said, that the Bible mentions helping the poor "3,000 times. I have not yet seen gay marriage mentioned in the Bible. That is a Republican issue.''

First, if we hit Bible Gateway and index search we find 149 references to "poor" and not all of those relate to charity. There are 31 references to tithing, 96 references to widows, and 1470 to give. Not all of those relate to charity, but if I were feeling charitable in my addition I'm still missing about 1,254 references that he is quoting. I think you pulled that figure out of your underwear.

Dean, got some Biblical questions for you:
does it say "pay taxes to Caesar to help the poor"?
does it say "Caesar can do a better job of spending your money than you can?"
does it say "Caesar shall dictate who is poor and who is rich and you should give it all to him to redistribute?"
does it say "Caesar shall endorse sodomy and that's fine with God"?

OR does your Bible say that individuals and churches should tithe and help the poor like mine does? I live up to that by tithing and donating to charities and my church. Exactly how much money do you give to charity Mr. Dean?

My Bible also specifies what Marriage is, and it doesn't say anything about "consenting adults"!

Keep talking Dean, your ignorance is great to poke fun at.