The Enemy: Whomever Hates the Boy Scouts

If you click on the title you will find a link to hatecrime.org. It details the efforts to force "morality of thought" on the Boy Scouts of America by suing them to accept homosexuals.

Who has the morality of thought? Who is the thought police?
What exactly do the Boy Scouts of America do that is so awful that the courts need to violate their LIBERTY?

What evil they are spreading is to take young boys from all religions, all walks of life, and all backgrounds and mold them to personal responsibility. They are instructed to be servants to the people. The boy scouts are taught to obey laws, be honorable and trustworthy. They are taught first aid, lifesaving, preparedness for emergencies. They learn how to tie knots, row a canoe and even balance their checkbook. The liberals will obviously take exception to the archery and marksmanship awards as they involve weapons... but that is another rant.

I personally have taught scouts from the most expensive neighborhoods, the ghetto, and even from Korea as a staff member at a Boy Scout summer camp.

Apparently this isn't good enough. They must accept homosexuals in their ranks or they are not worthy of support and they are full of hate. I'm trying to find the logic in this. Because someone does not allow a sexual attitude this is hate? Shouldn't any group of people be allowed to learn from the past?

There have been problems in the BSA ranks. Usually it involves a rare instance of a pedophilia scoutmaster. The BSA has chosen to reject having men who are or could be attracted to men as leaders of boys. Am I saying that all homosexuals are pediophiles? Well, let me ask: why do we not have all-male girl scout leaders? It is the removal of temptation combined with a moral stance that God made man and woman for a reason.

My enemy is the thought that the BSA is somehow wrong and the organizations that support this ridiculous idea. Shunning the scouts because they do not allow homosexuality and atheism is a completely illogical idea that leads to these thoughts: We need to also scrub our text books of any description of any belief system that might be contrary to someone else's thoughts, because we don't want to promote hate? How about we force Muslim congregations to accept Catholic and Jewish worshipers? Why not force the LPGA to allow male contestants?

DOES HAVING THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A MEMBER OF AN ORGANIZATION give you the right to FORCE THE ORGANIZATION TO ACCEPT YOU? If YOU chose to join, aren't you subjecting yourself to their CRITERIA? Is it a violation of the organization's liberty to force them to change their criteria?

Anyone is welcome in the Boy Scouts that supports their ideals. If you don't, then don't join!

Why is having a standard of decency so difficult for a liberal to accept? Why do you feel the need to force this on the Scouts? If you think liberal, then you need to evaluate your stance because you inherently agree that it is acceptable to force your beliefs on someone else. Wait, isn't that what Christians are supposedly doing?