If Hillary Had Divorced Bill...

Click the title of this rant links to yet another inside look at the Clintons' life. We have been seeing a "kindler-gentler" Hillary of late as she preps for a white house run in '8. Nevermind the fact that much of what craziness Dean has said has already been said in paraphrase by Hillary... well, that isn't what this rant it about.

I put forward that Hillary has no backbone. If she did have a spine, she would have divorced Bill while he was president. She had everything she needed to win a huge divorce settlement and public opinion: the DNA on the dress, Jennifer Flowers, etc. Hillary could have gotten away with saying "I believed him when he said he didn't, and that he wouldn't again, but I can't take it anymore with this new evidence."

If Hillary had divorced Bill she would likely be president right now. She would be the pre-eminent female figure for liberal and conservative women everywhere. She would even have the religious right behind her as infidelity is the only excuse the Bible allows for divorce. Heck, even I would have respected her for that decision.

As it stands she looks like a fool for continuing to permit Bill to do as he pleases. Now we have journalist-author Ed Klein (from the very left wing Newsweek and New York Times Magazine) with photographs and reports of Bill's continuing infidelity. Klein also reports that Bill claimed he was going to "rape his wife" on approximately the same night that Chelsea was conceived. Klein is most definitely not known for being a conservative mouthpiece and now he is catching ten kind of hell from the press when all he is doing is true journalism: reporting facts as he gets them.

We can always say what if. IF she divorces him now she would still gain attention and credibility with women. Heck, she still might do it to gain TREMENDOUS publicity and have a talking point when running for president. That would be something! Maybe that is her plan and she is the smartest woman in America.

Or maybe she just doesn't think she can do the job without Bill and continues to put up with his dalliances. I personally hope she sues Klein for libel. If he gets the chance to prove and source his facts about Hillary it will be very ugly. I'll bet she doesn't ever do that.