Cannibalism Starts With a K: Or Does It?

Click the link in the title...Regarding the reports of formerly licensed Doctor Krishna Rajanna's abortion meathouse and clinic in Kansas City.

Maybe he really is a veggitarian and he is truly as shocked as he seems in this interview. Possibly this is all blown out of poroportion by employees who didn't like him. Nevermind the facts in place that are not denied by Rajanna and his lawyer:

1)Kept aborted fetal tissue (THAT'S DEAD BABIES no matter how you vaccum and slice it) in the kitchen refrigerator with the Pepsi and Lean Cusine.

4)Took the dead baby parts home to send to the dump with the rest of the trash, when he didn't flush them down the toilet.

3)Carpeted the "procedure" room... ugh! I have a hard time getting cat hairballs out of carpet, what can he possibly do to get out the spillage from an abortion?

4)Sterilized equipment with mom's kitchen dishwasher...?

Any other type of practice would never have gotten away with one element of these violations, let alone all 4! For only a $1000 fine?

Isn't this exactly the kind of "back-alley-clinic" that was supposed to be prevented by having abortion legal? Yet this can't be the only one!

People believe the disgusting comment about eating the tissue because the Doctor's habits do not let us think more highly of him! Why is this such a surprise to Rajanna? He disrespects these babies, puts them in the refrigerator, and then wonders how people can think that he eats them?

Addendum thought: He's a vegetarian because he values the life of animals yet he vaccums babies into a razorblade blender? Am I missing something here or does that just not make sense unless it is in a truly perverted reality?