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Poor terrorist prisoners long for the good old days of electrical torture, dunk tanks, pulled fingernails and forced hard labor. Their endurance is stretched by exposure to pictures of girls from MAXIM, close interrogation by fully clothed women and Christian Agulirea songs! PLEASE ALLAH, ANYTHING BUT CHRISTINA AGULIREA! I'll even listen to rap but not her! The water torture methods of wet towel and "drink-it-or-wear-it" are horrible, but the music must stop!

Excerpts taken verbatim (as stated) from the actual log of interrogations:

  • We should close down the Guantannamo Bay camp now. Clearly "Sorry Charlie" Rangle and Amnesty Irrational was right, we are worse than Hitler in propagaing this Gulag of modern times! **

    That's sarcasm folks!

    I am not feeling any sympathy for this bunch. Sure mental torture is still torture, but give me a break! If these methods produce results while the health of the detainees is closely monitored and maintained than so be it. Heck, the log notes that a corpsman changed bandages to prevent chafing! That is WAY more compassion than terrorists show their victims. I have a hard time worrying about someone's mores being violated when it creates information that prevents the slaughtering of women and children.

    **I referenced two of my previous posts: Sorry Charlie and More Amnesty Irrationalisms