Dickey Durbins Perceived Gains? Like Sadistic Slapping?

What does Durbin gain by slamming the detainee camp in Guantanamo bay (link to Wash Times article in title)?

As I ranted previously, the comparison of American behavior to the Nazi behavior against the Jews is nothing short of ignorantly insulting and belittling the horrors of what happened to the Jewish people. The only thing Durbin stands to gain is an increased polarization of the parties and firing up his nutcase minority of rabid Democrats.

That and maybe some headlines and a blogger or two yelling about it.

If I had heard him, I think that I personally would have stepped up to the platform and slapped him. I would have brazenly done so just as his comments have done to the memory of the holocaust.

Another thing I can't believe is that anyone would want to sound as ignorant as Charlie Rangle.