Quick, Sober up Oliver Stone! We've got the WTC Conspiracy!

We have the government witness to the conspiracy!

So out comes a somewhat newsworthy (as in actual administration member during the disaster) source of information about how the WTC was a demolitions job by the Govmint. At least according to Morgan Reynolds who is now a professor at Texas A&M. The WTC disaster was not caused by the mass an airplane impacting each of the buildings and the inferno that cross country travel load of fuel can bring when ignigted... no it was a demolition job!

Jee professor I guess you forgot to add that Mark Beamon was a sucicide agent planted to thwart the attack on the white house so the Presiden't wouldn't lose the use of his private bowling alley! The plane crashed into the pentagon so the military brass would have an excuse to rennovate.

We can rely on the structural analysis of a cheif economist from the Department of Labor to tell us how those buildings actually came down. That guy works with numbers all day long so maybe he does know something we don't! And of course that whole WTC story that Frontline did was just a voice for the Bush administration as are all the other pieces put on by Frontline... (more sarcasm folks)...

This university needs to muzzle the moron or fire him before they get any more stupid press. Either that or check to make sure Professor Reynolds is taking all his meds.

All absurdity aside, the Beamon family is still in my prayers.